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For the Complete Con Experience

October 27, 2011

I went to AAC(Another Anime Con) a couple weeks ago now, and had a pretty damn good time.  So for every con-goer or prospective con-goer, here are 11 things to make sure and do at a con.

1.Spend lots of money-  What with registration costs, hotel rooms and food, you already have spent a lot before you even get started.  But expect to spend lots of money on stuffs at the dealer’s floor.  Pins, Japanese candy, Ramune soda, assorted plushies, and of course lots of anime and manga, of course you’ll be buying something.

2.Dressing up and being Crazy- Even if you have no cosplay outfit, wear your nerdiest t-shirt. And regardless of what you wear, of course crazyness is always a must.

3.Photo Ops- Person dressed as your favorite character?  See two characters you love that you would never see together outside of a con?  Gold. Pure picture gold.

4.Speak Engrish-  It will happen whether or not you mean to.

5.Eat POCKY!

6.You can be both nerdy, and socially accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7.Be yourself- Just like the last, I guess.

8.Freak Out hotel staff.

9.Dance the night away-  I don’t know if all cons have dances or not, but if the one you go to does, there is no choice, you must go dance!!!!!

10.Meet New People- Maybe you started an amazing convo with your fave character, or danced with a cute girl at the dance, or tried to catch everyone in a poke ball.  Either way, you’ll meet people.

11. “Can I have yo numba?”  – Chances are if you made a connection with anyone new during your stay, they are probably worth knowing in real life.  So if at all possible exchange your info.  You’ll be glad that you did!!

Stay tuned for more nerdiness as well as wind-warping philosiphizing as you’ve come to expect.

Craig 🙂

The 99 percent

October 13, 2011

This is the revolution. No guns, no bombs, no hostile mobs. No executions or beheadings just of the system which we are re-writing, regretting being enslaved by, born blind in the third eye, raising our fists to the sky. We shall overcome, refusing to run, we shall overcome, not just someday, or a random sunday, but today and everyday. We the 99%, we the proletariat, have ceased to be satisfied, let’s keep this conversation going, and evolve with pride.