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A time for goals

June 30, 2011

There is so much good in my life right now, but there will be more good if I can accomplish a few important goals:

Get my own place- It’s much much easier said then done, especially getting paid bi-weekly, and getting little more than the minimum needed to pay rent somewhere within a month’s wages.

Leave walmart- It may be soul-sucking, but is not nearly as evil as I had initially thought. The goals of the company may be a bit shady, I won’t deny that. But the individual store itself, naw. It’s just people’s attitudes. But as far as me getting out on my own, and truly making a name for myself, putting my degree to actual use, a new job is necessary. If they won’t move you up, find the means to move yourself out.

Get published-Hellz yeah! Can anyone help me figure out how best to approach such things?

Actually get a music group together- Maybe record, guest star, collabo, and most importantly, set up some gigs for once?

A piercing, or crazy colored hair?- I’m considering this, and not just because working at walmart will not let this be a reality.

I’m sure there’s more but I just needed to let off steam, and now I’m tired.
But before I go, here’s some really awesome stuff to check out!  Some awesome video hilarity from me and my friend Maria. If you don’t like it I’m sorry.



Much Ado Wrap-up.

June 27, 2011

So a show with a four night run becomes much ado about raining, and has an opening night on the night that is supposed to be our third show.  Oh my.  But Friday, upon being cancelled, we had already been costumed and raring to go, so we went up to the shelter and had our food meant for our opening night reception while just doing a speedy  and hilarious line-through of our show, with mouths full of cheese, and people putting on odd accents or vocal qualities, not normally present in the presentation of their  characters.  In addition, one of our actors made some particularly funny and rather out-of-character faces, which for some reason…. I don’t think he was aware of making.  That finished, I ran for my life down that hill in the pouring rain.

Saturday, our new opening night, we almost cancelled, but such a great crowd appeared, and the rain was fairly tame in temperement, so we went out on that stage and gave it our everything.  If there is someone to watch, the show should go on, after all.  Maybe they were subdued by rain, or maybe they were really caught up in the play in general, but the reactions seemed a bit stifled, at least at first.  The jokes went well, even with a few slight stumbles that truly were not directed, but caused by wet stage.  All in all a solid performance followed by a fun night drive in the rain with a couple of my favorites! 🙂

Sunday was the day of awesome! In place of our cancelled shows we added an early show on Sunday to our lineup.  So come at 1 for a show at 2, take a break for an hour or so, perform again at six, and strike for a little less than an hour. Long day indeed.  Both shows got a great abundance of people, the second show being the best, at least as far as audience reaction was concerned, they laughed at every joke, even the ones that weren’t necessarily meant as such, and were clapping and cheering through the whole display. Thank you audience, and thank you cast and crew, this was a lovely experience, all the stress and casting issues and rainstorms and whatnot really pulled together into something great at the end.

On a final note, if you are an actor, or have always wanted to be one, and live anywhere near Brattleboro, get involved in Shakespeare in the Park some summer.  Next year’s play is Henry V!’

Much ado about peace and love and sunshine,



June 21, 2011

Here’s a random playlist of “beautiful” songs, for your solstice enjoyment, for what better day than the solstice to remind yourself of beauty in the world!


1.Beautiful- Barenaked Ladies:


2.Beautiful- Moby:  what a silly video!

3. Beautiful World- Utada Hikaru:

4. Beautiful Day- U2:

5.Big Girl(You are Beautiful) – Mika:

6. Life is Beautiful- Vega 4:

7. Beautiful Morning With You- The Pillows:

8. The most beautiful girl in the room- Flight of The Conchords:

9. The Beautiful Ones- Prince:

10. Beautiful- Smashing Pumpkins:

11. So Beautiful- Dashboard Confessional:

Enjoy the randomosity of it!   Happy Solstice!










Much Ado About Something

June 20, 2011

Life’s been busy, fun, and beautiful. For life is meant to be beautiful, and we must look for the beauty in this world, if we ever fail to see it. 🙂  We are finally in production week of our play, Vermont Theatre Company’s Twenty-somethingth annual Shakespeare in The Park production.  Our Much Ado will be presenting itself this thursday the 23rd, through Sunday the 26th.  We have all worked hard on it, and for anyone in the Brattleboro Area, I welcome you to attend.  Only five dollars, and all shows at 6pm.  And of course, it’s outside.  How often do you get to experience outdoor theatre?

More normallly scheduled postings soon!



11 Albums to make your already great summer greater.

June 10, 2011

1.Talking Heads- Speaking In Tongues   Who isn’t made happy by the Talking Heads?

2.Death Cab For Cutie- Codes And Keys  Although still only a couple weeks old, and maybe not as good as their last, I know it will get repeated summer listening.

