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Vampirical Tendencies

May 18, 2010

There’s much talk lately about vampires and their silly escapades, from True Blood, to Twilight and everything better or worse than either in between. Now, I’m not here to tackle the debate on whether vampires sparkle or not, or explain that a vamp can’t be a vegetarian because they’re steal feeding off of animals for sustenance, or to say that Alucard beats Lestat hands down because of his awesome gun. I’m here to talk about real vampires. Namely, me.
Now, I know what y’all are thinking when you read this. “Heckhound, what are you getting at? Your roundabout way of speech makes us read on, even if we question your sanity, but this time you really have lost it.” No dear friends, I have not lost it, on the contrary I have gained it. Understanding that is. I said something about creating new definitions, which I like to do in many of my entries. Break the sky is the title of the blog after all. There are real vampires in this world, whether or not they are sanguivores. There are energy vampires, who leach off of other people’s energies or people who take pleasure in other people’s chaos, and it makes them stronger. Or maybe they just have a gift for empathy. I found a new kind of vampire in myself. The music vampire. I sustain most of my music collection on my harddrive(s). I absorb music like a leach, my tastes changing at a ridiculous rate, and living in a world that doesn’t allot me all of the time I want to devote to music. Anything that goes unlistened for a long time, anything I only sort of like, or any album I only bought for one song got in the trade pile. I bring them in to Turn It Up anytime I desire something new. My feedings are very disordered, but ripping to my computer, I always have whatever I get rid of. And that my friends is the beauty of the digital age.