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May 31, 2012

I have also found myself using dateing sites. I still don’t know how I feel about that, but it’s worth a shot I guess.  It’s not like I can’t meet people in real life. But where are they? I know I’ve met some super interesting and lovely people while at work, but I can’t score digits on the clock. Alas.  But either way, I’ve been griping about making life more exciting. A step in the right direction? I’m thinking so.  And yet one more way to network and create new intersections of awesome. Regardless of what I have to gain or not, I know I have nothing to lose. Right?

I want to…

May 31, 2012

Audition for American Idol, but it would involve me going to Chicago.  I feel I must do this, and what better excuse to travel than this?  I am sick of being bound to strictly Eastern areas, I need more culture I need more space. I am a big fish in an absurdly small pond.  even if the chances of making it could potentially be astronomical. I can 1. say I did it. 2. Meet new friends.  3.  Remember that I am only stuck ever by my own lack of faith in myself.  4. Stop lacking so much faith in myself.


Randomness of songs being listened to this week. I also promise that my other feature will have presence again soon.

May 31, 2012

When Love Comes to Town- U2 with B.B King

Peaches- Presidents of The USA

Never Let Me Go- Florence and The Machine

Headlights- Morning Parade

Wonderful World- Sam Cooke

Bloody Mary- Silversun Pickups

Up On The Roof- The Drifters

In My Place- Coldplay

Just- Radiohead

Silver and Gold- U2

Dancing The Night Away- Sam Cooke

Blackbird- The Beatles

Watching District 9 again..

May 31, 2012

I am thinking many things, not least of all is a humorous idea for a hunger games spoof, where the tributes from District 9 are prawns.   I like how it starts off as if it is a documentary, and develops into this splendid amalgum of genres and themes.  I find Wikas quite abhorrent for the first half of the movie, but once his transformation starts, he realizes he my not know what it means to be human himself.  Do any of us know? For we do a shitty job of it on the whole.  Wikas’ transformation is interesting in that, it is where we truly see character development on his part, where he finds a kinship with the prawns and realizes that they aren’t just creatures, that they are also people.  Accept that we are all different, or we are set up for failure from the start.  Because we can’t understand their ways, and with the existence of the language barrier, we think anything we don’t understand must be bad. It’s what we do to each other after all.  End the cycle of mindless hate, and learn to see things from many angles.  A movie on a limited budget hardly looks as good as this movie does. I am still blown away by the quality of this production.  And I would say it is one of the best Sci-Fi movies ever.  But I have a feeling that 8 days from now I will witness the BEST sci-fi movie ever when Prometheus hits.   I can’t wait.

Henry V

May 30, 2012

Rehearsals are going well and in just under a month, you will see the fruits of our labors. Come see it.  June 28th- July 1st. In Brattleboro, VT’s Memorial Park. 6pm Cover 5 bucks.  No reservations needed. And you will see me get kicked in the face and be French and such, and see lots of amazing wonderful people as well.


May 26, 2012

Let’s just say my Itunes adventure is a bit too daunting to see through, seeing how long it took me just to get to the B’s.  I still intend to continue that series in a few segments, but I will skim and mention some of my favorites, and a few other randoms here and there, but other than that, I can’t possibly find the time to listen to every album on my library through.  So keep on the lookout for more of my adventure but in slightly altered states.  

And here are my favorite new releases this week:

Haley Reinhart- Listen Up! Season 10’s American Idol Finalist, proves with her debut, that she is not just gonna fade away like so many Idol hopefuls before her.

Kris Allen-Thank You Camellia    The second album from Season 8 winner, really shows him stepping into his own.

Paul McCartney- RAM  The latest in the series of Deluxe reissues, featuring a complete second disc of alternate takes, B-sides and rarities, and fancy discs that look like records.  You think your favorite Indie band was the first to do something, think again.  This album really wows with Paul’s studio mastery, and if you are a fan of his more recent offerings, you will notice that very few artists have ever reached the studio chops that Paul still has, and continues to evolve as a studio creature.

Silversun Pickups- Neck of The Woods  And here is one of my favorite Indie bands, finally returning with a new album, just as good as the others.  Would love to hear it live!

Laterz gators!


May 26, 2012

Okay, so Men in Black III is not the best movie in the world. But I never expected it to be.  It is however, the best movie of the three, although it has been long since I have perused the other two films.  But the inclusion of Jemaine Clement, and as the villain?  Perfect choice.  For those out of the loop he is one half of Flight of The Conchords.  Amazing man, great at character work as previously evidenced in Dinner For Schmucks.  And generally speaking, the movie takes itself seriously, but always remembers its sense of humor, which is truly what lies at the heart of the series’ enjoyment.  Also employing time travel, and an alien who can see all possible futures at once, in a film already heavy with alien invasion, and government cover-ups, and secret agents, is a high selling point for me.  I haven’t seen Will Smith in a while, but he is surely back on top of his comic game with this film.  The way him and Tommy Lee Jones play off of each other has been a major reason why the previous films work, so to see Josh Brolin cast opposite Smith as a younger and more headstrong Agent K, was sheer genius on their part.  A score by Danny Elfman completes the over the top cinematic joy ride.  Thank you for a good night at the movies.

