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May 12, 2013

Feeling productive and non-productive at much the same time.  I’m thinking about how I actually enjoy Green Day.  Thank you to my friend Rachel for rekindling my interest.  I was just trying so hard not to be some bullshit hipster dude, that I kind of started acting like one without thinking. No more of that.  Craig likes what he likes and that’s that.  I saw so many of my favorite people today, hope this trend continues.  I’m writing writing writing. Like a fiend.  The good kind of fiend though, the kind that is just a little bit of mischief but isn’t in for serious harm, you know?  The more I write, streaming nonsensical crap like this, or actually something serious, I am broadening my horizon, clearing the clutter from my mind, bettering the world, bettering myself, discovering the sheer wonders of existence, the spectacle of it all.  One foot closer to the threshold of that walmart door into real life, closer to a new song, closer to a possible book or story collection, closer to everything ever. Thank you, that is all. 

There’s something to do!!

May 12, 2013

I came upon a really important discovery these past few days.  There’s actually stuff happening in this community, and it’s not just happening but it’s beginning to permeate itself throughout.  The reason the nightlife seems so sparse, the reason there never seem to be enough dance parties, concerts, and general fun times happening, is a simple and easily fixable one.  How can you expect more events to happen if you don’t go out?  Going out allows for more things to happen, because if the bars, studios, dance halls, etc had more people visiting them, there would be more events, more people=more money=more events happening.  So let’s do our part, let our freak flags fly, and let everyone else see that we have room to do so.  Come together right now. Over fun.  We will make Brattletown fun again, more active, more artsy, more dancy, more everything that can make this place great.  I went to the most amazing dance performance tonight at the Cotton Mill, which was in a sense a pagan fertility ritual to the music of Led Zeppelin, followed by a mad crazy dance party.  A performance, plus an interactive social gathering, what more could one ask for?  Striptease, burlesque, improv, free form, Led Zeppelin, amazing post show EDM provided by the dj and very good friend of mine.  I became one with the music, the way I truly know I’m alive, a pure state of joy and clarity, of understanding, and knowing that i have the power to reinvigorate the fun in this community.  And I know I no longer stand alone, having made a few new dance partners, and met amazing amazing people of all sorts with similiar goals and visions at heart.  This is a happy time, and it will only get better.  Ps check out VTC’s Death Trap at the Dummerston grange, going up for the next couple weekends if I remember correctly.  Great bloody day if you couldn’t tell.

My superhero story

May 4, 2013

A young, happening young man, we can name him Clyde or some other unassuming and potentially dull name, gets one of those green jobs in the spirit of changing the world.  He builds wind turbines or solar panels or some other kind of shit like that.  One day, an unfortunate accident occured.  Thus FreeEnergy Man was born.  Our greatest source of clean, and sustainable energy existed in this one man.  Life was good for a while, until someone dependent upon our heroic power source contracted a mysterious illness.  It turns out that not only were we wrong about him having minimal emissions, but the byproduct of his energy production was even more harmful than the emissions and the waste from nuclear power facilities. FreeEnergy man was then jettisoned into space. Nuclear power was no longer demonized and ruled the world. Nooooooooo. This so called free energy source is too good to be true, but why can’t we be smarter about alternative energy sources and stop acting like green power isn’t cost effective. Let’s change the attitudes here. I don’t want Fukushima or Chernobyl in my back yard. Do you?