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Double or Nothing!!

April 28, 2010

So I’ve given you all my inside scoop on the workings of wal mart and although there is plenty more to say on that I will live it for another day.  I found myself reading ridiculous articles published in the Keene State newspaper, of all places, of a most derogatory and offensive nature towards women.  I was much appalled, but as long as rebuttals to his poisonous viewpoints are also allowed to be printed, we are winning the day.  Instead I will discuss the wonderful world of fast food.  KFC has boasted in many of their new ads on their wonderfully super-fantastically awesomely delicious new sandwich, which they have dubbed the double down.  You say, “I’ve never heard of this, what in heck is it?”  Well, I’m glad you asked that question.  This sandwich that they speak of is not really a sandwich, for it is not on a bun or anything.  It is two pieces of fried chicken(if you want to call it that, I’m sure they use Grade H meat at their “restaurants.”) with two pieces of cheese and bacon smacked into the center.  Tasty?  I don’t know, for I will never bring myself to eat one.  I like chicken, I like cheese, I like bacon.  But as I said, I don’t know if KFC is real chicken or not, I worked at one once and the meat I saw did not look like what chicken should be expected to look like.  And on top of that KFC chicken is the worst thing ever for you already, the two pieces of chicken alone contain at least a couple days’ caloric intake, and at least in my opinion, it tastes bad.  We already know the truth of fast food nutrutional information, whether it’s covered up or in plain sight.  You might ask me another question at this point: “So what are you getting at, shouldn’t people be free to choose and eat it?” To that I say yes, of course you can do whatever you want.  But here’s where it connects to my Walmart rants.  It’s a little thing that you might have heard of called THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

But don’t take anything theoretical that I say as the truth, get only what you want to get out of this blog.  I talked quite a bit about Wal-Mart taking over the world, destroying independent businesses, family farms, families, sometimes entire countries, or at least significant regions of countries.  The fact that they (wally) are now in the middle of one of the world’s biggest class action lawsuits(according to the news on my radio the other day) for something like gender discrimination, is not necessarily all that surprising, considering how often they seem to cut corners, but all the same, it is surprising for this reason: By working there we have gone into a contract that takes away our individualities, and with it many gender distinctions.  But I’m also sure they don’t know how far gender discrimination can actually run, for they are a great perpetrator of pushing binaries as the truth.

But back to the point:  Many of the people that hold the power over the people are privileged white guys who just sit on their asses all day while we go along in the daily drudgery.  We know fast food is sometimes hard to stop eating, which some of us have come to believe may be related to some sort of additive or preservative that they use in their food, another is the high salt content.  Whoever pulls the strings at KFC, whoever is responsible for this “sandwich” wants to help make America overweight and tired, and unmotivated.  The people in charge I envision as the type of people who like me would never think to eat something like that.  Just think it could be some hypocritical vegan, who is like the healthiest dude on the planet, a guy who messed up his chance to reach enlightenment by deciding to make money in the worst way possible, contradictory to his own beliefs.  This person is laughing with his fluffy kitty, but he can never look at himself in the mirror, for fear that his beautiful face will melt away, and reveal his true self, his own portrait of Dorian Gray.  Of course this verges on the ridiculous the farther I go with this. So back to the serious, where I wrap up my piece:  Whatever happens we will be ready, because we are the lucky few, those who are awake.


April 23, 2010

I have a great fascination with the idea of transformation.  My most commonly used phrase is after all: “Change is the only constant in life.”  It’s why I was drawn to become a sci-fi scholar, and surrounded myself in all manner of gender and feminist theory.  Harraway’s Cyborg, Simone De Beauvoir’s other, and Virginia Woolf’s idea that art is androgynous, to name a few things, all revolve in my head, and intersect in all sorts of crazy ways, and branch off into even more diverse territory.  I have written blogs about God(s), coming out, growing older, finishing school, entering the real world.  All these things denote different types of change, whether they be physical or mental, environmental, financial, etc.  Having just finished reading Middlesex, whose main character imparts all the issues of their life being born a hermaphrodite, I am drawing even more connections between everything.

I am of the opinion that most things which we use to express ourselves should reflect on us simply as people, for since we all have different ideas on what ways gender is/should be manifest, these preconceptions, and oftentimes, stereotypes can get in the way of our analysis of any form of art and in so doing can greatly distort or prevert that which was presented  with the creator’s heart and soul.  Ultimately with this as my starting point in my gender studies, I tied it into my final understanding of my orientation, that which I merely refer to as my humanity.  Which brings about that ultimate question, what is human?  We recall Blade Runner’s contemplation of electric sheep, Battlestar Galactica’s fight against the Cylons who are people the same as anyone else, Avatar’s idea about true personhood, the list going on into the horizon.  We can’t truly appreciate our humanity until it becomes lost or turns into something else, like the gene trade conducted by the Oankali in Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy.  I reccommend reading or watching any of the aformentioned things if you don’t draw the connections.

