Have you heard the news lately?

February 7, 2015

Me either, until like two days ago. All anyone wanted to talk about was deflated footballs, and then the superbowl, and then how great the superbowl was, and dancing sharks, and oh my god, the patriots won, did you see that? on and on and on. Football is a sport. A lot of people like it, some people play it, people that play it like playing it and have fun playing it. But it isn’t news, the fact that “deflategate” and the silly overpriced game that ended the football season, are more talked about than any of the crazy awful things that have been happening in the last year is a problem. So let’s keep our eyes open from here on out, okay? I’m not trying to insult football fans, but it’s dumb to ignore important things to talk about who won or lost a game. But I will say, dancing sharks are awesome!


Groundhog Day

February 7, 2015

So, I wrote about this earlier this week but am only posting now. Bill Murray taught us years ago that February 2nd was a good day for second chances, and third chances, and fourth chances. okay you get the fucking idea already. But seeing how Groundhog day is a completely worthless, throwaway holiday, whereon school and the banks are open, and mail is delivered. Okay no big deal, right? But what if this silly movie example makes a point about our lives in general. It’s time for more people to care about second chances, giving them getting them, not being beyond the act of forgiveness, which of course depends on what someone did, but you get the point. Groundhog Day, the movie, which I’ve not even seen the entirety of, proves that we are more or less, masters of our own destinies. If there is someone you miss, tell them, if there is someone you hurt, and you really regret it, try and seek forgiveness, if you auditioned for something and didn’t get in, try it again. If you tried a certain food once and loathed it, try it again, if you hated a show after a single episode, try one more. You get the idea, but second chances are more important than ever at this crazy modern time that we live in.


February 7, 2015

I’ve heard enough about this on the news, and am appalled and disgusted at what this group does, and the fear and hate they perpetuate, but the way we deal with the problem isn’t helping and may in fact cause this situation to grow worse. I’m glad to hear that most of the world is having a public outcry over this group, and all that it does, but the news media still decides to refer to these sick fucks as nothing other than the Islamic state. Sure, it’s what they call themselves, but demonizing all of Islam alongside these fucks, isn’t only wrong, it’s the worst kind of wrong. Call them the Nutjob Warlords for all I care, since that’s what they are after all. Don’t stir the pot even more by calling them what they want to be called and giving them more power.

Pushing carts at work….

February 7, 2015

What kind of bullshit is this? I am quite serious here. It’s too cold for that kind of crap. I agree to do it sometimes, as every flippin’ associate should, but should i be scheduled to do that and only that for entire shifts? No. And here is the big kicker, let’s just make it a rotating thing and give everyone a turn. The other morning, thank god, was not as cold as this morning was, but what I did notice was that other associates who will remain nameless in this rant, were already outside in the lot assisting with uncovering the buried cart corrals. So that task finished, all I heard on the radio for the next two hours from one of these people was how they were out freezing their fucking butt off uncovering these damn things. Big fucking deal, I’m out here all day, you were out here all of ten minutes, so whose job is more important here? It’s cold, I’m freezing my buns off here, and I’m doing the work of like three people here. Not to mention the plow truck that keeps nearly running me over, not to mention the fact that as soon as I throw on the yellow safety vest and put hands to a cart outside, I’m automatically faced with turned-up noses, people letting carts fly towards me because I’m standing there, and people thinking they can talk down to me. I didn’t sign up for any of this. Nearly five years of bullshit at one of the shittiest employers in the free world, and I get tossed out here like garbage. I don’t deal well with that. I’ve always said that the way they treat their cart people vs. the way they treat people that make everyone else take the fall for them is appalling. those who do work should be treated as such. those who don’t, well I don’t think I need to even say what should be done here. But I will say, I’ve had enough of this winter, I’ve had enough of not being allowed to stick up for myself, I’ve had enough of being made to feel like an inferior person. I did go to college you know, I can follow orders as good as anybody, and am very willing to help where help is needed, so utilize me as the valuable asset that I am. You treat people better, you get better results. So there!

Snow? What is this snow?

February 7, 2015

Come on Winter, we get it. You’re mad at us for moaning and groaning about you. But we love you we really do. Just bring up the temps a little and turn down the snow a bit, and we can part as friends. I’m serious here Winter, get your shit together! How many snow storms have we had already in the last ten days. Calm the fuck down!

First anticipated album of 2015 is…

January 7, 2015

Fall Out Boy? The four tracks I have heard from American Beauty/American Psycho are better than anything I ever expected to come from this band. So I’m as confused by this pronouncement as the rest of you. Beyond that i am highly excited by new Modest Mouse, new Imagine Dragons, and the release of Meghan Trainor’s first full length album. 2015, I love you.


