Breaking Bad

I finally got a netflix streaming account to work no problem on my crummy internet, so I have started watching shows that other people are talking about and making me curious. Breaking Bad is the start of this amazing adventure into shows I have yet to watch.  It’s sometimes difficult to see my way past the hype and truly enjoy something as it is, especially when taking into consideration how obsessed people seem to be with their programming.  But upon the first viewing I couldn’t help but need to see the next episode right away. The subject matter itself interests me enough to make me watch, but I was so unprepared for all the emotions and such welling from my being as I continue to watch the show.  Walter White is an amazing dynamic character, who we can’t help but like from the start, and it shakes you to the core, to witness him descend slowly but surely into the Heisenberg persona.  And from here it’s just one thing after another, so it really allows us to see ourselves differently, when we can see a normal man under extenuating circumstances, losing himself and becoming something wholly unlike the Chemistry teacher we meet in the first episode.  But even with monstrous things piling up on his soul and whatnot, we still see the humanity inside, and his journey into darkness becomes our own, and we begin to question our own thoughts and feelings, and we can never quite demonize him for this.  In so many other things, we start with the disconnect, which causes us to loathe these people, and root for the “heroes” but when we present the character pre-transformation, we never forget that other person, and that makes for really intense, emotional, and powerful television!  watch this show, it will change everything.  And I’m still only on Season 2!


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