After hundreds of hours spent exploring sci-fi in relation to my gender exploration, I came across Middlesex, which further forces us to reconsider our humanity.  For society on the whole can only see people like Cal(Calioppe) as a freak, or a monster.  It seems silly that people can’t accept it unless they are one of two things, while we are all made up of different parts mentally, if not physically like the character in this book.  The third sex almost seems to have the advantage of better understanding the falsities of the binaries by existing outside them a little more. Although the book itself was a work of fiction, if we can understand the bigger struggle of the intersexed that may be a key to truly understanding what it really means to exist as a person.

The Nature of Waste

April 19, 2010

Most people that know me know that Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach is one of my favorite releases so far this year in music.  It’s a great smattering of hip-hop, rock, and 80’s style Electropop, featuring great collaborators such as Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Womack and even Lou Reed.  If you have yet to listen whatcha waiting for?  But anyway, to the real meat of this entry.

I was listening to Plastic Beach, movin’ and groovin’  and noticing that no matter how beautiful the music is, it’s still a very obvious jab to the festering nature of waste culture, the Plastic Beach that the cartoon band finds themselves on is a mass of pollution.  Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m quite the advocate against unnecessary waste, using only as many lights as necessary, recycling, donating or selling unwanted items instead of throwing them away whenever possible.  The town I live in has a nuclear power plant.  The plant has been saying for years amidst really troubling safety practices and logistical errors, that they are all about a clean energy future.  Clean?  The clouds that rise from the smokestack are more dense than a book by Stephen King.  There is poison leaking out into the soil on the site, and they would rather keep it running and a danger to the community than try and fix it or close it down.  And another truth, is that the energy produced by the plant does not benefit anyone nearby.  Sure, it sucks for people to lose their jobs, but at the cost of how many lives?  Now having been voted down, they are ready for decommissioning, to be closed by 2012.  I had always made a big fuss over the fact that nuclear energy is not a clean option, and is not actually all that efficient, and here it is getting shut down through no action taken by me.   Now, what happens to the waste?  A pro-VY argument that I have heard was stated as such:  If there is no other thing that we could use this site for, why not just keep it open?  There is nowhere left to store the waste is a simple enough answer to that.

Other shades of waste culture are related directly to individual action/inaction.  I know a kid whose name I won’t mention here, that has claimed to have never willingly recycled a single thing in his life.  And he takes pride in that?  There are people who just throw their crap on the ground if they can’t find a trash can, musical artists who mercilessly throw new words over the same or similar beats over and over again(Those people know who they are).  There are people who just live to be users, who will just leave anyone high and dry once they get what they want.

A big reason that I am so caught up in a rant on waste culture now may be my new job.  I am a cashier at Wal Mart for the time being, and I notice the people that buy 8 loaves of bread and six dozen eggs just because they are on sale.  And maybe in some cases they really do think the products are gonna get used, but where is the value in buying this much stuff if over half of it is gonna get wasted?  People buy nothing but frozen dinners.  Have we stooped so low that we can’t even take care of ourselves anymore?  We can’t, because big retailers like this have crushed our free spirit, stolen away many a local business that truly cared about something other than cutting corners and making top dollar off of inferior products.  What’s worse is that my Wal Mart store wants to upgrade to a new site for a Super Wal Mart.  There are already no jobs in the area, this being the first one I even got a call back from.  So imagine this:  Brattleboro losing even more of it’s awesome local businesses, tumbleweeds rolling through the harmony parking lot, a town so empty even the homeless will be hard to find.  People will need new jobs, Wal Mart will be there to give them out.  And then…………………….Once an entire community is employed by this destructive force of colonial capitalism, nobody will be making enough money to shop anywhere else.  Sure, maybe I exaggerate events that I can only guess at, but still I worry.  When a company that strives to destroy originality so wholeheartedly says they do it because they care for their customers and their associates, the world becomes even more insane than I have already seen it to be.


April 16, 2010

I was asked in conversation last night if I believed that everything happens for a reason, as many people seem to say now.  I believe somewhat that this is true, but being of the opinion that we manufacture our destinies at least to some degree, it is not like the world is ordered by any sort of exactness that could make all things happen in a particular way.  I find a lot of the time that we try to qualify events and all sorts of things in our lives by trying to find reasons, why do you think science and organized religion are so big?  Then there is also the matter of subatomic particles to address, they are so small they are like nothing to us, yet in complexity they are so much bigger than everything.  They can act as whatever they feel like being, with or without reason, so what are we really made out of?  If we don’t know that, even if everything happens for a reason, we might not find ourselves in a place where we understand the reasons.


