I wanted a memorial day post, I did, but I’m not sure what would be important to write about.  My last serious posting was about my american awakening, and a call to non-arms for a quiet revolution.  I know this ties into memorial day somewhere. How could it not?  But words escape me.  Do I think the way we celebrate this holiday needs to change? most definitely.  Let us honor our fallen, by stuffing our faces at cookouts, showing off how many resources we can over utilize in one sitting? No. I don’t think that’s fair.  Then we are truly subverting everything these people felt they were fighting for.  Remember how many people’s lives were ruined by the ravages, and the pain caused by war through all history.  Remember that some of these people were cut down in the prime of life, while we stay oblivious, drowning in this waste culture, dishonoring the life they never had by not living one of our own.  Remember that if we simply ignore a problem, it’s just a bigger problem later on. Remember, that without grief, that can sometimes come in the memoriam, rather most of the time, we lack passion, we lack a drive a motivation, in a very real sense.  And also remember, if you can pay attention to all these memorials, we can hopefully seek a future that decreases the number of losses.

That is all,


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