Other kinds of lonely…

May 21, 2012

So, since my friends have been scattered to parts far and wide, and that has been for a very long time now, I’ve had a sort of loneliness, in the isolation from them.  This is understandable, but it’s not like feeling alone, in the sense that nobody cares for you. It’s the sense of being out of touch, and as you give of yourself to each person your life touches, it is like losing touch with yourself.  And that has been what these past two years have been all about, getting back to myself, my truer self.  I mean, fuck the real world man.  Really, truly. The so-called “real world,” get a job you hate till you die, kind of deal, it isn’t for me, and as you have been able to tell by what I tend to blog about, you already know that.  “Stay there till the economy gets back on track.”  It won’t.  You think Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, did what they did because it was practical? Of course not.  They did what they wanted. Chose the world they wanted to live in, the lifestyle they chose. Or so many of those people that became famous musicians, comic book artists, record producers, and the like. They had a dream and they lived it.  It is our responsibility to erase our loneliness, the worst kind of loneliness, the loneliness of discontent, of not making a difference, of getting in relationships because they are comfortable, or the discontent of making a difference in something that you don’t have a passion for. That is the worst.   Everything I do at my job, benefits the monster company I work for. No good. No good at all!  The man is even more sneaky than we had ever thought, and he is actually the perpetuation of our black hole, empty, lonely culture.  But there is still a worse loneliness than that society tells us is our duty to be burdened with.  There is the loneliness, wherein part of your soul feels detached, almost as if it is vacant.  The loneliness of undiscovered love, the loneliness of overthinking, of wondering if one moment has passed, one moment that means everything.  The loneliness of feeling that a part of your soul is residing in another, and one wrong play can cause the encounter between you and this other to never occur. To never be.   But let us leave this grim meta-game behind us, and let us focus on what is good about this absolute level of loneliness, no matter how many people you are surrounded by.  Let us realize, that, 1. We are masters of our own fates. 2. Dreams are meant to be lived, or else why would we dream so strongly of them? 3. Never regret any conversations you have, even if you doubt you will ever see some beautiful and captivating stranger ever again. We do live in the digital age after all.  More of us should truly use these social tools at our fingertips, for making these connections.  Strengthening ourselves, fortifying against the despicable lonely void, and truly finding paths to what we want out of life.  4. Laugh, love, be!  You are you, and that’s what’s most important.  6. Never assume you are the only person who feels this way.

Rant over.

Avengers Playlist

May 20, 2012

1. Loki: Styx- Renegade  He’s just so badass to deserve such a song. It was the first thing I thought of.

2.Hawkeye: Carry On My Wayward Son-Kansas  He has such a conflict raging inside him over so many things, none more important than the fact he almost killed everyone near and dear to him.  And this song represents that.

3. Hulk: Search and Destroy- Iggy and The Stooges  When Bruce hulks out he no longer cares what he does as long as he destroys that which angers him.

4. Iron Man: Shoot To Thrill- AC/DC  I know that this is a cop out of sorts as it’s used in the movie for him, but it fits the best.

5. Thor: One Divine Hammer- The Breeders   The first song to pop into my head for Thor. I love The Breeders and I love Thor. This song being his kind of makes me giggle though.

6. Captain America: Typical- MuteMath   Steve Rogers wanted to enlist so bad, and they made it so he could make a difference and he became the greatest hero of all.

7. Black Widow: I’m Only Happy When It Rains- Garbage   She is a mess of contradictions. She’s doing her best to just get the job done no matter the cost, yet at the same time wants to get rid of all the red ink on her record.  She has no time for attachments yet can’t ever kill Hawkeye when she doubts she can trust him.   And this song popped into my head as I was scratching it wondering what I could put for her.


Well here it is, It’s not perfect but it’s fun.

May 14, 2012

Battle Studies- John Mayer  In no way do I consider this his best album, but it is some of his more solid work, whether or not it’s his better work.  I think this album is a step back from his creativity found in Continuum, but a step sideways from his more pop oriented first two albums, and it’s something wholly it’s own.  And that’s what makes me always value the work that this man does.                                                      Who Says:

The Beatles(White Album)- The Beatles   It used to be my favorite album, but in recent times, probably tainted by too many studies of them in classes and such, I can’t help but think of this album as more bits and pieces than completely realized songs.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many good gems here, some of my favorites in fact, and the album is a great showcase of everything that those lads were capable of, and I don’t think any other artists come anywhere close to such mastery of so many different styles.                                                                                      Helter Skelter:           Blackbird:            Happiness Is A Warm Gun:

Beautiful Maladies: the Island Years- Tom Waits   I find this collection of songs to be a bit more easily accesible than some of the others I have already discussed in this special music series I am doing.   Jockey Full of Bourbon:

Beauty and Crime- Suzanne Vega:  She is surely one of my favorite female vocalists. Don’t quote me on that, since I say that about so many singers.  She has had such a solid career, it’s amazing how extensive her body of work is.  In this offering, which is a couple years old by  now, everything stays fresh and exciting, and that voice. Ye gods, what a voice!   Ludlow Street:

Pornographer’s Dream:

The Bedlam in Goliath- Mars Volta: Surely a band that you need a particular mood to willingly listen to it. It’s just so technical and over the top so often, that it’s a bit much to take in on a casual listen, but really sit there with a few of the tracks and you’ll be glad you did.                   Metatron:

The Beekeeper- Tori Amos  The wonderful thing about this woman, is how she changes so drastically with each album she puts out.  I usually need a certain mood to listen to her regardless of that fact, although her voice can be quite soothing.   The Power of Orange Knickers:

Well gang, that’s all I got for this installment, be on the lookout for my kickass Avengers playlist and a few other things up my sleeves.  I promise they will come this week. 🙂