April 15, 2010

Dearest denizens of the blogosphere,

My head seems to be full of thoughts, wild and crazy, and otherwise awesome, but none of them are appearing to me in a coherent and concise manner that I can unleash on you all. But I can say this: Rodrigo y Gabriela rock my world!!

The Uprising

April 8, 2010

Doing yard work today, I couldn’t help but find myself thinking about how quickly nature takes over those places and things that are made by human
beings. All the weeds are vying for supremacy over the flowers which were planted there quite a number of years ago now. To what extent should nature be allowed to be kept in check? I do understand how important a lot of these tasks are in regard to keeping a presentable residence, otherwise I wouldn’t really be doing them, but all the same, I’m just thinking of what kind of jungle this house would be if we were just to let the plants run rampant through the cracks of pavement, or the slats of the wood on our decks. And when you think farther along about that, it is quite interesting to see that the world doesn’t necessarily take much stock in human importance. But we have tended our yards to such lengths through the last century, that some of the plants and animals actually need our help to keep surviving, and from a further environmental standpoint we are what keeps the world alive as readily as we are what is hurting it most. There must be some middle ground between letting our yards go out of control, and finely tuning every little thing about them. But whatever stance you take on yard work, if you’re free today, get out there in the sun, and photosynthesize your brains to be their most creative.

A tale of Easter

April 6, 2010

Why would the day someone died be called Good Friday? Maybe this could shed some light:

It had been known for a while that Jesus was gonna be spending an entire week in Jerusalem, so some of his biggest fans and supporters had the idea to throw a party on the last day of his visit, not aware of what was about to happen. And they thought they should call it the Good Friday Rave. After all, what could be better than a rave with JC himself? The higher ups heard about this party and were a bit upset that they weren’t invited so they employed the help of Iscariot, gullible young man that he was, to get Jesus arrested, disguising it as some sort of party escort. He got paid to lead the way to Gethsemane as was written in the scripture, but had no idea what was actually up. The party hosts were quite upset by this snag, (meaning their lord’s death( yet they knew he would want them celebrating his life, and that they did, lasting all weekend. So Sunday morning, Jesus shows up to his party after rising from the dead and whips out his glow sticks, and as he dances he says, “One day we will all party even bigger than this in paradise!!!”

Future Dreams

April 6, 2010

Satan Mart took pride in shoving everyone under the bus, driving any remaining business with quality or ethics flat into the ground. Sweat shop workers were massacred during a protest in the name of customer care. Choking the life-force out of innovation, creativity, and originality, they eliminated class by making everyone blue collar, and no longer would you know who was “one of them.” It was the end of the union, and as far as a lowly wage slave like myself was concerned, it might as well have been the end of the world. I entered this existence out of “necessity,” that most loathsome word that almost pains me to write down.

Underneath the navy blue and the faulty smiles, I found others like myself that were disappointed, dejected, unacknowledged and underappreciated.  The revolution came on.  Reluctantly.  But it came regardless.  It started small, and we didn’t even have to lift a finger.  The company cut corners and were called out on it, penalized.  It developed in secret, which wasn’t too hard while they were being hassled by the company brass.  We accepted higher positions, grew in numbers, and found ourselves being able to revise the system itself.  Lies and corruption were laid bare for all and we got new uniforms, recreated in our own image.

Days of Doom and Gloom

April 1, 2010

My rainy/overcast day music picks today are:

Ten Silver Drops-The Secret Machines
Pet Sounds
Memory Almost Full- Paul McCartney
Broken Bells
Bowie- Heathen
The following was written on my lunch break as I sat in my car amidst the disgusting weather.

Rock was set to fail from the start. It started with music from the ghettoes and slums which ended up on the radio. Realizing the power of the new commodity our warped power hierarchy unmercifully stole it, and regurgitated it into new, unrecognizable, even soulless forms. There was no light, but this bs perpetuating a passive/aggressive nature in our society, a loss of reality. Once this new music was given a title, and retooled in a way that subverted the culture(s) which birthed it, the death knell began to ring. The rebellious nature of the originators which made us pay attention blew up in their faces. And those who still thrived either literally lost their lives, or merely dried up creatively.

It began again. A change in formula, a new mass of the disaffected. The rebellion bought back that tools that had initially subverted it, in the studio and on the stage. More social upheaval. Psychedelia and the 27 club. Some continued, others ran away, or gave up, or became that which they were initially fighting.

Punk came and made the revolution harder and faster, gave it a more aggressive face. The mainstream finally began to clean the hair out of their drain and took more risks, or it seemed that way.

Now that Rock had become its worst enemy, people became fans of Alternative, then Indie. More names, titles, qualifiers came and went. And trying to define it further subverted it and pigeonholed all artists in this field. But one morning, the world woke up and realized that definitions should not be restrictive, and should be more loosely applied. All of these names are just words. Would you want to blindside your own potential?