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May 17, 2014

So I finally sat myself down to watch the Steve Jobs biopic aptly titled: Jobs, yesterday.  And although not as good as I expected, it is certainly good for what it is.  It doesn’t gloss over the uglier aspects of the man behind Apple Computers, nor does it go into the post-Ipod part of his life which is also okay.  It’s not a film about Steve Jobs having cancer, but a film about how he starts a computer revolution, loses an empire, and then comes back out on top of that same empire, which maneuvered him out.  Ashton Kutcher looks just like the guy too.  It’s definitely boring in parts, but it is what it is.  It’s interesting to see just how hard it was for Steve Jobs in social situations, lots of yelling, and spouting of obscenity when he didn’t absolutely love or agree with something.  You see the genius, you see the monster, and you see the man.  And you see just how smart the guy was, and can barely fathom that only mere decades later, all of his inventions have basically changed the course of history.  So love the guy or hate the guy, or feel indifferent about the guy, this movie really gives a deeper glimpse into the inner workings of the early computer industry, and I just find it remarkable, moreso than any other aspect of the film.  It is good on the whole, but my mind is boggled by this one aspect of it all, and that is incredible.  

New Playlist: Rainy May Showers

May 17, 2014

1. Bad Blood- Bastille

2. No Grey- The Neighbourhood

3. Pagan Poetry- Bjork

4. Heartbreaker- Led Zeppelin

5. Brian Wilson- Barenaked Ladies

6. A Long December- Counting Crows

7. Black Balloon- Goo Goo Dolls

8. Sex And Candy- Marcy Playground

9. Everyday Is Like Sunday- Morrissey

10. Nothing But Trouble- Phantogram

11. Brain Damage- Pink Floyd

12. Sleeping In- Postal Service

13. Two Hearts Beat As One- U2

14. Can’t Stop Partying- Weezer

15. Things We Lost In The Fire- Bastile

16. Lose Yourself To Dance- Daft Punk and Pharrell

17. Everlong- Foo Fighters

18. Monkey Gone To Heaven- Pixies

Dazed and Confused

May 16, 2014

Second week in a row of me experiencing karaoke at the Bowling alley in Northampton, and let’s just say although the showing was a bit meager compared to last week which was also slim pickin’s audience wise and such, it was a riveting success.  Though Led Zeppelin may be fun at karaoke, what’s a bit awkward at karaoke is long instrumental breaks. With an actual band behind you it’s fun to just rock out on a vamp, and I did it either way, but two minute instrumental breaks when you’re just reading words from a screen?  It’s too much!!  Much too much.  

GMO: Hell, No!

May 15, 2014

Unless you live under a rock, not to sound discriminatory against those that do, Vermont became the first state to pass a food labelling law for GMOs.  I have thought ever since they talked about the lack of GMO labelling, and how there wasn’t a law saying they had to be labelled as such, that it would be a no-brainer to label these foods as such.  Since then I learned just how large of a percentage of our processed foods are most-likely things which contain them.  Let’s say I’m a bit sick to my stomach knowing that, it’s the same as when i look at the calories on the infrequent fast food trips i take, or on any restaurant’s menu for Pete’s sake.  We consumers are told that cigarrettes cause cancer, it better be labelled.  We are told typically if meat is produced without added hormones,(not always of course,)  told what kind of weird chemicals are in a lot of processed food items, whether or not something is whole grain, or contains nuts, or is gluten-free, so why on Earth can we not expect GMO foods to be labelled properly.  We should expect it, we must find out.   The Food Industry plans to take legal action against Vermont for saying we should know what is in our food, we must prevent this from happening, and not only that, try to convince others that legal action is a strange course to go against us knowing what is in our food. 

The Good:  Ironically enough, an Associated Press article that I read the other day tried to discuss the benefits of GMOs.  Seeing as not only do we not know what foods are modified, but also are in the dark about what sorts of modifications are being made in general, how can we even think there may be benefits, if they are unwilling to tell us what sort of tampering they are doing to our foods?

The Bad: Crops resistant to pesticides get more pesticides sprayed on them, therefore, more poisons and toxins that we can potentially injest. Mutations are typically an aspect of evolution or adaptation, but also the key to many diseases.  That’s not good.  Monsanto gets a free ride!  And lastly, our natural world is in bad enough shape without tampering too much with it.

The Ugly:  The FDA of all things doesn’t see what the fuss is all about.  The food industry keeps stressing about the benefits, when we don’t have much information on these so called benefits.  If they are so adamant to keep us in the dark, something really bad is going down.

Your Sunny Day Playlist

May 15, 2014

Surprise, it’s not a playlist, it’s me talking about music instead.  With the onset of some early Summer days within the last week, it is only reasonable that I would begin to talk about summer music listening things.  Your hot and sunny day music choices, particularly when driving a car, can go one of two ways.  Well that isn’t entirely true, but for the sake of my blog, let’s say there are only two.  You can go the raucous route, maybe not of the angrier variety, but I guess it depends on how you feel that day.  I would think maybe Helter Skelter, or something by Zeppelin, maybe the Black Keys, or say Paris by Grace Potter.  Raucous jams are all around us. How about some White Stripes?  But then again, there is another route, the happy carefree, laid back sort of music.  Try some Flaming Lips on for size, maybe some Sigur Ros?  or that great purveyor of sunshine: Michael Franti.  But maybe you don’t go in either of these directions and settle for some kind of mix of the two which would ideally consist of some Pixies, early Radiohead, most anything by Bowie, maybe some Nirvana, the choice is yours truly.  Mix the happy chill sounds with the upbeat, loud and downright rockin’ and you will surely have your ideal sunny day playlist.  Enjoy!

Eyes Open: Open For Business

May 7, 2014

A  website shall be forthcoming for my mixed media enterprise that I call Eyes Open.  This is the future of production, people.  i can’t wait to share it with you, and get it up and running.  Though that being said, it is open for business. Eyes Open is more than a production house, more than a business, more than a collaborative art adventure.  It’s a community, a place to teach as well as learn, a place with growth and improvement at the heart and soul of the thing.  It will not be an actual physical place for some time now. But let’s just say by the end of this year, Eyes Open will become more than dream.  For we walk the fine line between waking and dreaming here at Eyes Open, and doing what we love should be able to sustain us in a perfect world. And athough this is far from a perfect world, I think going forward, with our endeavors, we can help better this world.  Working on new songs, networking and trying to finish writing my book, all as part of the whole, to bring Eyes Open truly to the masses by year’s end!  Join us.