The Drive Home

Driving home last night was like existing in a place outside of time.  The fog had closed in on all sides, and you could see only the tiniest hint of the road ahead.  Think of a rough draft of the world, think of the primordial goop that there must have been before the creation of the universe.  In the few places where the fog had begun to lift, it was like watching the world be born, things coming in and out of focus the start of something new and curious and exciting.  I couldn’t help imagining the fog releasing its stranglehold on the world around me, breaking free, my eyes lighting on something I had never seen before, because it would all be new.  Besides a hell of a frustrating ride home, it become something so much more.  I think it is up to us to have these kinds of moments to truly get a better perspective on life and the world around us. 


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