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The network is growing…

October 22, 2013

surely not by leaps and bounds, but by steps and steps and steps.  But like the old holiday special says, “put one foot in front of the other.”  And repeat.  What can go wrong?  Sure you’ll hit some snags along the way, but after hitting almost nothing but snags for the past while, it is a relief that there is finally some momentum behind the movement that I am building.  My eyes are open to the truth and the love and the opportunities blossoming in some of the surrounding communities.  The rediscovery of haunts in my college town, the bustling burg of Keene, New Hampshire, has made me more friends, acquaintances, and a great number of more open-minded free thinking individuals, within a month, then I have found in Brattleboro within the last year.  I think that’s saying something.  Brattleboro has sort of become a closed system with the exception of prominent night spot, Arkham and a few others.  Yeah business is bad everywhere and all that, but no bars have closed in Keene due to lack of community interest, and sure it’s a college town, but people also know that it may not seem like there’s much to do, but being an adult is about making your own fun instead of waiting for people to hand it to you or invite you out places.  My network: Eyes Open, Project Skybreak, Phoenix, End of The World, or whatever I decide to call it any given day, is on the rise, and maybe that day where we can turn this into the pure mixture of business and pleasure and create something truly incredible in this world is closer than I think.  Some new people and some long lost near and dear friends that have resurfaced really inspire me to get back on this train and deliver the goods.  I still don’t know how to convert this artsy fartsy, revolutionary dream into a business model, but that will come soon enough I’m sure.  


Ender’s Shadow

October 19, 2013

With the Shadow series, Orson Scott Card takes a step away from the crazy new territories explored in the ending of The Ender Quartet, and revisits the events of the book that started it all, with a deeper focus on characters that only seemed to be on the sidelines before, and most importantly reveals the story of Bean, the abnormally small child with a bigger brain than Ender’s who helped him win the final battle against the Buggers, or Formics if you’d rather.  What is revealed in Bean’s story is the idea that the majority of Ender’s exploits at Battle School and beyond would not have been possible without the runtish former street kid from Rotterdam.  Bean is part of a genetic experiment that he very gradually grows aware of, but what he doesn’t know is that, the very things that increased his intelligence are the things which will lead him to an early grave. His story is just as visceral as Ender’s even if it does get a bit heavy retreading old ground and whatnot, but it is a great story all the same. 


For fans of: Ender’s Game, The Hunger Games

Forget what I said before..

October 10, 2013

Maybe the night life in this area isn’t dead. I lied. I’m sorry. I seem to do that quite a bit.  But in my “line of work” as it were, (if you can call my job a job half the time, you can’t so don’t try to) I don’t get out all that much at times.  Keene’s very own Lab N’ Lager, hosts a karaoke night every Wednesday, which I was a bit excited to find out about, seeing as some friends of mine go there, but not quite sold on it at the same time, seeing as I have gone to so many karaokings, (yes it’s a word now, I made it up.) where the karaoke was happening but the people themselves weren’t really paying any attention to the performers. But those days are gone now that I’ve discovered this non-shitty Karaoke spot.  Everyone there loves to sing, and that’s why they’re there, certainly a new breed of karaokers, if you ask me.  But if you aren’t obsessed with singing why sing Karaoke in the first place?  I never understood that.  It was so much more a shared experience than anything i’ve experienced before in the karaoke world.  The majority of the people there were so nice and so supportive, a great number of them even rushing the stage to help people out with their songs.  Quite a magical night, full of cheap beer, new friends, old friends, and not quite friends, but a room full of fun and awesome and music and love. And isn’t that what it’s really all about?

Newness and such.

October 10, 2013

I have been down for the count in the writing game for quite a while now, but I think that my new writing goals are going to really benefit my work from here on out.  My goal is to try to write daily, even if it’s just a page or a single phrase.  By the end of a given week I will peruse that which I have written, and once I figure out what I can use or salvage from a given weeks writing, and from there construct my future weekly writing goals accordingly based on what I can or can’t use. I have had to distance myself from the blogosphere a bit while I do my writing back on the old-fashioned hand based model, too many distractions on here, so my entries might be sort of scattered for a while because of this, but my hope is that we’ll get more results in the long run. Join me on my journey into awesome.