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May 31, 2011

I wanted a memorial day post, I did, but I’m not sure what would be important to write about.  My last serious posting was about my american awakening, and a call to non-arms for a quiet revolution.  I know this ties into memorial day somewhere. How could it not?  But words escape me.  Do I think the way we celebrate this holiday needs to change? most definitely.  Let us honor our fallen, by stuffing our faces at cookouts, showing off how many resources we can over utilize in one sitting? No. I don’t think that’s fair.  Then we are truly subverting everything these people felt they were fighting for.  Remember how many people’s lives were ruined by the ravages, and the pain caused by war through all history.  Remember that some of these people were cut down in the prime of life, while we stay oblivious, drowning in this waste culture, dishonoring the life they never had by not living one of our own.  Remember that if we simply ignore a problem, it’s just a bigger problem later on. Remember, that without grief, that can sometimes come in the memoriam, rather most of the time, we lack passion, we lack a drive a motivation, in a very real sense.  And also remember, if you can pay attention to all these memorials, we can hopefully seek a future that decreases the number of losses.

That is all,


More Rain Songs

May 23, 2011

1.The Storm- Rob Dickinson

2.Another Song About The Rain- Cracker

3. Ghost Town- Shiny Toy Guns

4.Pudding Time- Primus

5.Zina Marina- Gogol Bordello

6.Sing Me To Sleep- Fran Healy

7. Asleep-The Smiths(as covered by Emily Browning)

8. I Owe You A Love Song- Shiny Toy Guns

9.Lovesong- The Cure(covered by Adele)

10. No Phone- Cake

11.Sleeps With Angels- Neil Young and Crazy Horse

12.Ricochet- David Bowie

11 Items of Note: Yes, I’m Taking Time to Do This once more.

May 23, 2011

1. Recently acquired lots of Bowie on vinyl!!!!!!

2.Thor-  A movie that was pretty sweet, but needed to not be in 3D! I mean, his muscles were big enough.  My only regret is that I forgot to bring my mead to the theatre!  And this song reminds me of Thor!

3.Doctor Who on netflix instantwatch, need I say more?

4. The World ended yesterday, and I missed it!

5. Yarr, mateys! New pirate movie is actually fairly decent.  But how many times can Captain Barbossa die and still come back every movie?

6.Roadtrip, anyone?  I need companions, just like the doctor.

7.I must escape Wally World, I’ve had enough, but can’t up and quit either.

8.Our play is still missing a Claudio. Help!


10. And if there is an end of the world post, it wouldn’t be complete without this classic Asimov story!

11. And lastly:

Rainy Day Inspiring Playlist

May 17, 2011

1.Rolling In The Deep- Adele

2. Scary Monsters(And Super Creeps)- Bowie

3. Set Fire To The Rain- Adele

4. Girlfriend Is Better- Talking Heads

5. Magneto and Titanium Man- Paul McCartney and Wings

6.Loving The Alien- Bowie

7.Shout-Tears For Fears

8.Flugulfrelsarinn- Sigur Ros

9.The Working Hour- Tears For Fears

10.Blue- R.E.M

11.Rain- The Beatles

12.Powderfinger- Neil Young

So what happens next?

May 8, 2011

When you wake up every morning, look in the gosh darn mirror, and say to yourself, “I am beautiful because I am who I am and no one else.  I can change this world, as long as I don’t forget myself.”  While eating your bowl of cheerios, be glad that you are even able to do that, and remember never to look down upon someone who can’t afford that luxury many take for granted.  When you read your newspaper with your coffee or whatever the hell it is you do, remember how many hands it took to create that, how many different, truly individual people it took.  Think about the people who grew that coffee, know that they are just trying to get by like you, and how dependent this county is upon activities in other countries, and that we have forgotten just how much work goes into all this stuff we don’t seem to appreciate nearly enough.  Always remember the human aspect of all things.  At the grocery store, or wherever look for someone who needs help loading their car, or carrying out their purchases.  Strangers are people, with their own songs, their own stories, their own motives, dreams, goals.  Say hello or send a smile or a wave, to someone who looks like they need it.  Buy someone a drink, volunteer for a community event, be spontaneous, and unlimited in your love. Whatever you do, whatever reason you do it, whoever you do it for, you are bringing a little more joy to this world, a little more hope, and in the long run, a little can matter a lot.


