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Cover Chaos!

March 29, 2012

My latest playlist has been floating around for almost a week now, and here it finally is for everyone’s enjoyment!


1.Sweet Dreams(Are Made of This- Marilyn Manson (The Eurythmics)

2. Imagine- A Perfect Circle(John Lennon)

3. All Along The Watchtower-Jimi Hendrix (Bob Dylan)

4.Setting Sun-Chemical Brothers (not really a cover, but a spiritual successor to Tomorrow Never Knows, by The Beatles)

5. Immigrant Song- Trent Reznor and Karen O. (Led Zeppelin)

6. Cactus- David Bowie (Pixies)

7. All Is Full of Love- Death Cab For Cutie (Bjork)

8. Street Spirit(Fade Out)- Peter Gabriel (Radiohead)

9. Sweet Dreams- Emily Browning(Eurythmics)

10. How Soon is Now?- t.a.t.u (The Smiths)

11. White Rabbit- Emiliana Torrini(Jefferson Airplane)

12. When The Levee Breaks- A Perfect Circle (The Zeppelin version is also a cover :p)

13. Asleep- Emily Browning(The Smiths)


So much beauty in the eclectic, and the realization that cover songs can actually be amazing! 🙂



I wasn’t gonna do this, but…

March 29, 2012

I wanted to post a playlist of 17 songs that were by Irish bands for St. Patty’s but that never happened so I forgot about. But, Glen Hansard’s song on the Hunger Games soundtrack was so good, I felt it necessary to devote myself to making this list, late though it is.

1.Take The Heartland- Glen Hansard    This man makes me think of all that is beautiful about Ireland.  Such a voice as his reflects much on the region from whence it came.

2.Float- Flogging Molly

3.Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2  This song always gets my very Irish blood pumping, and tears my heart strings, and makes me remember that no matter how many forgettable things this band has done lately, there is a reason they are one of my favorites still.

4.Irish Blood, English Heart- Morrissey  Something to be said about the power behind this song.  Moz forever!

5.Run- Snow Patrol I know Belfast is in Northern Ireland, but I love these guys, and Ireland needs to be united again.

6. The Lightning Storm- Flogging Molly

7. Helter Skelter(Beatles cover)-U2

8. Fisherman’s Blues- The Waterboys

9. Dream Awake- The Frames

10.  Linger-The Cranberries “You know I’m such a fool for you…”

11. Only Time- Enya

12.Called Out In The Dark- Snow Patrol

13.Seconds- U2

14.Zombie- Cranberries

15. Set the Fire to the Third Bar- Snow Patrol

16. Trying to Pull Myself Away- Glen Hansard

17.Leave- Glen Hansard


Hungry Game…

March 29, 2012

Okay, so here’s the thing:  This Craig saw The Hunger Games over the weekend, finding it to be awesomely true to the book, and in its deviations from the original source, there was little disappointment, since it made more sense in the new medium to occur differently, much like in the final Harry Potter films.  The characters look similar to how I imagined, and Jennifer Lawrence is perfect to play Katniss, being a striking beauty with a strength and a toughness that contradict each other just as readily as they enhance her character.  I must say I’ve been fanboying on her since the other day.  But aside from that, the soundtrack is amazing, and made even more powerful by the fact that most tracks featured therein are influenced by the region that District 12 takes place, known to us as Appalachia.  Now here’s where it gets a bit more serious.  Appalachia is a region that is choking, not just in a literal sense, due to poisonous fumes released by the coal plants, but choking in the stranglehold of the businesses who literally are the government there.  This is already much like the future Suzanne Collins has given us, where each district is powered by a certain industry, where no one within the districts actually benefits from the work they do.  So even though only two tributes are donated as it were, from each district to participate in the games, everyone is dying because of what their capitol does.  So start to pay more attention, and see who is truly benefiting, where the wealth is being distributed, and keep your mind and your eyes, and your ears open.  For this future is not so impossible as it seems, and in a lot of ways is already happening.  We consume way too much, and need to understand a bit better what it’s like to have less, and need to re-think the things that may be considered victimless crimes, and find yourself more aware of the crimes against humanity that are committed under the guise of legality.  You may be terrified, but you will also be relieved to see things as they are, and become a greater force of change.  And listen to the Hunger Games soundtrack and read the books, and see the film.  I reccomend them all highly. Obviously!

make A name For yourself

March 22, 2012

A few ideas in that regard.  We all have the capacity, the ability to affect great change, or just to do amazing things, go great places, meet glorious people.  So here:

1.Need friends? Go to all of the places, and do all the things that you love and make you happy.  The things that make you who you are.  Chances are, someone may notice and strike up a conversation.

