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Not knowing what to write….

July 19, 2011

I’ve had a harder time feeling inspired to write since my accident. It’s like I’m in a place where I know I have so much to say, and so much more than usual churning through my mind.  But it’s almost like there’s so many things bumping into each other inside of my head, that I can’t focus on one particular thing to pull out to create words on a page, or a screen as the case may be.  So I feel a lot like Spongebob does in this clip,  So what else can I say here about not knowing what to say?  I mean, I know I can’t be a sensation over night, or whatever.  How many years was JK Rowling writing about her boy wizard on napkins before realizing it was big enough to be published? But that being said, we are our own worst critics, so when we think something is the worst thing we have ever written, who knows? It could just as easily be our greatest masterpiece.  And writing, like most forms of art can be very subjective, so it may be easier to withdraw a little and observe as if we were new to that which came forth from our own brains.  Besides, inspiration usually comes from somewhere outside of ourselves, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find at least a little distance between us and our creations.  And it’s truly a necessary thing to be able to seek, if we are to eke out the existence that we long for.  I have been brought back to the reality of the fragility of our existence, and it seems odd that a car accident jolts me in such a way, while so many new and good developments are occuring, a restoration and a re-exploration of faith in something bigger than myself, a new budding love unlike anything I have had in a while, if ever,and me reclaiming my independence, among other things.  I need to live as much for myself as for the ones I love, who hold me dearer than I have managed to hold myself for a very long time.  Live for love, and love life, and sing your heart out!

A few songs that truly have soul:



PEace and Love for always,


To Live A More Fulfilling Life

July 15, 2011

I know most of my posts are about finding the golden moments amidst the fog of everyday life, or to try and see the world as beautiful, or to always love today and to always do that which you love, no matter what anyone says, because no matter how much money you make, if you hate your job or your life, where is the happiness? So to get to the point, I had a car accident the other day, worse than my last, which I only came out of bruised, which should have killed me by all logic.  My car was massacred, but me, I am proud to say I am alive, and will continue to make uplifting blogs and all, but I will try harder to actually live by my words instead of just writing them. So here are 11 good things to better one’s life.


1. Never be afraid to tell someone just how you feel about them.

2. Accept the fact that you woke up this morning as a blessing, even if you have a case of the Mondays, or whatever day gets you down.

3. Hug often.

4. Laugh until you cry, at least once everyday!  Maybe this isn’t humorous enough for that, but a step in the right direction.

5.Let yourself fall in love.  Sure maybe it seems a trite cliche and whatever, but I also think it needs to be said.  There are plenty of people who are with people because it’s expected, but be with people for the right reasons. And I know love is so pase and non-trendy, but it’s worth everything.

6. Own a pet!

7. Religion, or not as the case may be. But I speak from my near death experience when I suggest this.  I am of the opinion that I can’t deny God, when it seems like I had divine intervention in the deliverance of me from this accident.  Take it as you will.  Either way, spirituality is important, if you believe in a religion or not.

8.Sing Sing Sing!

9.Go on more hikes, more nature walks, more explorations of the natural world, and spend less time reading this!

10. Do something nice for a stranger. You never know who might be a friend.

11. And whatever you do, be you be you, and nobody else!!!!

Peace and Love,





My Least Favorite Things at Work!

July 12, 2011

So I’m trying to go a little behind the obvious here, hope you enjoy what I came up with.


1. The random guy who calls me Bud.  I don’t like being called Bud all that much, especially by people I don’t know.

2.Don’t be mad when I ring through your stuff as someone else’s order by mistake because you forget to put the stupid separator bar down.

3.This is a big issue with a few co-workers who shall remain nameless: Stop trying to make my problems your problems!

4.Why I scan through the Eggos why does the screen tell me waffle is spelt Waffel? I mean seriously people, is it that hard?

5. Do you like going through the express lane with millions of items?

6.People who leave the frozen food sitting out when they decide they aren’t going to purchase it.

7. Those stupid vests they make you wear for pushing carts.  I understand the reflective stuff is supposed to boast of safety, but why so unfashionable and ugly?

8.Denial of Self-Expression!

9.Drama and Gossip.  Why should I care what Romulus from the Pet Department said about me last night?  I didn’t even know he existed until you mentioned his name.

10. No music! This causes much sadness in me to go through an entire day without music.  Bring in a ginormous boombox when you come shopping, it will be much appreciated by me.


