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Resurrecting the Zeitgeist

September 20, 2012

These things, which seem to keep us free in this modern age, are also in a sense, the chains of our oprresion. We have stolen fire from the Gods, as evidenced by our omnipotent, omniscient machines, our scientific advances which more and more begin to resemble magic. Camera phones, and webcams, and social networks, put the world in the palm of our hand. But we have all these things, yet have enough time to text, but not to hang out, or to actually give someone a call. We have so much time due to these conveniences, but the many goal of many remains to simply kill this time. Unplug every once in a while. We are not robots, and should stop acting as such. We are much more than basic meat machines. We find ourselves, enmeshed in a world, where people across the globe pay us more mind than people living right down the street from us. What brings us together is the very rift that tears us apart. We’re friends with people on “Facelessbook”, so it should be easy enough to respond to someone’s messages, at least to acknowledge the sender, It’s so easy to stay in touch, yet the girl leaves without an explanation, after being so gung ho about something with a boy. It’s easy for a guy to say sorry to the woman he wronged, but he decides to ignore instead. Break the cycle, give up your faceless games, and actually build a network. But go farther. You liked what someone does or admire them? Tweet about it and tell others about it. A new internet friend lives in a country you one day want to visit? Keep the conversation going. Someone works in a field you could one day see yourself in? Learn more from the person about it. Like cats? Tell everyone on youtube, maybe through song. Don’t create limits in this unlimited world. Unplugged and plugged in, put together creates a whole. Never forget that, now that we live in a world where dreams are real. The future is bright, but I hope you can imagine it as nothing short of blinding.

New playlist: Privilege

September 15, 2012

It evolved into something that I hadn’t initially planned, but isn’t i best that way?


1.Privilege- Incubus

2.Forfeit- Chevelle

3.Jesus Nitelite- Eve 6

4. Only- Nine Inch Nails

5. Erase Me- Ben Folds Five

6. Words- Kate Miller-Heidke

7. Send the Pain Below- Chevelle

8. Open Road Song- Eve 6

9. Eyes Wide Open- Gotye

10. Draw A Crowd- Ben Folds Five

11. Politics in Space- Kate Miller Heidke

12. Every Teardrop is A Waterfall- Coldplay

Movies and other assorted adventures

September 7, 2012

Sorry I’ve been missing for a while, what with nerding on youtube and extra hours at work, But know that after all this time, I do have a playlist on the way. And I promise it won’t disappoint and features such diverse musical styles and artists, from Nine Inch Nails, to Feist, The Black Keys, radiohead, Fitz and the Tantrums and Chevelle. I wouldn’t have my playlists any other way. And it’s always amazing how some very different songs go together so nicely. I’ve been on a movie watching spree of late, what with Dark Knight Rises, the new Bourne movie and other great films out this year, as well as the Labor Day Tent Sale at the local video store, which I am proud still exists what with redbox and netflix and all that other good stuff.

Last week I saw the new farce starring Will Ferrel, “The Campaign,” a rollicking, laugh a minute look on American politics, full just as much with potty humor as with intelligent commentary. A bunch of comedy greats, and good actors in general fill this movie, including Mr. Dan Akroyd, and of course Zach Galifinakinis. Anyone can be bought or sold, but very few have the tack to be honest about it afterwards, especially if they are politicians. So for all the crazyness and absolute idiocy presented within this movie, we are left with something at the end a lot like hope, and hope is what we need if this land is to survive as a nation. Maybe Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and any others in the “Liar’s Club” should watch this movie. And maybe if that is the case, one day we can have something that we so badly need, as much of a paradox as it seems: An honest politician.

I also just saw “The Possession,” the new Sam Raimi produced exorcism film. The movie is serious, as far as horror movies go, but there is also a seemingly intentional humor in between all the shocking or freaky moments, which helps bring a sense of reality that is much needed in this genre. Not a reality like “Paranormal Activity,” where it tries so hard to be real where it just becomes so artificial and not only artificial, but also boring. “The Possession,” although somewhat predictable, is not boring, it’s cheesy at times, but it’s in the actual character interactions, the way the family portrayed within the film interacts, and brings to light that although this is a movie about demonic possession, it’s also a story about a family, figuring out how to be a family. So the more real-life portions of the film, instead of taking away from the horror, heighten it. We get a real sense of who these people are, so we are all that more attached to them when the shit starts to hit the fan as it were. Visual effects are simply amazing too. And Matisyahu portrays the Jewish exorcist called upon to dispel the demon. He even sings in the movie too.

See you soon with that playlist. Enjoy.