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August 22, 2012

This is a great sunshiney exciting looking day, but the shadow of big box stores looms over it menacingly as I must be off to work within the hour.  So just networking on the interwebs and checking out the new Bloc Party album, Four on Spotify. It’s mighty good if you ask me. Episode 5 of Nerdhphoria is having technical difficulties, but sit tight, for if you liked what I’ve posted so far, once i actually finish it, you will be faced with the same kinds of Awesome.

Back to the Grind

August 21, 2012

I spent my vacation days just letting myself forget about all the Walmart crap and everything else.  And coming back to work last night, I surely didn’t miss it.  There’s a few reasons why I don’t like the phrase: “Back to the old grind.”   The most obvious of these being the fact that if so much of our time is spent at work, it shouldn’t fee l like  a grind.  And also working for a faceless box store does its part in allowing you to sometimes forget that you are an individual.  I’ve done a lot better in recent times soldiering through it, but how long can that last?  If more of my days in returning to work are like last night, I can’t last very long at all.    Though with the advent of my new web show: Nerdphoria, as well as all the writing I have done in the last couple weeks, maybe there’s my turn-around.

But enough of that, it’s time to talk vacation.  I visited my best pal in his new home of Worcester.  I have to say my memories of it didn’t call to mind a nice place to live, but I was proven wrong.  Diversity lay around every corner, and in a way I almost felt safer walking around then I usually do even in Brattleboro.  More food choices, more street events, and the coolest comic book store I’ve ever seen.   In my travels down there I managed to meet up with a long lost acquaintance, and that was also really nice.  I like how in this age we make connecting threads with people, and even though we feel we’ll never see the people again, sometimes fate brings you near once more, and it’s a nice feeling.  I really can’t explain it any better than that.  But it’s more than these things that make we long for more of Worcester, much more indeed. It’s just the way I feel exploring the streets, finding new things at every turn, a city in which I will always find new routes and surprising short cuts.  Adventure Time in Worcester!  Now I just have to figure out how my schedule will allow me for repeat visits.  But this place has touched me in some way that I can’t shake, and I could imagine myself being much happier there then I tend to sometimes be here.

My recent music listening:

August 20, 2012

Lots and lots and lots of Chevelle!  I loved them so much back in a simpler time, but I realize that I love them just as much if not more.  I think I found my next karaoke songs for bringing down the house.  There’s also some Nine Inch Nails in there and currently checking out the new album by the band,The Classic Crime: Phoenix.  Sorry I’ve been pretty vacant lately, but it’s been vacation week. And be assured that I spent lots of time watching Adventure Time, eating yummy food and seeing new places. But now it’s back to work.  Work? What is that?


Ps check out my new show: Nerdphoria

So after all this time here it is…

August 6, 2012

So a couple weeks ago now, on the 20th, I went to Mountain Park in Holyoke to see Death Cab for Cutie. It is one of the nicest new venues to pop up in the area in the last few years. On the grounds of what was once an amusement park before I existed rests a great outdoor venue. Set your blankets up on the hill side or stand as close as you possibly can. Though I can’t understand why you would want to be farther away at a general admission show where you can get pretty gosh darn close, I have never been able to understand, it’s up to you. Regardless of where you are it is a nice place, plenty of trees around, And they seem to have adequate land to hold a festival, I’m hoping so one day in this life anyways.

Hokay, so enough of that and more on the show. Surfer Blood opened with a rather small set, but still awesome. I’m not really sure how to describe their sound, but it seems to be a blend of old school punky vibes, surf pop, and Pixies. That’s the best I can do. I encourage a listen. But while they were pretty cool, I forgot all about them when Death Cab took the stage. They were just a whole other ball game as it were. They are one of my favorite bands and I have wanted to see them for so long. It started out with Ben doing a solo acoustic rendition of “I will Follow You Into The Dark,” everyone singing along of course, leading into the full band opener, “Home Is A Fire,” the opening track from their latest album, last year’s “Codes and Keys,” and then the ultimate stalker anthem, “I Will Possess your Heart.” The rest of the set featured many of my favorite songs by them, from their four most recent albums, and a few older songs I didn’t know. Counting the encore their set was about two hours long, featuring the likes of “Crooked Teeth,” “You Are A Tourist,” “What Sarah Said,” “The New Year,” “Codes and Keys.” Their set pre-Encore ended with an extremely extended jam version of “They Looked Like Giants,” leading into “Soul Meets Body,” The encore finished with “Marching Bands of Manhattan.” I love all these songs on the albums, but live the guys take it to a whole new place. One of the best, if not the all time best show I ever saw. Never have I been to a show where so many people there are on the same level energy-wise, nor where I have seen so many people singing along to almost every song. Some great dancing, only a few shoving jerks, and a sea of strangers who at the time of the show I shared such a total kinship with. I don’t feel like that enough at shows, and hope to experience more of it soon. 🙂

No other shows lined up until I go see Ben Folds Five next month in the same venue.

Let’s say productivity is at an all time high.

August 6, 2012

Writing new things with basis in my real life, but different enough that they are officially new fictions. Wrote for over an hour earlier on a story ive been painstakingly picking away at for a few months. And although late expect a couple more posts on here tonight.

And in the meantime some words from me:


Since when did it become our role as writers to be society’s bitch?  When even those with strong will, those who are independent can get suckered into believing rather extreme stereotypes as facts, without actually exploring those alleys themselves?  We writers need to find the real stories to build the future better. For our very existence is based on story, and if we refuse to see a story where one needs to be told, we fail our task. -Me