And here’s some non-work related things that I know someone will appreciate:  Yep, that’s it for now!


Causing Havoc at Work!

July 9, 2011

Here’s my  newest addition to my 11 things feature.  Everyone knows work sucks, but here’s what you could do to make it better, or at least what you can think of doing to make it better.

1.Set the lots on all of the registers to the flashing setting!

2.Plant friends throughout the store to ask highly vague questions about easy to describe products, causing associates not to realize that we don’t in fact carry such items.

3.Get bitched at for wearing pants that defy dress code colors, and explain that khaki was a pants style before it was considered a color.

4.Pretend you “no hablas ingles.”

5.Change the name on your nametag to something obscene and claim that although it’s pronounced Craig, F-U-C-K  is the correct way to spell my name.

6.Switch nametags with everyone!  I mean everyone. Mass confusion.

7.Surround the manager’s car with shopping carts, as close as you can possibly get them to it.

8. When finished with a customer thank them for shopping at Target. Or another competitor.

9. Convince the manager that you’re a figment of your imagination, or convince them they don’t exist. Whichever you prefer.

10. Paint your torso blue and your bottom half tan, and just go to work like that.  Hey, you’re in dress code!

11.Try to convince someone that you do in fact sell walls at Wal(l)mart.


I know the last one kinda sucks but heres the list anyway.




Notes from the checkout counter!

July 4, 2011

My days are numbered here.  I know I’ve said it ever since I started, almost a year and a half ago, but I mean it now more than ever.  It’s not the asshole managers, or the shitty pay, or even the bizarre schedules that i find hard to plan my life around, but the place itself, a ball of negative energy and unneeded stress.  It reeks of death and decay, telling stories of lonely people, wasted potential and mindless, hurtful gossip.  I have managed to hold on to myself, but for how long can that last, as a cog in this perpetual motion machine of so-called convenience?  This doomsday device that tries to determine skill, and craft, decent work ethic, and effort as obsolete, and I don’t want a part of it.  I’m 24 for fuck’s sake!  They don’t pay me enough in a month for a month’s rent.

I have a “room of my own,” aware of my higher purpose in this world, and the higher power that watches over me and guides me, and I know love. But in the literal sense, I finally need to acquire a “room of my own,” link being what I’m referencing) without the extra stress that lies on top of what work already gives me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mom, and appreciate all she has done for me throughout the years, and hate the idea of leaving her alone, but the place isn’t my home, and in a very real sense, hasn’t been for years.  I need to spread these wings, decorate a new space exactly the way I like, maybe have a party(can’t do that here), watch what I want to watch on the telly, and be able to truly be myself, and not living someone else’s life, the way it sometimes seems here with my Mom.  I spent my college time living on my own, living independently, and it’s time for me to have that again.

But how do I get to the reality of this space that I would call Craig’s space, when no other places, no better places seem to be hiring anyone, and no matter how much work I put in here, I will still get paid the same and there’s no forward motion?  There is a solution, which at times may be hard, but if Iwork on it, it may at least get me part of the way there. Devote more time to and work much harder on all non-job related aspects of myself, my art, my writing, my music, my true life’s work.  There is money to be found here, whether or not it’s much, and it’s money earned through doing something you love, and that’s great!  But in the meantime, I am selling some CDs, books, movies and the like, if you want anything tell me.  Anything it will not kill  me to part with, must go, so hands off the vinyl, and no i will not get rid of any of my awesome shirts.  I take up too much space with years worth of stuff I never use lying around, and CDs I could care less about at this point, as long as I have the music, the music is key, which is all on my computer and backed up on my external. 🙂

If you’re interested in anything I’ll give you a good price, for I mostly just want to clear space.


I know I just have a lot to say today, but it happens,


Ps:  I haven’t done a shout-out for a while and I think it is strongly deserved for some very special people in my life, who help me remember to hold onto my dreams, and boost my resolve on the paths I feel I must travel in my life.

Maria- The soon-to-be most famous stand-up comic ever.

Justin-One of the greatest actors I have the good fortune to know, regardless of what he says to the contrary, and a good wingman.  If you can see past his sarcasm, he’s quite a gentleman as well.

Eric: Fabulous in all definitions of the word.

Sam “Marshmellow: who is all kinds of awesome.

And lastly, and surely not leastly  Miss Lura-Jane, who truly is a great person to have in one’s life.


Peace and love always to you mentioned here, and to everyone else. And with people like this, how can we not change the world?