May 7, 2011

There is a new age revolution upon us, but maybe I should call it new wave, because at least from a musical standpoint, I would side more with the new wavers than the new agers, and would side even more with the people that do not limit themselves by genre confines when they create music, or any sort of art that there may be.  I mentioned the descent of the American dream into something more like an American Nightmare, the man telling you what you want, how to live your life, the media and the government telling you to live your life always craving blood and revenge, always craving more, more, more, and in turn making yourself become less and less and less.  Murder in any form is still murder, and things like pre-emptive strikes can often cause the events you are trying to circumvent.  Terrorism?  Anything that inflicts you with a great fear, for yourself, for others, for anyone near and dear to you, that is terrorism.  Life is complicated and hard enough, without confusing our fears, and our insecurities and using them against us, perverting them to create us all in someone else’s image.  I’m not discussing religion with that statement, but maybe I should so you can see what I am trying to say.  A god, or gods, or a bunch of chemical reactions, or a big bang, or what have you materialized, came into being, and caused/created life as we know it, in the image set out in their blueprints, but giving us free will gave us the power to craft our life in whatever image we saw fit to craft it into, so created in one’s image, but recreated into our own. And that is the new revolution, or at least phase one.  Becoming conscious of ourselves, of the fact that we are all different from one another, and that it isn’t a cause for alarm, and in fact is actually one of the greatest strengths we have as humans, being ourselves, individuals, with our own desires, our own interests, our own tastes.  Diversity is beautiful and it is all around you, but the media permeates your dreams, turns them into nightmares, allows you to think  that what they want is actually your will talking.  Learn to seperate what they tell you is real, from what you believe to be real and good and true.  And the success of this revolution, this new way of seeing the world as open-mindedly as we possibly can, although dependent on dreams, it firstly requires that we need to wake up, in order to seperate the good dreams from the bad.


May 4, 2011

There are so many connections abounding in our lives, whether they be spiritual, personal, romantical, religious, secular, familial or what have you.  But what’s most important in this is to never shy from love.  In my philosophy, love is living, and art is heart.  It is not good enough for us simply to love, but to in a very real sense also become that love.  If love is the agent of change, change being the only constant within life, it is not enough to simply believe in it, but follow it, fight for it, and never be afraid to take a chance no matter how silly you might think it is, chances are someone will find it sweet that you care so much, and that you express yourself in a way that truly belongs to you and nobody else.  And this talk of love, which seems so out of place in the current climate of hate, that seems to be what drives this so-called American life, a dream become a nightmare, decaying much more quickly than it ever has, an oroborous(snake eating it’s own tail, symbol for infinity among other things) of vengeance, this talk of love becomes even more important than it has ever been.  “Give Peace a Chance.”

Love’s strongest manifestation is in the people you surround yourself with.  If you remember an old post I had about soul friends versus soul mates, and of the fractal nature of the human heart, how there isn’t necessarily another half, but a number of others that each fulfill a different role in relation to yourself. The people I surround myself with, who I deem lasting friends, and potential lifelong companions, these people are soul friends.  And soul friends are life-changers, and the best kinds of life-changers.  I had a friend in high school, we went everywhere together, and had a falling out over something stupid, and deigned contact for two years. When we returned to one another after so long, nothing had changed, and it  was like we had seen one another only the day before, and then we recorded our album, songs written with him in mind.  That is a life-changer.  The big life-changers are those you never need to hide anything from, the people who accept you as yourself, can have the most fun in the world with something so simple as getting cocoa on a monday, or walking through the park, those people who carry you through your worst moments, and know you’ll do the same in theirs.

The big life-changers take on many forms, being dressed like a waitress or a cat on halloween, barefoot and bearded on the radio, a fellow poet who drinks a few beers with you and talks of her past life as a tree with such conviction, a purple-haired steampunk obsessive who thinks skunks to be the cutest animals ever, the girl who watches zombie movies with you, puts up with the stupidest shit from you, and still has the desire to take you out and buy you coffee, or someone who helps you realize your hopes and dreams again, when you have fallen into a rut of despair, or a loss of self-worth.  Whether it takes place in a cafe on a monday, on a blue cement block in a parking lot, a concert in vermont where you lose your shoes, and get a mustached hooligan to sign your underwear, at your favorite record store, over the air, playing a song on a street corner, a rainy day walk through a cemetery or lying on a futon in a dorm room talking into the endless hours of night, or anywhere these adventures may take you and anything they may involve, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it changes lives.

Peace and Love,