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Dream Country

September 27, 2011

There is a frontier inside our heads, just as big as the one that could potentially be found inside a computer, as evidenced in TRON or The Matrix. And in fact, it may be much bigger. Dreams seem to be explored so much lately within movies and shows, such as FRINGE episode 319, in which Walter and Peter enter Olivia’s mind, with the help of some LSD and other assorted things in order to retrieve her consciousness. They are faced with an entire world within this mind in which to look for her. Just think if we could actually traverse the mind in such a manner, just what other sorts of astounding things will be available for us to explore. In Inception, Christopher Nolan pondered what it would be like to place and idea in someone’s head and convince them that they were the originators or that thought. Inception also presented the idea of how the passage of time differs while in the dream state, and that the deeper into a dream we are, the more distorted time seems to get. A whole lifetime can even be lived in a dream. I propose the idea, that maybe parallel universes, alternate realities, our other lives are lived during the dreaming, while our life is lived by our alternate selves in their dreams. Mind-blowing I know. Also tied into the idea of traversing a dream landscape, maybe we can learn how to travel between places through use of this limitless space inside each of us. After all, there is proof that a shared dream state can exist, so obviously it goes to show, that there is proof of other sorts of dream travel. But maybe I’m just crazy. All the same, as the Cheshire Cat says, “We’re all a little mad here.”



September 19, 2011

Marathoning Fringe episode, coupled with my reading of impossible science books from the library has probably caused this. But all the same, I have had an extreme upsurge in bizarre dreams.  But I wonder this: When we dream about people, are we also in their dreams?  Or are we actually having the same dream?  Is it weird that I am sure I will meet the girl that appeared in my dream the other night?

Ten years later….

September 12, 2011

A lot has happened in ten years.  The day of the attack I was a Freshman in High School and left my Algebra class to go see what all the hubbub was about in the library.  And I watched that footage over and over and over, and nearly had a nervous breakdown that night, it was almost like some people in the news media were revelling in it.  The horror still fresh in our minds, and the sadness for those we lost that day still raw in our hearts, a “war on terror” was so cleverly placed  at this moment that the American people decided to agree without realizing what they were agreeing to.  I’m not sure what tracking down Sadamm Hussein and airing his execution for a television audience had to do with going after those people responsible for 9/11 or how it helped matters.  I don’t know how killing Osama Bin Laden automatically made everything better, as a lot of Americans seemed to think.  And I don’t know why, having “voted for change,” why we have another President Warmonger.  This people did a horrible horrible thing.  That is not to be forgotten or twisted around, but our government justified even more destruction with their own hands in response.  Ten years later, I should feel more at ease about our society, not less.  We must do all we can to spread more love to the world, in order to truly honor those lost on that day in the best way.


September 3, 2011

In my wanderings this week, I have realized that the community in Brattleboro is growing better, joining together the way I always expect them to.  And it’s a good thing, for I thought I was watching my town fall by the wayside, going down, down, down, into a pit of no escaping.  So much support was given to the victims of the Brooks Fire back in April. The community also responded to the recent murders by reaching out a helping hand for all of those directly connected.  People also came to realize that nobody could be left uneffected by that turn of events and in so realizing, knew that we all had to do our part, or that fall I and others were envisioning would come to pass.  And now, we have Irene, Flat street and some parts of West Brattleboro will never be the same again.  And neither will any of this town, or most of the towns and communities outlying.  But Brattleboroians seem good at rolling with the punches, and I must say I am impressed with everyone keeping their cool as well as they are.  They are attacking this clean-up with a vengeance, and besides the fact that Flat Street is closed for the time-being, it’s very difficult to imagine  it having been a lake on Sunday.  Building a better Brattleboro starts with everyone.

Teleportation(some thoughts on)

September 1, 2011

When I was bored and lonely the other night, I was talking to another friend that was feeling the same, and I had said how I wished there was a teleportation device at my disposal so we could not be lonely and bored, so of course, silly awesome person that I am I decided to draw up a design for a hypothetical teleportation device.  This entry isn’t about the device itself but let’s just say if this were real I added a fail-safe in order to keep the wrong person from using it for harmful reasons.  That fail-safe is the very power of the human heart.  There is an element added on to it which allows the device to sense if someone is using it for a pure or a just purpose, such as to go cuddle with an awesome friend, or to go buy yourself a milkshake, or to take a loved one out of a potentially harmful situation.  And it would know somehow if you were more inclined to rob a bank or beat the crap out of someone or blow something up, and would send you in completely the wrong direction.  So that’s the device more or less, but what I wanted to talk about was my second idea for teleportation.

In the TRON movies, we find ourselves exploring the grid, which is a completely digital world inside a computer, inhabited by programs which live and behave much in the same way as humans do in the real world.  There is a way for us to go inside, to get onto the grid, to move around and interact with the programs and other users.  Within this system the world is literally limitless.  But if a user can get onto the grid, a program can just as easily get out into our world, as evidenced in TRON LEGACY.  And of course a user can go back and forth.  Wouldn’t it be cool if something like the grid existed?  But anyways, that’s beside the point.  What I suggest would be this:  Would it not be feasible to use the grid to move from one physical location to another? Or would that involve too many complicated algorithms?  If possible(speaking as if the grid existed), this would potentially be the easiest way to get from one place to another.
Yeah maybe I’m crazy, but how would that not be awesome?