January 5, 2015

I still have a few year in review segments to throw your way, but first, I think I should talk about the movie I just saw. Foxcatcher is haunting, uncomfortable and weird. Steve Carell delivers an intense performance as wrestling coach, and self-proclaimed American Hero John “Eagle” Dupont, while Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo really cement the oddly disfunctional dynamic between USA wrestling champs and brothers, Mark and David Schultz. Going into it you know something bad is going to happen, but unless you are fully aware of the details surrounding the true story this is based on, you will really be caught unawares. Foxcatcher also shows the viewer just how strange the sport wrestling is, and is a great portrait of just what is wrong in professional sports, being pushed to win, to care about nothing other than winning. and the psychologically damage that one can wreak on themselves when all they even know how to be is a champion, and all they even know of life is training after training after training. Although I don’t think Tatum’s full range of acting talents are on display in this, I would consider this to be one of his best roles, and truly a role worthy of the attentions of people who have only shrugged him off as a muscley hunk. All I can say to wrap up is that, there is no way I would ever want to be in the olympics.

More thoughts: The Interview

December 30, 2014

I was overjoyed when Sony decided to change their minds about distributing Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen’s new film, even if it was only to a very very limited number of theatres and some funky online rental dealies. $15 million in weekend sales is pretty impressive considering how limited the once wide release has become. But if yesterday’s foray to Keene yesterday with my partner in awesome for the only place showing it anywhere near us was any indication, it will surely have a wide release fairly soon. The theatre was packed, and the movie itself was beyond even my fairly high expectations. I have never seen a bad film by these guys, and this may have even surpassed this year’s earlier hit, “Neighbors.” I don’t know who hacked, and I really don’t care who hacked it, I’m just glad they didn’t win after all, and that’s all I will say about that. Are there plenty of jokes with North Korea at the butt of them? Certainly. Is the humor majorly focused on Americans anti-world attitudes and a social commentary on American idiocy and arrogance? Of course. Is it stupid? Yes, and No. It’s stupid in the way we have come to expect in Rogen and Franco’s comedic style, but as always it’s also cleverly stupid. But in a lot of ways, as ridiculous as some aspects of this film are, it really breaks the mold and very articulately pokes fingers at the censors, and people like the hackers who need to not take things so seriously. It is certainly a more of a coming of age kind of piece from the guys who have brought us the biggest hits of stoner/slacker comedy films. And the hack, and the publicity surrounding it, the banter between many countries heads of state, and everything else that has come from this movie’s existence truly shows that maybe the world has come a bit further than we have realized in these last few years, with people always blaming all the wrong people for everything that goes on in this world. So what it really comes down to is, if you aren’t a fan of this type of movie, you won’t like it, if you are you will love it, and if you aren’t sure, then it’s probably not for you either. But it is exactly what it is and does what Rogen/Goldberg set out to do all along. So make your choice based on yourself and not anyone else.

The Interview

December 19, 2014

I am not alone in being bummed about not getting to see The Interview, which I have been hyped up about for over a year at this point. And I can’t help but wonder, if the threat is real or if it’s just some jackasses causing trouble for attention, that either way I feel like we’re living inside some 90’s movie, where hackers rule the early internet with an iron fist or something. I don’t know, I just feel like that. Personally, I think it’s just a cry for attention, and also a way for them to cause disruption, by distributing the movie themselves to short change the studio. They say, “it’s no inside job.” I say, I think it is, but that’s not the point. Either way, if Hollywood can kowtow to some hackers for a movie that is pure satire and not to be taken seriously by any means, there is a problem. I understand delaying release, but cancelling release entirely is idiotic. What does this mean for the future? There are so many films in this vein, and people barely bat an eye when they come out. People who are offended will be offended, it’s just how it works. But now everyone wants to see this film. Let it out.

Merry And Bright Part 5: The Gift nobody wants..

December 19, 2014

Okay, so it’s less than a week before Christmas so it’s a bit too late to request this of those who bestow the gifts upon you, but in all fairness, I know what you don’t want for Christmas, unless you do, so stop reading right now. But I feel like a Chia pet is not something you would be happy to get. And maybe it’s selfish to say, “don’t get me this,” but I think this is part of bad gifting 101. Nobody will be happy that you got them a mold farm for Christmas. But sure enough, you would not believe the number of people who have requested daily help in having me point them into the aisle where they are located. Hot seller this year people. Be alert!