2. Say you want to show off your talents at some sort of event: Concert, Open Mic, Poetry Slam, etc.  If you can’t find it, or a venue that hosts such things? Make one, even if it’s at your house. Put out a sign, post on twitter, facebook, etc. See what happens.

3. Biding your time with a crap job, living in an area that doesn’t instill passion in you? Go while you still want to, while you know you can, while you’re young.  It’s your life!

4. Don’t have the money? Build up the ultimate couch surfing network. This is done by talking to just about everyone you meet.

5.Always laugh, always smile. Your oppressors won’t know how to react.

6. Advertise, use social networks for what they are meant for, poster campaigns, etc.

Electronic Love

March 22, 2012

Here is my new playlist, long delayed I know, but here it is!


1.Helena Beat- Foster The People

2. Mondegreen- Yeasayer

3.Warrant- Foster The People

4. Sleepyhead- Passion Pit

5. Madder Red- Yeasayer

6. Electric Feel-MGMT

7.Lover of Mine-Beach House

8. Hold Music- Architecture in Helsinki

9. Genius of Love- Tom Tom Club

10. Blind- Hercules and Love Affair

11. Girlfriend is Better- Talking Heads

12. Don’t Stop(Color on The Walls)- Foster The People

I know what I said…

March 21, 2012

About that playlist. Sorry, I was either working or enjoying the beautiful weather.  So before the playlists, Let me tell you what I like about Spring the most.  20 things!

1. More sun

2. Reading books outside.

3. More eating of ice cream

4. More adventures

5. Stargazing

6. Solarfest!!!  Love all those hippies and such, dancing their asses off!

7. Being out in the woods


9. Green things return

10.The grill is finally open

11. I feel more creative and spontaneous in the warmer weather

12. The way it smells before the rain.

13.In any other season I’d say beer, but I don’t think I like any Spring Brews.

14. Being outside on my breaks at work.

15. Staying out late and not freezing my ass off.

16. Driving with the windows down.

17. More people to meet.

18. More concerts.

19. Flowers

20. Smiling


So much waste, in this place

March 13, 2012
  • I know how many of my past blogs have been a bit ranty, and for those that know or  me in general, so have my facebook posts and whatever else I do on the internet or elsewhere, like poems I write and such.  You may know how many of my rants are about the end of the world, perpetuated by our wasteful, pigheaded, self-absorbed, ignorant society, by our American dream which is actually a nightmare.  I have seen the end of all things, as evidenced very succinctly in the movie Wall-E, funny since it’s a very obvious jab at good old Wally World, or Walmart, the place of my employment, or is it incarceration?  I can say I know not which it is at times.    And against waste culture, I’ve raved for the increase of green power, or discussed why Vermont Yankee needs to shut down, or how we can do our part to have a more sustainable life style. Blah blah blah.  Okay,  so the thing that’s really getting to me now is plastic.  We are making our bottles, containers, that sort of shiz, using less plastic.  We are making reusable bags out of recycled bottles.  And all that is good, but then we find ourselves back at the place I work.  They are using less plastic to make our bags.  So, it’s the same green  principle behind the new bottles and packages and such-like, but here’s the thing.  The damn bags break much more frequently, therefore causing more to be made, and the entire principle is null and void, and instead of saving resources, it uses more, much much more.  To prove this fact I took the liberty of counting every single back I ripped at my register today! 106! 106 bags?  Think about how many boxes of cereal, cans of soup, movies, video games, bananas, macaroni and cheese boxes, would fit in that many bags, and then think about how many orders, how many customers, I would have to go through to fill that many bags. The numbers are staggering.    Heckhound: 1 Walmart: 0        So I will continue to pay attention to such things and report back to you.  Coming up next. your new playlist! 🙂 Cheers.

My 12 most listened to albums from February.

