There is a new age revolution upon us, but maybe I should call it new wave, because at least from a musical standpoint, I would side more with the new wavers than the new agers, and would side even more with the people that do not limit themselves by genre confines when they create music, or any sort of art that there may be.  I mentioned the descent of the American dream into something more like an American Nightmare, the man telling you what you want, how to live your life, the media and the government telling you to live your life always craving blood and revenge, always craving more, more, more, and in turn making yourself become less and less and less.  Murder in any form is still murder, and things like pre-emptive strikes can often cause the events you are trying to circumvent.  Terrorism?  Anything that inflicts you with a great fear, for yourself, for others, for anyone near and dear to you, that is terrorism.  Life is complicated and hard enough, without confusing our fears, and our insecurities and using them against us, perverting them to create us all in someone else’s image.  I’m not discussing religion with that statement, but maybe I should so you can see what I am trying to say.  A god, or gods, or a bunch of chemical reactions, or a big bang, or what have you materialized, came into being, and caused/created life as we know it, in the image set out in their blueprints, but giving us free will gave us the power to craft our life in whatever image we saw fit to craft it into, so created in one’s image, but recreated into our own. And that is the new revolution, or at least phase one.  Becoming conscious of ourselves, of the fact that we are all different from one another, and that it isn’t a cause for alarm, and in fact is actually one of the greatest strengths we have as humans, being ourselves, individuals, with our own desires, our own interests, our own tastes.  Diversity is beautiful and it is all around you, but the media permeates your dreams, turns them into nightmares, allows you to think  that what they want is actually your will talking.  Learn to seperate what they tell you is real, from what you believe to be real and good and true.  And the success of this revolution, this new way of seeing the world as open-mindedly as we possibly can, although dependent on dreams, it firstly requires that we need to wake up, in order to seperate the good dreams from the bad.


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