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Happy Solstice one and all! (I know it’s a day late but I did at least write it yesterday)

December 22, 2013

Happy solstice  to all of you lovely denizens of internetland!  It is four days until Christmas and also much warmer out than it was for the entire two weeks before the official onset of Winter.  I would say Young Man Winter is in charge this year, seeing how impatient he is to set the weather upon us.  Just my thoughts.  Four days before Christmas and just officially finished the true brunt of my gift shopping, and it’s like there is a hole in my wallet.  But I can’t complain, money is dead stuff, whereas the recipients of the gifts that this dead stuff purchased, are warm, living and breathing beings.  It is true that money can’t buy you love, but if you aren’t a miser with your money, you can illuminate more people’s lives.  I know I don’t have much a lot of the time, but I’m still inclined to get someone the better quality gifts, exploring more than just the big box stores, or the generic “hot items,” that everyone always seems to be after.  I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s very thoughtful of you to get my a tv just because it’s $500 less than usual.  It just doesn’t set me on fire. A lot of these more expensive items are not the sorts of things I ask people to give me.  Sure, at this point in my life, a little bit of the surprise is vacant, since I tend to ask for things I need as well as things I want.  But no matter what I get, the joy is still there, and also the sense of wonder that so many people seem to lose as they grow older.  So money indeed can’t buy you love, but you can buy things for those you love, to bring them wonder and merriment.  There was nothing better to me growing up than to try to figure out what items from your list, or not from your list that Santa, or anyone else got for you.  Wrapping paper can transform the most mundane gifts into something absolutely awe-inspiring and incredible.  So keep it merry and bright by just having fun, and appreciating everything you are given, because it isn’t the money that counts, it isn’t the money that tugs the heartstrings and brings on the hugs and kisses and thank you notes, it’s the pure fact that somebody wanted to buy you a gift that makes it special. 


It was offensive, but it also made no sense…

December 22, 2013

I had a peculiar experience the other day at work.  Well it wasn’t all too peculiar in the fact that I have heard all manner of words and phrases and slurs and adamant belief in foolish stereotypes bandied here and there around the store, from customers and associates alike.  This occurrence was peculiar in that the customer for some reason was trying to explain what he was talking about, when I knew full well what he was saying, and apparently my look of disgust wasn’t enough to give him a hint to cease and desist.  But anyways, this one customer had some sort of squash or the like in his items.  He grabbed one that lacked a sticker so as is common in this case I asked him, “So, what’s the price of this?”  He responded by not saying the typical “I don’t really know,” or the estimations that some customers give in this scenario.  He responded by saying, “How should I know? What do I look like? A woman?” (Insert fake laugh from me here)  I really have no idea what this statement is supposed to imply, other than that men are too stupid to check prices.  But it remained that he meant it in an offensive and derogatory manner, regardless of what he was implying.  But obviously I can’t call people on  things like this, even though it seems fully acceptable to do so, because I need this job right now.  And it would have been a closed case at this point if the talk didn’t continue.  A man behind him in line, a public servant no less(for shame),  decided to turn this man’s comment into a conversation¸ and muttered a bunch of unintelligible stuff to me about how men know what they are doing when they go shopping and blah blah blah, and that women are impossible to go anywhere with because they pay attention to the prices and such.  So like I said, I have no idea what point he was trying to make, but he made it.   Since when is checking prices a negative trait?  It’s impossible to get any shopping these days without budget yourself at least a little bit.  Also case in point, don’t say idiotically offensive things to someone that is unable to tell you to shut the hell up!


December 13, 2013

Easily one of the strangest Radiohead albums, the majorly electronic follow up to KID A, really shows Radiohead as an even bigger musical pioneer as it delved more into the digital age coming about in the early 2000’s.  The world was exploding in all directions, everything getting faster, more user friendly, the early stages of the social networks, and a world drowing in post 9/11 hysteria.  This album is not what I would have called user friendly when I first heard it, but then again, this is coming from the guy who’s first Radiohead album was KID A, and if my early teenage mind could process that, Amnesiac was truly a step into something more resembling normalcy. It’s definitely not as free form and confusing as “King of Limbs” and certainly not as focused as “In Rainbows,”  and not as weird as KID A, but definitely one of the most memorable albums in my life, as well as the most listened to.  There are just so many lush soundscapes, mixing a seamless blend of jazz rhythms, ambient noises and haunting vocals.  All in all it is a masterpiece if I’ve ever heard one. 

In the storm of ideas..

December 13, 2013

Four years ago I started this blog, four years ago, the end of college, and the possibilities of the world at large sparked a frenzy in me, and a desire to spread my voice, and the light which I try to bring with it through the world. The power to change, to create my own path, to struggle against adversity, and always root for the underdog, a passion brought about by my birth in a pre-Winter blizzard, reflecting upon my dual nature, my fire and ice. That’s what it means to be the snowchild. Four years ago this week, I turned 23, four years ago this week, one of the most important people in my life embarked on his next journey, into that which Hamlet describes as “that undiscovered country.” My grandfather had a profound influence on my life and my discovery of self. The self I found was like him yet wholly unlike him. He understood me better than any other, whether or not he always saw eye to eye on things that I did, or thoughts that I thought, but he knew me plain. The way very few others have known me. My promise to myself in the post-collegiate world, was the same promise I made to me. I would live fuller, feel greater, and fight for my place in the world that would truly make me feel truly myself. I have not given up on this dream and what’s more, I will truly make it my cause this time around, to really turn things to the way I want them to be within a matter of the next few months. This journey began here, and returning to this spot as it does once a year, it will set out from the initial point of origin once more. I can only wonder what surprises are in store upon this road, diversions, new interests, distractions, all contribute equally to the experience of life, so embrace it all.

