So what happens next?

When you wake up every morning, look in the gosh darn mirror, and say to yourself, “I am beautiful because I am who I am and no one else.  I can change this world, as long as I don’t forget myself.”  While eating your bowl of cheerios, be glad that you are even able to do that, and remember never to look down upon someone who can’t afford that luxury many take for granted.  When you read your newspaper with your coffee or whatever the hell it is you do, remember how many hands it took to create that, how many different, truly individual people it took.  Think about the people who grew that coffee, know that they are just trying to get by like you, and how dependent this county is upon activities in other countries, and that we have forgotten just how much work goes into all this stuff we don’t seem to appreciate nearly enough.  Always remember the human aspect of all things.  At the grocery store, or wherever look for someone who needs help loading their car, or carrying out their purchases.  Strangers are people, with their own songs, their own stories, their own motives, dreams, goals.  Say hello or send a smile or a wave, to someone who looks like they need it.  Buy someone a drink, volunteer for a community event, be spontaneous, and unlimited in your love. Whatever you do, whatever reason you do it, whoever you do it for, you are bringing a little more joy to this world, a little more hope, and in the long run, a little can matter a lot.


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