Back to the Grind

I spent my vacation days just letting myself forget about all the Walmart crap and everything else.  And coming back to work last night, I surely didn’t miss it.  There’s a few reasons why I don’t like the phrase: “Back to the old grind.”   The most obvious of these being the fact that if so much of our time is spent at work, it shouldn’t fee l like  a grind.  And also working for a faceless box store does its part in allowing you to sometimes forget that you are an individual.  I’ve done a lot better in recent times soldiering through it, but how long can that last?  If more of my days in returning to work are like last night, I can’t last very long at all.    Though with the advent of my new web show: Nerdphoria, as well as all the writing I have done in the last couple weeks, maybe there’s my turn-around.

But enough of that, it’s time to talk vacation.  I visited my best pal in his new home of Worcester.  I have to say my memories of it didn’t call to mind a nice place to live, but I was proven wrong.  Diversity lay around every corner, and in a way I almost felt safer walking around then I usually do even in Brattleboro.  More food choices, more street events, and the coolest comic book store I’ve ever seen.   In my travels down there I managed to meet up with a long lost acquaintance, and that was also really nice.  I like how in this age we make connecting threads with people, and even though we feel we’ll never see the people again, sometimes fate brings you near once more, and it’s a nice feeling.  I really can’t explain it any better than that.  But it’s more than these things that make we long for more of Worcester, much more indeed. It’s just the way I feel exploring the streets, finding new things at every turn, a city in which I will always find new routes and surprising short cuts.  Adventure Time in Worcester!  Now I just have to figure out how my schedule will allow me for repeat visits.  But this place has touched me in some way that I can’t shake, and I could imagine myself being much happier there then I tend to sometimes be here.


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