The Drive Home

December 6, 2013

Driving home last night was like existing in a place outside of time.  The fog had closed in on all sides, and you could see only the tiniest hint of the road ahead.  Think of a rough draft of the world, think of the primordial goop that there must have been before the creation of the universe.  In the few places where the fog had begun to lift, it was like watching the world be born, things coming in and out of focus the start of something new and curious and exciting.  I couldn’t help imagining the fog releasing its stranglehold on the world around me, breaking free, my eyes lighting on something I had never seen before, because it would all be new.  Besides a hell of a frustrating ride home, it become something so much more.  I think it is up to us to have these kinds of moments to truly get a better perspective on life and the world around us. 

My Thoughts on The Black Heart Burlesque

December 1, 2013

Last Thursday, I went to a very amazing show up in Burlington at Higher Ground: Suicide Girls’ Black Heart Burlesque.  It was my first time in the venue, and it is a great open space, which I would liken to Pearl Street in Northampton but a bit nicer looking.  In the decade plus since the alt modeling site’s debut, Suicide Girls have done their best to spread their mission of redefining beauty and empowering women from all over the world to be happy with who they are, as well as the fair share of causing great excitement among the masses!    They all seem so chill and open-minded and ooze confidence from their toes, and each girl adds their own unique touch to it all.  Struggling in a quest for self? Check SG out and feel empowered and enlightened.  

Me and one of my best took the long foray to the further reaches of Vermont, with people acquired along the way who I did not know previously. So that in and of itself was a great and interesting adventure.  And much more fun to take long trips with a group.  When the doors were opened, we got the customary  pat down and dispensing of wrist bands.  Of course our first course of action was to take to the bar and get some beer!  Live events and beer have been going steady since the dawn of time.  I think?  Ask wikipedia if you don’t believe me.  

From the moment those girls hit the stage, there was never a dull moment. The choreography was perfect, the costumes and outfits, (or lack thereof) was great, and Katherine Suicide was such a perfect and lovely emcee, with her cheeky British wit and her command of the crowd. Sure I’m a bit biased because one of Katherine’s dances was Doctor Who inspired, but she was great indeed. Other highlights were a Game of Thrones themed dance with this awesome dragon hats, and some chains and not much else, a Kill Bill inspired dance with Beatrix Kiddo’s amazing outfit, and of course near the end of the night, the Sexy stormtroopers. It is hard for me to put much of the night into words, to someone who hasn’t seen it, but one can try can’t they?  And after a sort of downer of a week, this show really brought my spirits up, with the help of one of my besties, the Suicide Girls and a couple really fascinating new friends I made in the crowd. My only regret was leaving Burlington, but I left with my comfy SG hoodie, and a compliment from Lolana Suicide.  She said i looked cute in it. So who am I to argue?

Get out there and explore the world, cool events are everywhere if you know where to look, chances are I’ll be there. 😉  Thank you SG for a great time!

Breaking Bad

December 1, 2013

I finally got a netflix streaming account to work no problem on my crummy internet, so I have started watching shows that other people are talking about and making me curious. Breaking Bad is the start of this amazing adventure into shows I have yet to watch.  It’s sometimes difficult to see my way past the hype and truly enjoy something as it is, especially when taking into consideration how obsessed people seem to be with their programming.  But upon the first viewing I couldn’t help but need to see the next episode right away. The subject matter itself interests me enough to make me watch, but I was so unprepared for all the emotions and such welling from my being as I continue to watch the show.  Walter White is an amazing dynamic character, who we can’t help but like from the start, and it shakes you to the core, to witness him descend slowly but surely into the Heisenberg persona.  And from here it’s just one thing after another, so it really allows us to see ourselves differently, when we can see a normal man under extenuating circumstances, losing himself and becoming something wholly unlike the Chemistry teacher we meet in the first episode.  But even with monstrous things piling up on his soul and whatnot, we still see the humanity inside, and his journey into darkness becomes our own, and we begin to question our own thoughts and feelings, and we can never quite demonize him for this.  In so many other things, we start with the disconnect, which causes us to loathe these people, and root for the “heroes” but when we present the character pre-transformation, we never forget that other person, and that makes for really intense, emotional, and powerful television!  watch this show, it will change everything.  And I’m still only on Season 2!

The View From The Parking Lot

December 1, 2013

By breezing through all their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving day, it seemed going into work on Friday, that Walmart had become an active participant in the Black Friday boycotts.  Some really insane deals lay untouched upon the shelves, which only made me wonder, couldn’t we sell these items at this price all the time and still have everyone cutting a profit?  There were no lines on any of the registers, and the parking lot was devoid of all life except for the seagulls, the only beings to benefit from the disturbing waste culture of the American Dream.  The sharp talons of these birds are pointing all too clearly at the true detriment of extreme consumerism.  Bless their little hearts!