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This week’s car tunes

June 19, 2012

The Beatles: Abbey Road-  A beautiful album, as much a work of art, humorous whimsy, and dark maelstrom of emotions.  How many albums can claim all that, other than most of the other Beatles albums.

The Beatles: Rubber Soul   The first song alone makes this a perfect driving album(Drive my Car).  The first real foray into the experimental Beatles we have come to know and love all these years later.

The Beatles: Let It Be   Great for any sort of journey, what with the first song, Two of Us, or if you’d rather journey Across the Universe, or if you’re bound to leave your home in Arizona (Get Back), and finally take a twisty journey on a Long and Winding Road.

Oasis: What’s the Story Morning Glory?   This album is one of their best, and one that helps set up the long standing claim that they were the next Beatles.  In a way it was true,  the way they have sounds melting into other songs,  the endings and beginnings all jumbled up, and just a lot of fun painting a sonic landscape. The Brothers Gallagher never managed to get along, and it surely doesn’t have the studio polish of The Beatles,  but what it has is a nice set of memorable hooks, and words that stick in your head,  (Wonderwall, Hello, Don’t Look Back in Anger, Cast No Shadow, Champagne Supernova, etc.)  If you want more proof of them being able to harness every sound there is, listen to their later album, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, it’s simply incredible to behold.

Linkin Park: Meteora   I have forgotten just how much fun I used to have listening to these guys, and their interesting fusion, of rap, metal, and general hard rock.  It seemed to mesh together so well, when so many bands before them had tried similar things with results a bit more along the lines of the grotesque.  i.e: KORN.  They never seemed to make it stale, and the song Faint goes down in the books as one of my all time favorite songs to blast really loudly in the car.  Listen to any of their current stuff and can you help but wonder, is this really the same band?

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Prometheus Explored

June 18, 2012

I would not be so bold as to say this film is Ridley Scott’s magnum opus of all his films.  Nor is it meant to be.  And that is where I think people seem to be griping about this film.  Ridley purposely set it in the Alien universe. This is true. But he also purposely  set it up as its own film, and this is where it shines.  People just heard “kinda sorta Alien prequel,” and came in expecting another film in that series.  That is not at all what Prometheus is. Yes, it has the creepy visuals based on artwork by Giger, gross creatures popping out of places unexpectedly, people trying to violate quarantine procedures,  and an android on the crew.  And be those many things, they are the only elements really similar to Alien. Oh that, and the exploration of an unknown planet. But in this film, the crew is actually looking for it.   A race of beings said to be our possible creators, known as the engineers, are believed to live  in a particular point in space.  The crew of Prometheus travels to this particular point in space, sets down on an alien world, and prepares to meet their maker( quite literally.)  If the script seems humorous or badly written, what some of the negative critics I have been seeing don’t get, is that it’s most likely intentional.  After all, this film pays homage to many science fiction movies that have come before.  The Engineer turns out to be the biggest plot point connected to Alien. He is in fact, the Space Jockey, the pilot of the derelict shown in the first film.  Lots of explosions, gross out moments, and a number of, dare I say it, Real Set Pieces!  Ridley tried to do as little cgi as possible.  And lots of musings on existence.  Unlike some films, this movie generates way more questions than it answers.  And that is what will have us talking about this for decades.  Without giving away too many plot points, I will simply add this.  The android, David 8 really hits the nail on the head of what the main theme of this film is when he says, “They made me because they could, how disappointed would you be if your creator told you the same?”  Also if you end up not liking the film, you will love David.  And the stunning visuals.  At the very least you will have fun at the cinema with this one.

I’ve been

June 18, 2012

Very busy with our production of Henry V, and is the reason I haven’t posted too much.  Also a friendly reminder come see VTC’s production of Henry V if you are from the Brattleboro, VT area, or will be in it for some reason between June 28th and July 1st.  All shows are at 6pm and tickets are five dollars.  Did I mention you get to see me get kicked in the face?

Endless Life

June 15, 2012

I just got around to watching the film, “Source Code,”   and it amazes me how a movie so simple in structure can bombard you with concepts so beyond the realm of mundane thought.  And I am glad for it.  Also it seems to be the staple of this director.  His previous film, “Moon,” operated along similar lines, wherein everything seemed to follow a linear path, until you come close to the end and finally realize what is going on, and it raises so many more points on morality and simply what it means to be alive.  This film sets itself up in a similar way, though you already know it to be rather unusual.  Think “Run Lola Run,”  that is the closest parallel to the way this film operates.  The government has acquired a technology known as the source code, which allows people to mind meld with someone in their last 8 minutes of life, something about brain-wave function and all that.  I was reminded of the idea of memento mori, where your final moments are said to be imprinted on your eyes.  In playing through this same 8 minutes over and over again, the main character, (played by Jake Gyllenhal)  he is made to prevent a disaster from occuring, with the hope that the people he is working for can spot patterns and prevent an entire string of attacks.  He is told it does not alter the present reality.  But he sure as hell is gonna try!!!    A parallel universe is created out of your choices, and is he not dying over and over again every time he gets sent back in, thus created a new pocket universe that only lasts for 8 minutes. What is to say, he won’t alter time if he is even able to go back and live in this other person’s last 8 minutes?   Makes us wonder about the fabric of reality itself.


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My Crazy gigantic Itunes library: Favorite albums starting with B(some of them anyway)Bl

June 8, 2012

Black Holes and Revelations- Muse

Bleed Like Me- Garbage

Blue Album- Weezer

Born on A Pirate Ship- Barenaked Ladies

Born To Be Wild: A Retrospective- Steppenwolf

Born To Die- Lana Del Rey