Electile Dysfunction 2012

I don’t like posting about such things on here but after all the ignorance I have been hearing flow through my ears in regards to the election I can’t ignore it. Ps I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long.

What we already have under Obama:

-Gay Marriage
-Decent Reproductive Rights
-A still unfulfilled promise of new jobs(which people blame him for, even though he’s blocked at every turn by lobbyists, Senate, Congress)
-Dissapointing Healthcare Reform? (What is Obamacare but a term coined by the GOP? He’s trying to reform our healthcare system, but having to compromise, what we are left with is not something that was his idea, so don’t blame him)
-America climbing out of recession
-A man doing his best to clean up the previous guy’s mess.

Romney’s Plan

-Raise our taxes, while still cutting his(so basically lining his pockets and his offshore holdings)
-Not content to stop at his stance on abortions and birth control, Romney also doesn’t give a crap about women at all.
-Say Goodbye to Gay Marriage
-Cut funding to PBS? (Reason enough to keep him out of office)
-Corporations, which already kind of run the country, will now be located in the White House(Mitt is nothing less than big business at its worst, check out his track record.)
-No Healthcare Reform
-No new jobs
-More inflation

So remember as a last thought,
If you decide not to vote to re-elect Obama because he falls short in some way to you, why would you turn around and elect the worse of two evils as it were. We as Americans have more than two choices and hardly ever exercise them. And considering some of Obama’s better ideas are blocked at every turn in Congress, also pay more attention to who you vote into The House and the Senate. You’ll be glad you did.


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