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new playlist: Everything In Its Right Place!

June 24, 2013

1. Everything In Its Right Place- Radiohead

2.I want You To….  -Jem

3. Black Star- Radiohead

4. Night Drive – All American Rejects

5. Island In The Sun – Weezer

6. Brain Stew -Green Day

7. Dead Star- Muse

8. Down To Earth – Jem

9. Till The Casket Drops – ZZ Ward

10. Stab My Back- All American Rejects

11. El Scorcho – Weezer

12. Cryin Wolf (With Kendrick Lamar) – ZZ Ward

13. Life Is Real – Mos Def

14. what’s going on?  – A Perfect Circle

15. Showbiz – Muse

16. Seven Nation Army – White Stripes

17. Everything In Its Right Place (piano cover) – Christopher O’Reily 


You know…

June 11, 2013

I spend so much time saying there isn’t enough going on in this area, or that I’m unfulfilled, or lacking something, wondering where all the cool cats and like minded peeps are at.  I should shut myself up every once in a while.  I plug myself in and waste hours that I could have spent writing or perfecting a new bass line, or learning card tricks, instead of speaking in mindless small talk conversastions or what have you.  But here’s the thing, I can now plug myself in, while holding meaningful conversations, watching movies, practicing my bass, finding new music, and networking always networking.  No more woe is me bullshit, life is what I make it, shitty job or not, boring area or not.  Enter tumblr, a place that to the rest of the world seems to be full of fuck ups and misfits, but you get this all wrong, we are fandom, we are people who give a shit about each other, we are networking in the way that everyone else is failing to.  Find the right community on that site and you are golden,  you will have an amazing connection to another human being within the course of hours or days, as opposed to weeks and months and years.  sure there’s a bit of small talk, compliments and the like, but it’s not like the meaningless drivel I mentioned formerly, it’s sincere, and honest.  I can hold a better conversation with my fellow tumblies, some who I consider the coolest folks around, then some people I have none for most of my life.  When I worry that people don’t get me, I can go back to there and find the common ground so many of us all too often lack in this modern age.  Sure, they’re be plenty of people there as on every other site that don’t have the time of day for you, but when you truly mesh into a community or a true friendship on there, you will have a base to fall back on.  When I finally manage to meet some of them in real life, I will have found my family and my home.    Thank you friends for creating a place that truly sparks our imaginations.  🙂  Sharing our truest selves v. pretending for the sake of appearances. 

And while we’re on the subject of pop culture things….

June 4, 2013

I am far from one who does not applaud Angelina Jolie’s brave procedure that she recently had, but I also know that the majority of people in this country wouldn’t be able to pay for it. Angie, I’m rooting for you, and I’m hoping you are going to be rooting for those less fortunate, unable to pay for any sort of preventative measures.

Another thing, whenever a celebrity is on hard times, all the publicity is talking about how wretched and horrid they are, how disgusting the fact that they have a drug problem is, and it certainly sucks that all this info can be so public, when it is about their private issues, but do we pray for them to get help or tell them to go to a 12 step program or anything like that? No. We ridicule them and proclaim them whatever derogatory term applies to their horrible situation. I’ve just been bombarded at work by these pictures of old Nickelodeon favorite of mine, Amanda Bynes, and her sorry state, and her illicit, “drug den,” I mean seriously, do you understand how addiction is a disease that will run even more rampant thanks to your interference. Take care of your own problems, My drug addicted friends got the help they needed, because we were willing to lend support, while these celebrities, always unfortunately, in the limelight, are berated by none other than their fans. It sickens me. If we can give our friends the helping hands they need or the invite to Turning Point, or just enough space for introspection at their downward spirals, and give these famous people who aren’t nearly as different from us as we would like to believe, maybe the Amandas and Lindsays, The Courtney Loves, and many others would have a better chance at recovery. Hmm?

Did you know?

June 4, 2013

Carly Rae Jepsen apparently had a previous album prior to her Call Me Maybe fame, and it seems much more real and legit. If I knew she existed then, I would have been like check out this check she’s amazing. But knowing this after the fact, I’m like, “hey guys, what’s with this Carly chick? What’s her appeal?” But I can’t kid myself. I love her, with the exception of Call Me Maybe, which is in and of itself not nearly as horrible as it seems when you get right down to it, but my only point here is, ” How come it took that song to make her famous?” She belongs high up on the list of my favorite Canadians, along with Neil Young.

I’ve been trudging through a volume of works

June 4, 2013

I’ve been trudging through a volume of works by Aldous Huxley.  I remember having an okay enough time getting through Brave New World, but so much of this other stuff is incomprehensible to me.  I would shrug off the handicap here as me not having ever done LSD, which he was quite the champion of alongside the likes of Mr. Timothy Leary.  But I think most of his works and his words came before this event occured. Don’t quote me on that, I could be wrong.  But the gems I did gleam from my perusal of what I deemed to be unnecessarily wordy and high falutin’ even by my standards, were very strong in my mind.  In one of his essays he talked about self-government and the possibly world changing implications of such systems.  Of course it all seems a bit dated, but he goes into the whole idea, that society is become more and more chaotic as we place ourselves within systems that are bigger and bigger.  We seem designed to interact better within smaller groups, dinner parties that tend not to exceed more than ten, a coven of witches numbering no more than 13, etc. As we moved from the small villages and towns into the cities, business became more corrupt and those of us left in the smaller towns were left by the wayside to cope with things.  He thought it good to decentralize businesses and place them more within the small towns and such, which from my reading, as the observer of an earlier time, it seemed well and good, but thinking how disgusting megalithic companies like walmart, are run by the worst sorts of businessmen imaginable, while pretending to cater to and help out small town America, You get the idea. He ended that particular essay by mentioning how the tiny governing bodies that are the essence of self-government could come together through other things like Co-ops and still be able to be their own governing bodies. If only stuff like that would be feasible in reality. He also mentioned in another piece, how Politioians carry out things in relation to the long term but are too short-sighted to see far enough ahead to do much good. It’s still true, and It’s still getting worse. Let’s fix it.