So this month has passed like a storm. Sudden and sharp, but not lingering long. I’ve been missing due to either being tired or just being forgetful. I’ve seen a couple good movies: Argo, and Cloud Atlas among them. Cloud Atlas is a marvel and everyone should see it. I mean everyone! It’s a love story/scifi adventure/Crime Story/comedy that tugs at the heart strings in all the right ways. A somewhat confusing interwoven story of the highest degree. Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent, Jim Sturgess, Hught Grant, Suasan Sarandon, Halle Berry and others weave together an amazing tale of multiple lives and times, playing several dfifferent characters throughout the course of it. The creators of the Matrix are to thank for this cinematic genius! Wow is all I can say. It’s hard to explain, but once you get into the film, it grows more clear. And it is surprising, and heartbreaking at every turn. Watch it! It’s based on a novel, which I promptly bought afterwards. I only imagine it must be a powerhouse of a book.

I’ve been scaring people in a corn maze. Not really forte or my liking, but I was asked to do it, so I tried it out. When there weren’t people it was boring. When there were people the cornfield is surprisingly awesome terrain to play around with as far as where to hop out or where to just stand, or where you can sneak up on people. A lot of fun, especially this last final night when we destroyed the whole field. Also now that this is over and we’re all hunkering down for a storm that may not even hurt us, You will hear more from me as long as the power is still on. I guarantee it.


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