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Days 3 and 4 of the experiment….

April 27, 2012

It has proven harder than I thought to just go straight through my Itunes library in order.  One, I spend most of my music listening time in my car, or other places away from my computer.  Two, been trying to figure out songs for potential TV auditions.  Yes, I would love to be on one of those shows.  I know a lot of my friends or people I know feel above that.  But, if you want something bad enough, this is the best way to work for it. Especially with the way this world seems not to cater to singer,musicians, artists, and our ilk.  The last two days have truly proven how eclectic my music library is.  Here we go folks….

The Last Shadow Puppets- The Age of the Understatement    The Last Shadow Puppets is the side project of the frontman of Arctic Monkeys.  And as cool as it sounds, it’s pretty passable and not all that memorable. At least not to me.   Age of The Understatement:

Al Green’s Greatest Hits     Al Green is one of my favorite soul artists, if for no other reason than this song:   Let’s Stay Together-

David Bowie- Aladdin Sane     I absolutely love Bowie, and find all of his albums amazing for different reasons. The exception maybe being his first album, which is horrendously bad.  Let’s talk more on that once we actually get to that point in the list.  This album was a good example of Bowie at the top of his game.  But let’s face it, he’s yet to be not on the top of his game.  Panic In Detroit:      Watch That Man:                                                                                                         Lady Grinning Soul:

Tom Waits- Alice   To be honest, this was the first time I had really actually listened to this album.  What to say about it?  It’s a Tom Waits album, so from what I understand of this snazzily dressed, cookiemonsterish- voiced, old fellow, is that either you like him or you don’t.   Generally I like it, seeing as I have a penchant for the unusual.  And his voice is actually pretty freaking cool.  He’s equal parts, poet, demon, singer, and actor.  What’s not to love?   Alice:

Train- Alive At Last     Train’s only live release, and a great testament to their great power during the live shows.  I have been to one, and listening to live recordings of them hardly does justice for their live performance.  You can’t see just how Pat Monahan and co. truly own the stage, until you see it with your eyes.    Free:

Paramore- All We Know is Falling    The debut album from the pop/punk  Teen Queen, Haley Williams and her band is their best work so far as I can tell.  Not that I am much familiar with much of their songs that aren’t played on the radio.  If you couldn’t tell, it’s the only album by them I own, or ever have owned.  I also never thought all of these diverse groups would end up on a list together, but I can say I am intrigued by that fact.  My favorite song of theirs, ever! : Emergency-

Lily Allen- Alright Still!  Her tongue in cheek debut dredges up many memories, particularly memories of a lot of college firsts for me.  Oh Freshman year, how long ago you seem now and in fact are.  Holy time Batman!  Really? That Long? 7 years has gone by.  No wonder I feel old.



Maybe next time I can actually get past the A’s? We’ll see.  Until then, keep it real.  Expect other posts on new friends, time travel parties, and fight choreography, among other things, maybe some Fringe reactions, we’ll see!

The first 48…

April 24, 2012

After two days of listening to my Itunes straight through,( and a whole bunch of other stuff, which this post isn’t about) I have heard a bunch of great, and rather diverse albums and wonder why I don’t listen to some of them more often.  Here they are:

Abbey Road- The Beatles   If not my favorite Beatles album, it is right up there with them. All of them.  It was the last album by them to really seem complete.  I do like Let It Be, but you can tell how the band is falling apart in the way it is put together.  I don’t know if I can explain it better than that.  But at least a few of the tracks feel like bits and pieces.  With Abbey Road, they perfected the idea of songs that begin with the endings of the previous track, bringing music to the otherworldly level that not enough people seem able to do.   Favorite song: I Want You, She’s So Heavy

Abraxas- Santana   Their second album and one of their best.    Listen to: Black Magic Woman

Absolution: Muse-  Their third album, and the first I ever began to hear. I had always seen them as something like Radiohead had they taken more of a harder rock approach to their music.  Post-apocalyptic themes, combined with soaring vocals, and tight instrumentation, Muse will always be one of my favorite bands.     Time Is Running Out

Stockholm Syndrome

Accelerate: R.E.M-  By no means my favorite album by them, Accelerate is their penultimate album, and the album I saw them on tour in support of.  And considering that was their final tour as a band, this album will hold a special place with me for that reason.  My favorite song on it is most likely Supernatural Superserious

Achtung Baby- U2  Their first real foray into more electronic territory, and their only really great album from the 90’s.  I don’t know what to really say except that none of their most recent offerings have been anywhere near as tight as this.    Until The End of the World


Acid Tongue: Jenny Lewis- The Rilo Kiley frontwoman’s second solo album features a few really great collaborations, and though I find it a bit less memorable than the work done with her band, I think it is just as strong, and really shows how capable she is as a solo artist, and just how much she may still be able to do in her career.  Keep it up Jenny!    The Next Messiah

Adam & Eve: Catherine Wheel- One of the best bands of 90’s britpop, if lesser known.  I just can’t get over how pretty the vocals are.      Future Boy  The singer Rob Dickinson, is the second artist on this list so far that I have had the good fortune to see live!

