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August 8, 2013

I’ve been wandering and wondering: what does it take for music and art to thrive in a nowherish town?  People know where we are on a map for poop’s sake!  Two of our very few night spots in town just said goodbye so very suddenly.  Do people just not hear about what’s going on, or not know the places are here to go to?  I mean I am guilty myself of falling in and out of drudgery, sometimes bewailing a non-existent social life, instead of going out and giving it a well needed boost.  Barnaby’s may have already come and gone, but fear not Brattleboroian pleasure seekers, for there is still hope.  For a nice relaxed meal and a possible movie later on, go to Flat Street Brew Pub.  The number of beers on tap there is staggering.  There’s also hometown favorite Mcneil’s Brewery, who serve nothing but their own beers.  And then there’s Metropolis, bands and music weekly, and Monday night open mic.  It’s always a good time even if the drinks are a touch pricey.  But I come at last to the new kid on the block as it were, situated snugly in the midst of my oldest Bratt haunt, The Harmony Parking Lot.  Welcome to Arkham. It’s not quite a  classy joint, but it’s not exactly a scummy dive either.  It’s well kept, lively and fun. Air hockey, pinball and old school arcade games, not to mention pickle shots.  Yeah it’s a bit weird but they’re popular, pickle juice and vodka. There are daily specials, a well-stocked bar and great people galore.    Within my first five minutes, I knew the bartenders by name, clinked glasses with my friend for his triumphant stateside return, and had conversation with several people I had only just met.  I don’t believe there was a single person there who didn’t want to talk about something.  And the prices?  Great.  I’ll be back this weekend I’m sure.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

My thoughts on the new Doctor!

August 7, 2013

Doctor Who’s 12th Incarnation will be lots of fun I just know it.

“All People”

August 7, 2013

The new Michael Franti and Spearhead album, “All People,” is yet another great collection of music from one of my favorites in a long line of genre defying awesome haired guys.  It starts out really strong with it’s title track, which encompasses an idealistic passionate feeling for all of the human race while also feeling like a personal love song.  11:59, is a great thought of a life seeking meaning, and the latest radio hit, I’m Alive, is a triumphant sunny day jam just rejoicing in the fact of being alive.  The rest of the album is still being explored by me, but it’s all good, a little bit of rap and reggae, pop radio hooks, and funky rock colliding into a great complete package, with amazing song writing  that holds a worldly vibe while also adopting a personal flavor, where a song about getting along with your global family may follow a song reminscing about forgotten times getting stoned with a lover that has come and gone and just existing.  Spearhead will always be remembered for this amazing duality. Pick up the disc or download it, and let the good times come.