3.David Bowie- Let’s Dance  Come on and put on those red shoes already!

4.Beatles- Sgt. Pepper Still fresh and vibrant today, I guess a lot of today’s disposal artists should pay more attention to this album.

5.Gogol Bordello- Super Taranta  Gypsy Punks forever!

6.The only other album on this list that is new: Adele- 21  She’s done everything possible to make this album bigger and better than her first.  And what a voice!

7.t.a.t.u- Dangerous and Moving  Just because.

8.Cake-Pressure Chief   I think one of their most solid albums.

9.Mika-Life In Cartoon Motion  The voice, the happy music, the sunshine!

10.Jonsi- Go  The Sigur Ros frontman just knows what music should be about, and lots of sun and warmth stems from this album!

11.Metric-Fantasies the human condition well exemplified here.




June 7, 2011

1.David Bowie’s album, Let’s Dance-  It seems to fit any occasion, whether it’s for partying or just waking up on a lazy summer Sunday.  Also seems to go well with any mood, whether you’re happy, sad or indifferent on any given day.


2.Swimming- Whether it’s simply getting your toes wet, swimming laps, or in my case, falling in the river as your friends laugh at you.  If you are reading this, you know who you are.

3.Travelling- By car, by plane, by bus or train, bicycle, or on foot, travelling is a summer must.  And in simply going from place to place in your car make sure you are well stocked with road mixes in your cd player, or peppy travelling beats on your ipod.

4.Playing outside- Go hiking, or simply take a stroll in the park, or downtown.  Go to the beach, or to the playground, and pretend like you’re a little kid again.  Also if you have young ones, whether they be nephews, nieces, young cousins, younger siblings, maybe go to the park with them and pretend that you are a little kid like them.  My favorite will always be the swings.  Sandbox is cool and all, but I was never a kid who liked much to get dirty.

5.Concerts-  Summer is surely the best time to go to a show, when all the outdoor venues are now open, and festivals are in abundance across the land.  They aren’t in such abundance in this part of the land, but there are still some good ones, like Roots On the River, in Bellows Falls, VT, Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival at Mass MOCA, and of course The Green River Festival at the grounds of the Greenfield Community College, featuring a main stage, an amazing dance tent, full of the best dancy bands to be had, and a third stage at the Kid’s tent, which is fully booked with all the kid friendly music one can muster into such a space.  It was fun last year, and I hope to go again if I can spare the dough.

6.Weird New England Weather! – Hey, sometimes it does good things.

7.Summer Movies- Summer seems to be the biggest season for movies, and having already seen a few mighty good films this early in the season, it’s hard to believe there are still some big ones coming up, such as the finale to Harry Potter!  See you there, maybe.

8.Notebooks- Yes, I will still be sitting in front of my keyboard, typing away at my stories, and my blog entries, but will be doing a lot more of my writing outside throughout the summer, bring your notebook everywhere, who knows when inspiration may strike!

9.Summer Reading!

10. Creamies-  Go to your local ice cream window on your hottest day, and do not hesitate, just order whatever tickles your fancy for frozen delights!

11.And bring your camera everywhere!- Don’t keep forgetting it in your car, like this jerk.


Summer has not technically begun yet, so I can’t wait to see where this one goes.

Peace and love for now,


All the things people said, and will continue to say.

June 7, 2011

A topic that has been bouncing around in my head for quite a while, is the concept of grafitti.  Where does the line begin to blur between debasement and art, or sometimes between the creative and the offensive.  Walls hold stories, house memories, that in passing generations of human life would normally fade away.  So the topic becomes more, why do we grafitti??  I use the we collectively, for I have never graffitoed in my life, unless it were with sidewalk chalk, or was in reference to my doodled up classroom notes.  Some may mark the wall at their favorite haunt, take for example the bathroom at CBGB, which no longer exists,  Others may just leave their name, for passersby to be kept wondering about.  An example of that can be found in downtown Bratt, with the simple scrawl: Agatha.  I wondered who she was, why she marked that particular wall, and I began to write her into a story, which is based off of another piece I wrote a long while ago, that somewhere involved grafitti.  The speaker, a young man, partially based on myself, had lost his love, and he held tribute to her by reminiscing over the things they had written on the walls.  The mysterious Agatha seemed a good fit to continue this story that wasn’t necessarily concluded, as a memory of his lost love.   So there’s just one of many examples, of many pieces of stories that we can discover through observing grafitti.   And some people just like to fuck with our heads, as  in these realistic(ish) 3D  murals.     Whatever it’s done for, whoever its done for, or whatever story the person wants to tell, it starts a conversation, and creates more and more stories, so for good or for ill, it does much of import for humanity.

Another thing that started a conversation at one point:  It’s just awesome.

Later Gators,