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August 29, 2011

It’s really funny that all of these are good songs yet make me think about work.  A few merely remind me by the titles, music is fun like that. Even if a song tells a seemingly unrelated story something connects it to another thing, another story, a higher power, whatever it is, music is a bridge to connect the things that would otherwise remain disconnected.

1.Fight The Power- Public Enemy

2.Recycled Air- Postal Service

3.Under Pressure- David Bowie And Queen

4. Pressure- Paramore

5.Money-Pink Floyd

6.Working Class Hero- John Lennon

7.Know Your Enemy- Rage Against The Machine

8.One Armed Scissor- At The Drive In

9.All Along The Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix

10. War- Mos Def

11.Handlebars- Flobots


I think you get the idea, and if you don’t enjoy the music, for it covers a great variety of styles and genres, and wins with its eclecticism.










My thoughts( lots of madness and badness going on in these parts lately)

August 10, 2011

I would say something like “my condolences to those affected by this tragedy,” but that would seem to devalue my feelings. This effects all of us as part of this community, as co-op shoppers, and non co-op shoppers alike. This climate of hate and fear that the people of Brattleboro and the surrounding towns have found themselves in the midst of for the last few months, perhaps a bit longer, can be lessened. Those lost will not be forgotten, and it would be insulting to their memory if we just sit by and do nothing. Let’s keep the conversation going and keep the love flowing, make sure those near and dear to you know just how important they are every single time you see them. This is needed now more than ever. So do everything you can do to make this community better and safer in the future.


August 6, 2011

So, the internet is a curse to society as much as it is a blessing.  I say that for a number of reasons.  The ease with which we can interact with other people is rather a great idea, but the way in which those interactions are utilized allows people to be more impersonal, growing more and more anti-social.  The alienation and inability to get close to people almost seems to be championed, but why? I don’t care if you have 8 million friends on facebook.  The numbers are meaningless, and further and further devalue our existences.  We were meant to live for so much more than this.  My other really big beef with the internet is being able to get your voice heard, which is why I use the outlets at my disposal with wordpress, tumblr, deviantart, and others.  It’s a great thing but at the same time its a hindrance too.  We only read these things when the mood strikes us as it were, and our posts are no longer timely or relevant, and they wonder why it was so imperative they looked at it when initially asked.  But a,nyways, keep raising your voice and showing the world yourself, regardless of any misgivings, or paranoia the internet may cause you.  Give as much of yourself as you can for the betterment of this place.


Something fun!

August 5, 2011

So I haven’t been around this blog much lately, I’m sorry, but haven’t been in the right mindset to put out the effort, but seeing as I managed to pop out something on my tumblr, I might as well give this blog some love too, it’s only fair. So I have something fun and music related.
Type into your itunes or whatever you have just each letter from your name one at a time. Pick a random song from the list that you are given, and try to connect it to you somehow, besides the fact that it’s in your music, and do that for all letters, but if your name is long just use a shorter nickname or something.

C: The Beatles-Come Together, the first song on my library when I have it alphabetical by album (Abbey Road is first), the most played song in my library, and the song I usually play first while practicing my bass.

R: Adele-Rolling In The Deep, one of my favorite songs from my favorite artists, and from one of the best albums to come out so far this year.  An emotional maelstrom of love and loss and the things in-between.

A: U2-Acrobat, I always found myself identifying with this song, trying to see behind the lies and the illusions in this world we live in, to be able to live in happiness and with a mind more at ease.  Plus, it’s just a great song!

I:Beatles-I Will, It’s short it’s sweet, and it talks about love without all the overblown language and drama that gets in the way.

G: Blink-182- Go, I listened to this cd over and over and over again, for much of High School, so it holds lots of memories, not necessarily with this song in particular, but it reminds me of school trips, and jam sessions, and loitering in parking lots, angst, and everything else, so in a way it smells like my teen spirit.  Sorry I had to go there.

This exercise was much harder than i had anticipated, as the search shows me every single song with that letter in it.  Oh well, this is what I found.