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January 30, 2013

I have a final point on my gun debate. Why is it harder to get cigarettes than it is to buy a gun? Please answer this.

Car Radiohead

January 30, 2013

Latest Car jams are the first three Radiohead Albums! ūüôā

Pablo Honey: You, Creep, Anyone Can Play Guitar, Stop Whispering, Ripcord….. I can’t pick a favorite song. It’s all too good.

The Bends: Much better than what you get deep sea diving. But regardless, Don’t leave me high…High and Dry.

Ok Computer: Car Crashes, Karma, Paranoia, Robots, Aliens, and an entire track spoken by a computer program. Holy Crap!

So basically, Radiohead is amazing!

Latest Car Jams

January 22, 2013

Reality- David Bowie His most recent album is also already ten years old. It’s a great mix of the odd, the old and the new, some great covers and stellar originals, a great reflection from an aging icon. Also great to know that his next album is finally around the corner with a March release.

Reanimation-Linkin Park While never officially given full album status, this is probably the only remix album that stands up this well on it’s own. If this album had never existed, A Thousand Suns would never have come into being. Also loved some of the versions on this album better than those on Hybrid Theory. I grew up with this band, so anything by them will never cease to have sentimental value. I definitely identify more with the newer, poppier, dancier Linkin Park, but still think all their albums hold together well.

Please Please Me- The Beatles First album, you can just feel the greatness about to happen. They flip rock and roll on it’s head and from there, the world, and all music.

Funeral- Arcade Fire What is Indie? Just listen to this.

My Time in Sporting Goods

January 22, 2013

It’s not like I work at S-mart and have to arm myself against Kandarian Demons and the like. But just because we don’t sell guns, doesn’t mean staring at an empty ammo case puts me at ease. Is it even a hunting season right now? I don’t think so. Is that much ammo sold, truly just going to home defense or something like it? Doubtful or it wouldn’t be flying off the shelves. Also why do we not sell guns at Walmart? Watch Bowling for Columbine. Civilians don’t need military grade weapons, as I mentioned before. Nor do we need Air Soft Guns made to look exactly like Assault Rifles. You act like we’re banning all guns when the new laws want to ban guns we have no reason to own in the first place. Silly people. Also, when I see how angry people get when we don’t have what they are looking for, do I think I should be selling ammo to them? Do I really need to answer that? “Obama hates the idea of us being safe,” say some. This is about keeping us safe. After all, they aren’t called Defense Rifles are they?

MLK Jr. Day

January 22, 2013

Today was the annual observance of Dr. King’s birthday. ¬†I heard no mention of him all day, and I thought it a damn shame. ¬†Dr. King did so much good for America, and for the World at large, but not a single mention of him was made. ¬†Just another day where school and banks and town offices are closed, nothing more. ¬†All he lived for, all he died for, where was it mentioned? ¬†A great speaker, an amazing leader, and a man whose life was cut short for saying we should all love each other. ¬†Don’t let his dream have been in vain, always imagine betterness for this world, and spread all the love you can. ¬†If someone can get shot down for simply speaking their mind all those years ago, for spouting a message of peace no less, aren’t some of these new gun laws past due? ¬†Dr. King ¬†will never be forgotten, as long as there are those of us striving to change the world for the better. ¬†So remember who today is really for.¬†

Gun Control? or Guns in Control?

January 17, 2013

So, everybody’s going batshit crazy right now. ¬†“Oh My God, they’re making new gun laws. ¬†Holy Crap, I have to go and buy as many guns and as much ammo as I can before they change the laws.” ¬†Am I the only person that sees this as a problem? ¬†I know this doesn’t mean that everyone who is helping boost gun sales is some nutjob looking to wreak havoc, but all the same, how many guns do you really need to own? ¬†Do you feel safer? ¬†I don’t. ¬†In the last decade, there has been an alarming trend of violent action as the so-called answer to our problems. ¬†And I don’t mean the fun over-the-top movie violence, but the American “patriotism,” that makes us think we not only have a right to hurt the people that did us wrong, but to hurt every single member of the culture that those people come from. ¬†9/11 shattered our peace of mind but also shattered our common sense apparently. Over a decade later and people still can’t see what is right under their noses? ¬† We cry out in joy at the death of our enemies? ¬†How does that make us any better than them? ¬†Nobody is denying the evils people like Bin Laden carried out, in the name of God no less, but what I am saying is this: ¬†We basically carried out a home invasion and killed an unarmed man. We committed an act of terrorism in the name of Peace. ¬†Bad PR if you ask me, and now James Cameron’s ex-wife once more gets to cash in on the “America can do no wrong” mentality with another misguided pro-war movie about the events I just described. But does she mention anything about the real problem? ¬†The fact that America can’t fess up to the simple truth that they trained this man with hope that he would do some of the horrible things that we have ultimately done to him and his ilk. ¬†The fact that Al-Qaeda began its life as a state sponsored organization. ¬†The fact that we refuse to acknowledge these facts. ¬†The fact that We have very recently been faced with some of the worst public massacres this country has ever faced, and all we can think to do is buy more guns and to even further Demonize mental illness, instead of actually wanting to prevent these things from happening? ¬†The future doesn’t need to look bleak if you really try to find that break in the clouds. ¬†Open your eyes, your hearts, and your minds. ¬†We can not get back those we lost, but we can try harder to honor their memories.¬†

Happy Nude Year!

January 5, 2013

The year has just begun, and as in the birth of all things, or most things rather, the year is still nude. So happy nude year!
Having run this blog, a bit haphazardly for the past three years. Sorry for the delay in posting, I know I may have lost some readers and blah blah blah, but it’s not always easy finding motivation to do these things, even though I started it for my own needs more than the needs of others. But I do want to say, putting yourself out there in this age, is a lot harder than it seems. Any idiot can get a view on a youtube video, or a hit on a blog, or a comment. Any idiot could be made famous this way as well. But when people who legitimately care about what they post, put themselves, in a way, their hearts and souls on the line, they fall off the wagon as it were, and the internet has them falling by the wayside. But I come here today to tell you: The Zeitgeist is changing, and we must learn, we must grow, we must endeavor to try new things, refine our intellects, and broaden our knowledge base. Read more, listen more, sing more. This internet puts the world at our fingertips, so let us use it to break out of our molds and explore all there is to see and do. Let us actually use social networks and blogs, to connect and to network with our fellow humans, and give up on the cyber bullying, the pointless hate speech and the apathy that is festering online. Let us take care of our digital frontiers the way we take care of the physical. And improve on the latter too. Make this the world we want. It takes a little practice to be human, but you figure it out in time. It’s like falling in love or something.