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September 25, 2010

Here’s another week of awesome mundanity.  I like coming up with profound ideas, and going off on fascinating philosophical threads but I haven’t taken enough time in trying to be profound in realizing that profundity is all around me, and that the most fascinating thoughts of all can come by simply experiencing the world as it appears to be, and not always by exploring what lies behind.  It’s all truly awesome to explore but it is bad to lose sight of the fact that they both are necessary to fulfillment.

The week began as usual with some crummy and random seeming shifts at the bad old mart, but I found myself faced with customers that seemed more interesting than my usual sort, and finding out that more people I work with have a lot to talk about, actually of interest. I also find myself faced with new workers that need mute buttons, but for the most part I’m trying to cope with this work stuff better than I have been.  It’s about what you make of it more than what it actually is.

I took a friend out to dinner to one of the deliciousest places I know, and it was nice to be able to catch up with delightful conversation, yummy food, and terrific hugs.  The awesome but simple things like this make a truer happiness than some of the other frivolous things we modern humans surround ourselves with.  I also had a burst of nostalgia picking her up at her school, as it was the first time I had ever been to that campus, and I remember so clearly the way the Keene State Campus took my breath away upon my first visit, and how I knew it was meant for me.  I know it’s the worst run-on sentence imaginable right there, but just disregard it.

The rest of the week was mostly watching Fringe episodes, taking care of puppies, and randomly positioned work shifts.  To watch two whole seasons of a show in a week is actually a more taxing feat than it would seem, but I managed it.  I never remember a time I watched so many hours of television all at once, and  I would only reccomend it on a day with horrid weather or when you are sick with some disgusting illness.

My yesterday experience was awesome and  amusing.  I took a stroll downtown before my shift at wally world, and I had a compulsion to call my buddy Steven during my intimate sidewalk moments, and lo and behold, there he and my pal Lizzy were sitting on the deck outside a nice restaurant.  Made my day supremely.  We discusssed science fiction and mispronouncing items on restaurant menus and recieving a dish other than what was ordered because of it, and awesome gender stuff, as is our main topic of interest.  I didn’t expect to see them outside of Keene and there they were.  This was all topped off with some delicious pumpkin pie gelato.  I must learn how to make my own.

And here we are on Saturday, the real end of the week, and I am more than satisfied with the going ons.  Meals with friends are perfect happenings, planned or otherwise, especially if you feel a lifelong bond with them all.  My heart is in just the right place for a perfect happiness found in company of the best of friends, who are never far, at least not in astral terms.

Peace and Love and all that jazz, etc…..

Craigers. 🙂

New Thingsl

September 22, 2010

I will set a couple goals, and this is also as means to sharing more with you dear reader.  My first goal is to write at least a page a week, whether it’s just on here to tell you this, or if I actually get going on one of my stories, and if I can get myself to that mark and surpass it, I will post  my writing goal a touch higher.  I also have my girlfriend to help kick me in the right direction about that if I fall short of my writing goals.  🙂  

Secondly: Try a new thing each week.  Easier than it sounds, for I simply mean anything new, whether its a show or movie you watch, a new song you listened to, a new Wow character you created, or something like a new recipe you cooked that week.  I’ll let you know how it all goes.   

This week I p

September 19, 2010

I love food. I love eating it, making it, smelling it, and especially reading about it.

I am very fond of all different types of cuisine, and love the satisfaction one gets from preparing it themselves. In recent times I have been trying to become a little less dependent on prepackaged and processed food, especially when its labelled as foodstuffs, which makes we question what it even is. But it’s hard to cook for yourself or to be motivated to it when you work at a job that always keeps you guessing with hours.

I love eating out and can give just about anyone a great restaurant reccommendation, but in the kitchen is where the true magic of food happens. Sure I don’t yet know how to make that many things, but just putting my own hands into this process of food making, molding ingredients into new and exciting shapes, it’s just like art. Nevermind that thought, it isn’t like art, it is its own form of art. And even if the experiment doesn’t quite come out the way I expect, it tastes that much better to me when I can sit there and go,”I am the reason this exists right now.” 🙂

Sci-fi Character

September 19, 2010

Lord Stretchypants hails from the Planet of Questionable 80's Fashions. He wears marvelous pants made out of super stretchy, super shiny synthetic material, which are bright purple in color. By all appearances he could pass as human, if not for the peculiar yellowish tint to his eyes. He has the hair of a madman and an uncontrollable beard. In addition to his pants, he adorns himself most days with a robe of beautiferous ugliness, or is it ugly beautifulness? No one knows for sure. The colors and patterns upon this item of clothing call to mind in an Earth person, all of the fads of the 80s that would best remain forgotten. Lord Stretchypants has come to Earth to reeducate the human race on what should be deemed fashionable, and is said to be unwittingly starting a new religion.