AEnima: Tool-  A band that I have tended to find a bit too complex for my taste much of the time, I would say they are one of my favorites. Though out of Maynard’s bands I am a bigger fan of A Perfect Circle.  No offense.  I think anything he makes is great.

After The Gold Rush: Neil Young   The third person on this list I have seen live!  One of my favorite classic Neil Young albums.  It’s a great slice of Americana from a great Canadian guitar man.  Southern Man

Agaetis Byrjun- Sigur Ros=  A band I can hope to maybe see live this summer, (fingers crossed)  they make such amazing, angelic soundscapes, mostly in a language that doesn’t have words, and sometimes in Icelandic.  Ethereal sounds come from conventional instruments played in unconventional ways.  One of my favorite albums by them because my favorite song by them is on it!  Flugufrelsarrin

I like the idea of this feature, and look forward to sharing the next few days with you.  Be excited!!!

Weekend fu

April 24, 2012

So I know I’ve been a bit erratic with my post lately, and I’m sorry if you miss the countdown, or the fun playlists or whatever, but more such things will come very soon.  For some reason I have decided to try listening straight through my itunes library. How many days does it take to listen to 22 days of music?  We shall find out.  Updates on that to come.

Saturday was a great day for music fans everywhere in the country.  That special day known as Record Store Day, where we are reminded to give our business to our neighborhood record stores, and buy a bunch of good music.  Also part of that is a bunch of beautiful limited edition vinyl,  in all sorts of colors and shapes, picture discs, singles, albums that have long been missing, new bands, old bands, anything really.  Record Store day is surely a thing to behold.  I bought myself the limited pressing of Sigur Ros’ terrific double album, Hvarf/Heim.  It’s an amazing album as it is, but on vinyl it sounds that much more heavenly, that much more perfect.  The raw emotion coming from this music is just so goosebumpy good.  And the discs are green.  The most expensive vinyl I’ve ever bought, and the coolest.

Sunday, I had the opportunity to see All-American Rejects live!   I have always had a soft spot for them, having first heard them in my formative years when I was a wee little freshie in High School.  I stopped paying as much attention to them after that first album all those years ago, which is strange considering in hindsight, every album since has been even better.  The first album just doesn’t stand the test of time so much, and I was surprised to even hear a song from it during their set.  I had equal feelings of nostalgia, awe at how tight the performance was, and hilarity at the way Tyson Ritter behaves while talking to the concert-goers.  I lost count of how many times I got called a little shit during the set, but I could have cared less.  It was that good.  The set exploded with “Dirty Little Secret.” Followed by the new smash, “Beekeeper’s Daughter.”  Other songs needing to be mentioned, “I Wanna,” from the third album, When The World Comes Down so much stronger, so much better, so much more emotional than the studio version, an amped up performance of the first song off the first album, “Paper Heart.”  Of course there were the anthems, “Gives You Hell,” “It Ends Tonight, ” And “Move Along.” The latter involved the band starting to play and then faking out the audience who was ready to sing along, about a dozen times before they actually started it, it made the energy in the crowd that much more amazing.  I forgot how great these guys are, and after seeing them live, they are even better than I ever remember them being.  That t-shirt was well worth the 30 bucks I spent, considering how amazing the show was.  Other notable moments involve scrabbling around trying to catch thrown items at the end, and getting bopped on the head by a sign the super cute merch girl was holding.  Oh the thrills of being at live shows, I don’t go to enough lately.   But hopefully that will change soon.  🙂


Craig’s week in music!

April 18, 2012

My picks for the best music this week are:

1.Train- California 37  It only just came out yesterday, and I have yet to give it a listen, but the lead single from this new album is quite indicative that it will be just as good as any of their other albums.  Maybe I can see them live again some day.  Be sure to check out: Drive By

2.Florence and The Machine- MTV Unplugged   I don’t get MTV anymore, so was shocked to not only know they were still doing music programming, but that they were doing a new unplugged special with Florence and the Machine no less. Florence never ceases to amaze me, and with good reason, is there anything she can do that doesn’t sound just amazing?  I was quite impressed by her cover of Jackson, as made famous by Johnny Cash and June Carter, featuring Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, and Them Crooked Vultures.  Nice work Josh, and keep it up Florence.    Jackson:

Drumming Song:

3.Simon and Garfunkel- Wednesday Morning, 3 AM    Their first album, from 1964 showed great promise, mixing the old folk traditions quite flawlessly with the new folk traditions.  A great slice of Americana from one of the greatest folk duos of all time.    The Sounds of Silence:

4. Patti Smith Group- Wave  Patti Smith, is and always has been, equal parts punk, poetess, folk singer, revolutionary.  As an artist very few can do as much as her, and this album has aged so well since the 70’s.  It feels just as fresh, new and inventive, from when it first appeared, maybe even more so. Artists these days have a lot to learn from so many of these revolutionary artists , and wish more could follow the trend and just do anything and everything, and forget what the public may say about it.  It’s your art, so make it your art.    So You Want to Be A Rock and Roll Star:  Revenge:


That’s it for now. I guess. Later folks!

