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A great winter playlist

December 26, 2011

1. Breathe Me – Sia

2.Rush of Blood To The Head- Coldplay

3. All I Need- Radiohead

4.Play Dead- Bjork

5. Only If For A Night- Florence and The Machine

6. Love Like  A Sunset Part II- Phoenix

7. Army Of Me- Bjork

8.Graveyard- Feist

9. Asleep- Emily Browning

10. Give Up The Ghost- Radiohead

11. A Commotion- Feist

12. Marching Bands of Manhattan- Death Cab For Cutie


Enjoy! 🙂

Happy Holidays

December 26, 2011

I wished a customer at work to have a happy holiday yesterday, and he just looked at me and said, “I’ll have a Merry Christmas thanks!”  And I was like, “well, I don’t always know who I should say it to, so Merry Christmas sir.” But it didn’t end there, and that’s what inspires me to write this particular entry.  He says, “This is a Christian country.  I don’t care what Obama says about it!”  First point of contention is in the offense taken at my wishing of a happy holiday, I wasn’t using it to replace Christmas the way others do, and anyone who knows me would know I was referencing Christmas as the holiday in question.  But I often use holiday in the loose all encompassing sense as well.  I love holidays, especially one’s I view as an outsider.  Learning is great at any age, and every new or unknown experience just makes life better.  Okay, on to my second point,  this country has heavy populations of Christians but the nation is not itself held under one religious stance.  So even if it were a Christian country, the sheer number of sects would not make it a country of one faith.  There is seperation of church and state, and freedom of religion.  And the most basic Christian tenets, if followed correctly express that people can be free to follow whatever they choose, with this thing that the bible even mentions, it’s called free will. Also, Christmas in this country is a very secular holiday, and many who celebrate, do not do so for religious purposes, nor do some even know the story of the nativity that dictates the religious celebration of it.  A lot of secular things surrounding a United Statesian Christmas are actually antithetical to anyone’s disillusion that this is a Christian country.  Think about it.  Fueling the big business monster is not in the Christmas spirit.  And lastly, I am having a hard time fathoming where Obama fits into that man’s reasoning. It’s strange.

Anyways, hope everyone had or is still having great holidays with an overabundance of love and happiness!


I know it’s a bit early but here’s the new countdown!

December 16, 2011

I only call it a countdown because it’s a numbered list, but it’s in no particular order, and mainly exists as my way of sharing good music with the masses.

1.Crazy Love= Gregory Douglass   I saw him play at my school a number of years back, and absolutely adore this song.

2.What The Water Gave Me= Florence and The Machine

3.Never Let Me Go= Florence and The Machine

4. Fort Hood= Mike Doughty  The opening track off his album, Golden Delicious!

5.Isabella= Dia Frampton  Just found her album on Spotify. It’s pretty interesting!

6.Carroll Street Station= Kaiser Cartel  Saw these guys at The Starving Artist a couple years ago now, and drank beer with them.  They’re pretty amazing, and I hope to met them again someday.

7. Quiet Little Voices= We Were Promised Jetpacks

8. Forces of Victory= Gogol Bordello  This song always helps keep me inspired.

9. Rumor Has It= Adele

10. The Bad In Each Other= Feist

11. All This and Heaven Too= Florence and The Machine

12. Home= Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros I almost forgot that this song existed but am glad it does.  It makes me smile and always reminds me why I’m glad  to have been an Indie kid.  “Home is whenever I’m with you.”  It’s such a simple sentiment, yet it’s perfect.  Who doesn’t want something like that?

Well, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy making it.  Cheers and may you have a glorious Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or whatever the hell you celebrate. 🙂  -Craig


Christmas Countdowns!!

December 16, 2011

1. Little Drummer Boy/ Peace on Earth= Bing Crosby and David Bowie   This is one of my all time favorite holiday tunes, featuring two amazing voices!

2. Rudolph= Gene Autry

3. Christmas At Sea= Sting

4. Soul Cake= Sting

5. Snow Miser/Heat Miser

6.Merry Christmas Baby= Bruce Springsteen

7. Carol Of The Bells= Trans-Siberian Orchestra   So so Epic!

8. Linus and Lucy= Vince Guaraldi  I know it’s not really a Christmas tune, but the fact that it is featured in A Charlie Brown Christmas is enough for me.  And it dredges up so many good memories of the Peanuts gang.

9.The Chipmunk Song

10. Oh Holy Night!= Josh Groban’s version  😀

11. The Most Wonderful Time of The Year= Gonzo and Rizzo

12. Sleigh Ride= Los Straitjackets


This is merely a sampling of some great holiday tunes and is by no means a list of the only good tunes out there.  And to be fair, it isn’t necessarily a list of my absolute favorites.  But it is a fun playlist nonetheless.  Merry Merry!! 😀


The bad guy in the new Zelda game looks like Lady Gaga!