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A little bit of everything

September 13, 2010

For this week, let’s go back to a little more of a mundane and wordly approach to the blogging.

Perfect songs for the shifting season and my temporary bout of depression that I found myself in a few days ago are “Shout” by Tears for Fears, Gorillaz’s “Gravity” and a number of awesome tracks from the most recent Arcade Fire release The Suburbs.

Work continues in a sucky way, yet there are always unexpected surprises.  My awesometastic friend Heather appeared out of the blue today, and hug attacked me the way you might see such things happen in an anime(a good example is Grell with Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji, or Wakabe with Utena in Revolutionary Girl Utena).  So what was shaping up to be one of my worst shifts on record, officially became my best day ever. 🙂  Thanks a bunch Heather, and I hope you like the mix cd I sent you.

In a little more than a month, I plan on attending Another Anime Convention in Nashua, NH.  But I am still faced with the conundrum of  what to cosplay.  I love amusing and cute creature characters, as evidenced by my domo costume, and my obsession with Persona 4’s Teddie, and Gir’s dog suit from  Invader Zim. Both would be amusing as hell, but probably not based with my current available time and resources.  If any of y’all reading like anime and such things, feel free to throw me an idea.

Now, I have one more topic, perhaps it’s back in a more heavy area, as I swore I wouldn’t do for this entry, but it’s a lot of fun.  Lately I have been having dreams with greater frequency, and have been remembering  them with much more clarity than I ever recall.  My new dreams involve actual people, and hypothetical events.  The locations therein are composites of places I’ve been, and places I’ve always wanted to go.  The people within are constantly shifting their roles, sometimes in very contrary ways to their roles in my waking life.  I am beginning to see  a deeper interconnectedness with all of my relationships because of these dreams, and am gaining a greater aspect of compassion for all life due to this.  So now I finally understand what I have been saying about living for my dreams.

Thank you everyone for everything you have ever done for me.  This is dedicated all of those whom I love and hold dear to my heart.


It Was Total Déjà Vu

September 9, 2010

Light & Time

If you've noticed a trend in my themes, then this wouldn't be too surprising. When I go somewhere for the first time, I sometimes feel a peculiar sense of familiarity, and it's almost as if I already know where things are. So even if I've been somewhere before in a dream, I've still been there before, right? I begin conversations with strangers who seem familiar, and who ultimately become great friends It's almost as if I already knew they were my friends, which bumps the human sense of time on its head. So deja vu isn't so much something that has happened before, but something that is currently happening, but lacking a point of reference.

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September 9, 2010

It’s been a while since my last post, direct to wordpress or through my plinky, although my current topic has been knocking around inside my head for the good part of a week.

My recent post about soul friends further developed what I have been discussing all along since day one on the blogosphere. And this next topic seems like the logical step, so here it is:

As humans we are so adamant about searching for our other half, or extremely worried to let people in, worried about suffering a broken heart. But here’s the thing, we should stop worrying so much about potential heartbreak. I have come to the conclusion that maybe we worry so much about seeking validation for ourselves because we are made broken as human beings. Most animals seem better programmed to survive in this world, while we have to be taught nearly everything. Dogs for example, have a more deeply ingrained sense of self, and know from the get go that they are themselves. As broken beings, we seek other incomplete creatures to reach a deeper understanding. Our gift of speech is in a lot of ways the truth of our existence, and many old societies regarded your spirit as your breath. Your breath proves you are alive.

As we are all broken, it is also safe to say that our others are represented as fractions smaller than halves, as I mentioned discussing my soul friends.

We always worry about making bank, holding positions of power and other selfish actions to try and validate ourselves, but that ends up making us feel empty.

So what do I suggest to help this problem? Stop worrying, live your life the best you can, don’t let a job interfere with your happiness, don’t stay in a crappy situation because it’s at least comfortable, and love. Love to your fullest, for the emotion is the closest you can get yourself to feeling wholeness.

A Great Pick-Up Line does not exist.

September 2, 2010

Cigarette Crane Game

Are you serious, plinky? I mean you're seriously asking me to share pickup lines? Now I have found quite a few pickup lines hilarious but have only ever jokingly used them anyone. They are too bad, generally speaking, to warrant a positive reaction response. Though apparently my so-called charisma and nice guy attitude aren't usually enough, if I begin to spout out pickup lines, there goes any sort of dating future for me. Being one of those people who is unafraid (although extremely cliche) to let their freak flag fly, depending on what the average day might throw at me, it already tends to be hard enough to swim in the sea known as society. Not that I'm worried, I don't follow society, and social norms? What the devil can be considered normal? Do I digress, maybe, but the whole idea is this, pickup lines don't work. If you really wanna impress a guy or girl, show that you are comfortable in your skin, and will never be afraid to uphold any aspect of your perfect individualism.

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