My new favorite

April 18, 2012

Movie is Wes Andersen’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, if for no other reason, other than the fact that it is a Wes Andersen film, the soundtrack of Portugese Bowie covers by Seu Jorge.  Oh, that, and Bill Murray!

Making new friends…

April 18, 2012

With my messed up work schedule, it is often hard for me to balance my social life as of late. And as someone who actually likes doing things, decides to actually live, and do and make, and play:  That is not a good thing.  So many social interactions can occur here, but being in front of a computer screen for hours on end is not my idea of a good time, unless I am imparting words of wisdom, and spreading love to the masses or hashing out some poetic device or other, the click-clack-clack of the keys under my fingers, a background music that never gets old.  Ideas colliding in my brain set the rhythm of the song of story from my fingers. It can be sudden, out of nowhere, purely spontaneous. It can be slow, steady, well-ordered, or it can be all over the place, fast drumming tom beats of verse.  Whatever form it takes, that is when I feel most alive in front of this computer screen.  The internet is all well and good, but I find so much of my time spent on here is empty, emotionless, not worthy of a second thought.  But this post college, “real-world” bull is harder than it seems.  It’s been two years and I still wonder, how do I approach this person or that, ask them to get a drink, if they wanna philosophize deep thoughts over coffee, or just if they want to just wander around town sometime?  Outside of a college setting, it’s so daunting, without places that are equally familiar, like the dining commons, gym, library or student center, there is an art to social interactions that we needed a bit less at school, where any given day we may eat lunch with a new person, get in animated discussion with any random person in your class who most likely has similar interests, or find people that have schedules that are at least somewhat similar to your own.  There are plenty of people I like at work, more than I ever expected, if I could be perfectly honest, all different ages, backgrounds, interests, people that are more than just the carbon copy,  lonely masses that often seem to be associated with places like this.  And that gives me hope for the future, but there are also too many people who have resigned themselves to being stuck here.  And if fate is a matter of free will, they shouldn’t be exercising their free will to stay here if they really can’t take it .  The job market still blows, or a lot of us wouldn’t be here, but never let your job become the only thing keeping your life going, or you really won’t have a life.  I love a lot of people here, but as far as hanging out, I know I just don’t connect with a lot of them, and am trying day by day to make more lasting connections.  Oddly enough this has been occuring at work. Customers about my age are connecting with me maybe about every other day, and the connection comes through a disillusionment about the way the world should be, a desire to always hold onto dreams and strive forward, college grads that are disenfranchised, people that understand just how problematic my lot seems to be at times.  And with my networking skills finally branching out a bit better into the real world, I am sure that this world is surely changing for the better.

The War on Drugs

April 11, 2012

is a really cool band, thank you Theresa for urging me to listen.  I haven’t listened enough to suggest a particular song, so just look ’em up guys! You know I don’t pass musical approval lightly.

A moment of silence for my sanity…

April 11, 2012

Oh wait, Sanity what’s that?  A moment of silence as I realize there is just so much going on inside my head that

nothing that I could put into words would make an awful lot of sense. Everything remains currently in abstraction

tonight, maybe It’s because of how off my sleeping patterns are right now. Who knows?

The moment of silence is to honor the realization that words can’t always express how we are feeling.


April 6, 2012

I went to the gamestop to get my game I pre-ordered because it came out today.  It didn’t. It doesn’t come out until tomorrow!! *facepalm*

Then I went to do some trade-ins at the record store and got some kickass and diverse purchases: Led Zeppelin II and Ingrid Michaelson’s Boys and Girls.  🙂


Good day overall.

My bizarre car music for the week.

April 6, 2012

Bizarre seeming mixture anyway, but all awesome music I promise.  Or maybe not. You decide.

David Bowie- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars     Not only is this album amazing, but this year it turns 40, and it has aged just as well as the man himself.  Who else can write such amazing songs about nothing in particular, and have equally emotional serious tracks as well? No one I say.

Britney Spears- Femme Fatale  If nothing else this is truly one of the best guilty pleasure albums in recent time.  And I like it well enough to own it so I don’t know how guilty that makes me.  I also love the looks I get when Colin and I drive through Bratt blasting it nearly as loud as we can.

The Black Keys- Brothers  It’s no wonder this album won a grammy last year, but just can’t believe how long it took these guys to become popular in the mainstream.  And I can’t stop listening to this album.  El Camino may be an amazing album, but this one which precedes it is absolutely Amazing!

The Hunger Games Soundtrack      I can’t express how great this is.  Thank you to this album for allowing me to finally appreciate Taylor Swift, and discover how wonderful The Civil Wars are, and need it be said how awesome this is? New songs by Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Low Anthem, Glen Hansard and Birdy, among others, and Adam Levine’s first folky song.

The All-American Rejects- Kids in the Street    Brand new album from the pop punkers, still going strong after over ten years, while most of the bands in this genre have a turnover of a few years.  Going to see them at the end of the month, so of course it’s in heavy rotation.

The Arcade Fire- The Suburbs   I will always remember the time this won Album of the Year at last year’s Grammys much to the awe of everyone watching, fans and naysayers alike.  Hail the Indie future!