March 3, 2012

1.Neil Young- Neil Young(1968)  His first solo album, and I would be willing to argue one of his best.  You can see Neil taking chances and experimenting with quite a few different styles on this album.  This was only the start of a number of great things to come from him post Buffalo Springfield.

2.Morrissey- Years of Refusal  His most recent album is already a few years old, but I only recently acquired a copy of it.  The same sort of depressing subject matter as would be expected from a Morrissey album.  I would say the instrumentation, is more on the conventional side in this particular album, but the songs are just as solid, and possibly more memorable than one would initially expect.

3.Snow Patrol- Fallen Empires  One of the first big albums of 2012 that I have gotten my hands on.  It’s equal parts experimental rock and radio friendly pop, as I have come to expect from them.  They seem to be branching out in all directions at once, and it’s impressive to say the least.

4. Lana Del Rey- Born To Die  One of the first albums I picked up this year, and also one of the most surprising. What genre does this belong to?

5.Adele- 21  I’ve exhausted what I have to say about Adele, but I’m beyond glad to know that she is a winner!!!

6.Florence And The Machine- Ceremonials   I lack words to describe how this album makes me feel. Just listen listen listen!

7.Yaz- Upstair’s At Eric’s  One of the most overlooked 80’s bands. These two person outfit, although short lived, stuck around long enough to share this great album with the world.  It is also my most recent vinyl acquisition.

8.Gotye- Making Mirrors  Upon my first listen, I thought of everyone I thought he sounded like, and could ultimately arrive at only one conclusion that satisfied my wondering.  He sounds like himself.

9.Gogol Bordello- Trans-Continental Hustle  One of the most bizarre as well as most cool bands out there.  Gypsy Punks forever!

10. Sigur Ros- Hvarf-Heim  The album which serves as the companion to their glorious concert film Heima, it is a showcase of some of their best work. Good for driving to work, rainy days, naps, and writing sessions, as well as attempted sing alongs.

11. Catherine Wheel- Like Cats and Dogs  As I said before, one of the more overlooked good bands of the 90’s.  I saw singer Rob Dickinson live once before, and it was beyond amazing.  It was the same place where I saw Mike Doughty and Cracker.  Great sets all.

12. Death Cab For Cutie- Transatlanticism  It’s hard to believe this album is nearly a decade old at this point. It still stands up as one of my favorite Death Cab albums, but let’s face it: They’re all my favorite.  Though I think looking back at this album, this is the one that established them staying power in our hearts and on our stereos.



March 1, 2012

This playlist has been ready for about a week, sorry about the hold up.  But here it is:


1. Car- Catherine Wheel  The brilliant blend of quiet yet intense, as exemplified in much 90’s rock.  Rob Dickinson has a lovely voice too.

2. Paradise- Coldplay  I feel bad saying it, but one of the only truly memorable tracks from an otherwise forgettable album.  I do love “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” as well.

3. You Are A Tourist- Death Cab For Cutie

4. A Commotion- Feist The Layers!!!

5. Guns And Horses- Ellie Goulding

6. Called Out In The Dark- Snow Patrol  New favorite!

7. Somebody that I Used To Know- Gotye (featuring Kimbra)  Great video, great voice.  Listen to his album Making Mirrors.

8. Ambling Alp- Yeasayer

9. Gimme Sympathy- Metric My favorite song by them, as I may have said at some point in the past.

10. Whatever(I Had A Dream)- Butthole Surfers  If the list wasn’t already eclectic, I think this pushed it there.

11. Turning Tables- Adele  Adele can do no wrong, at least musically. 🙂

12. Satan Rejected My Soul- Morrissey  Not his best song, but it always makes me laugh. And it’s quite catchy.

13. The Old Laughing Lady- Neil Young From his first solo album.

14. Let’s Stay Together- Al Green  Classic!

15. 15 Step- Radiohead  Who wants to see them on their tour this year?

Leap Days

March 1, 2012

are such strange things. A day that occurs once every four years. I could imagine anyone who is born on February 29th, biding their time between their birthday parties, so they can make them bigger and better than any party thrown by someone with a normal(esque) birthday. If I had a birthday once every four years, know that I would make sure the parties were always remembered. And in a style borrowed from the hobbits, I would buy everyone else gifts for coming to my shindig.