December 15, 2011

some of my favorite things about Christmastime!

December 15, 2011

1. Pretty Lights

2.Cocoa and stuff

3.Making Cookies

4. Old fat dudes bringing presents down chimneys

5.Snow forts

6.The smell of Winter- It can’t really be explained but it’s there.

7.Giving gifts to people

8.The Muppet Christmas Carol

9.Remembering what Christmas is all about

10.Having Christmas off




December 15, 2011

I got into wondering as I ate my subway sandwich last night, why the sandwiches are called subs.  The last thing on my mind as I am eating a sub is a submarine.  Although the first thing on my mind, were I on a submarine would probably be a sandwich.  I’m quite certain I would be a nervous mess, if I found myself on a submarine, and what better way to ease my anxiety, than by eating a delicious sandwich?  None!  I got to musing on the hilarious scenario of the submarine being named after a sandwich, and not the other way around.  But that doesn’t work either, unless the first sandwich was eaten underwater.  Chances also are that the earliest sandwich breads more closely resembled the oblong loaves on which we eat subs, as opposed to the square bread we all know and love.  But I leave you with this thought:  Wouldn’t it be awesome to find out that a long ago submariner with an epic moustache invented the sandwich?  I will hold the memory of Captain James H. Sandwich close to my heart, as long as I am alive to eat sandwiches.


December 13, 2011

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since my grandfather died. He was one of the biggest inspirations on my life, and I have a lot to thank him for. Although we seemed very different, I could talk to him better than I could talk to anyone else. We both loved stories, questions, and nature. Seeing the world as limited to only the limitless nature of my mind, is much in part influenced by him. Give out love and respect even when you don’t expect it back. Without him, I wouldn’t take any stock in religion or spirituality, and I will never have a reason not to be thankful for that. And I think whether or not he believed in my lifestyle choices or what have you, I know that he would have been proud of me, and in his memory, I know I can stay faithful to the idea that I can do just about anything as long as I apply myself to it. Craig

Birthday Musings

December 10, 2011

25!  Oh what a year, a silver anniversary.  A time to laugh, a time to cheer. Not quite young, but still not very old.  A time to end, but a time to start. Punch that clock and take life by the  hand, it’s time to love yourself again. Today is the harvest of dreams.  A bounty of time laid out on the table before you, don’t waste it and risk being deemed a fool, bring your heart back to school.  All the doors are open, and the windows too. No results are found in moping, just get out there and start doing!!!

Return of Countdowniness!!!

December 10, 2011

Two years since I started this blog, and I realize just how much I have neglected it this year.  It’s been a weird year, and not in the way I am used to, what with car crashes and weird relationships and whatever else happens.  But back to the good weirdness, and more of it.   The return to the countdown, will begin with the most lovely sort of weirdness that only Muppets can bring.  Go see the new movie it’s great!

1.The Rainbow Connection=Weezer featuring Hayley Williams (originally by Kermit the Frog)      Can’t find a link for the cover, so feel free to look it up on spotify or whatever you use. It’s great. So here’s the original for your pleasure:

2.Man Or Muppet= Gary and Walter (from the new movie, The Muppets)  This song was also written by Mr. Bret Mckenzie from Flight of The Conchords!

3.What The Water Gave Me= Florence and The Machine    As should be expected of Florence Welch and her amazing machine, is another lushly layered ethereal journey into a musical landscape that is nearly unrivaled.  Amazing!!! Check out her new disc, Ceremonials, when you get the chance!

4.27 Jennifers= Mike Doughty  One of my favorite songs by him, it’s catchy, has great lyrics, and is song by Mike Doughty, and that in itself is enough for me.  I kind of want to write a story based on it.

5.Sunburn=Muse  Haven’t listened in a while, but it was the first song that came up on my ipod during my walk today.  And it’s also the first track off the first album by one of my favorite bands!

6.Animal= Ellie Goulding   Such an amazing woman, I hope her career takes her to great heights!

7. Raise Your Weapon= Deadmau5

8. Britney Spears=Toxic  Just because.

9. Only If For A Night=Florence and the Machine   Another track from Ceremonials, I just can’t get enough of this album! 🙂

10. Use Me= Bill Withers  I heard a band cover this one tonight at Fritz’s in Keene, and remembered how much I love it, so here it is on my new countdown!

11.Watching The Wheels= John Lennon   In honor of Thursday being the 31st anniversary of his death, and ironically enough my 25th anniversary of life, I just had to give John a place on my countdown.

12. The Doors= People are Strange  My birthday is also Jim Morrison’s birthday, so I felt the need to put this here for that reason!

Enjoy! 🙂  As we head into 2012 my new countdown will always feature at least 12 songs from now on!