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The Voice

December 17, 2014

So the Voice finale was on last night, and every time one of these competition shows rolls around, I sometimes wonder about the American public’s taste in music, and the ultimate result was certainly not an exception to the rules. And no, it’s not because he’s country, I’ve kind of gotten over my loathing for country music, as deep-seated as it was. And no, I’m not opposed to him winning because he has the same name as me. Us Craigs gotta stick together after all. But on a show called the Voice, you are voting for who has the best Voice, and Craig Wayne Boyd surely doesn’t have a better voice than Damien, Matt McAndrew, and Chris Jamison, who all seem to have more mass appeal as chameleon artists, than Craig does sticking to one type of thing. But that is also not a problem. But what is strange is that Matt McAndrew topped the download charts on Itunes at the time of the finale last night. So apparently the most popular person on the show still can’t win. Oh well, all four of them got to drive off in brand new Nissans, and each of their new singles are phenomenal, and better than what I have come to expect from finalists on this show, as much as I have loved a few contestants here and there in the past.

Playlisting: Burning Bridges!

June 4, 2014

1. OneRepublic- BurningBridges

2. The Breakdown- Josh Kaufman(most recent winner of The Voice)

3. Haunt- Bastille

4. World Is Gonna Drown- Rubblebucket

5. Of The Night- Bastille

6. Uncle Johnny- The Killers

7.Life Is Real- Mos Def

8. Subterranean Homesick Alien- Radiohead

9. Disco//very-Warpaint

10. Space Rock- Weezer

11. Nothing But Trouble- Phantogram

12. Skulls- Bastille

13. Something Happened- Billy Bragg

14. Chartreuse- Capital Cities

15. The Easy Spell- Mos Def

16. Ocean Breathes Salty- Modest Mouse

17. The Fall of Man- Matthew Good Band

18. No Grey-The Neighbourhood

19. Sleeping With A Friend- Neon Trees

Cart Pushers Union

February 2, 2014

When you walk out of the store donning your yellow reflective vest, you realize that any of the ills and general rude treatment you suffer as a sales floor associate are nothing compared to that which you suffer as the cart pusher.  You are the lowest of the low, you are like scum to the general customerati it would seem.  Demeaned, and dehumanized for doing something that is probably more taxing than any other job at the store, said as it seems to say.  Why is this?  What sort of world is this that we have created?  And what can we do to fix it?  It’s not like it’s their fault they have this job, and it’s also not like their job doesn’t make their shopping experience more convenient. Just saying.  So maybe that’s why it always seems that at least one cart pusher out of ten doesn’t seem to do their job at all.  No respect means a detriment to worker morale and general work ethic.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it Corporate America, and your GOP bedfellows. 

The View From The Parking Lot

December 1, 2013

By breezing through all their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving day, it seemed going into work on Friday, that Walmart had become an active participant in the Black Friday boycotts.  Some really insane deals lay untouched upon the shelves, which only made me wonder, couldn’t we sell these items at this price all the time and still have everyone cutting a profit?  There were no lines on any of the registers, and the parking lot was devoid of all life except for the seagulls, the only beings to benefit from the disturbing waste culture of the American Dream.  The sharp talons of these birds are pointing all too clearly at the true detriment of extreme consumerism.  Bless their little hearts!

Making new friends…

April 18, 2012

With my messed up work schedule, it is often hard for me to balance my social life as of late. And as someone who actually likes doing things, decides to actually live, and do and make, and play:  That is not a good thing.  So many social interactions can occur here, but being in front of a computer screen for hours on end is not my idea of a good time, unless I am imparting words of wisdom, and spreading love to the masses or hashing out some poetic device or other, the click-clack-clack of the keys under my fingers, a background music that never gets old.  Ideas colliding in my brain set the rhythm of the song of story from my fingers. It can be sudden, out of nowhere, purely spontaneous. It can be slow, steady, well-ordered, or it can be all over the place, fast drumming tom beats of verse.  Whatever form it takes, that is when I feel most alive in front of this computer screen.  The internet is all well and good, but I find so much of my time spent on here is empty, emotionless, not worthy of a second thought.  But this post college, “real-world” bull is harder than it seems.  It’s been two years and I still wonder, how do I approach this person or that, ask them to get a drink, if they wanna philosophize deep thoughts over coffee, or just if they want to just wander around town sometime?  Outside of a college setting, it’s so daunting, without places that are equally familiar, like the dining commons, gym, library or student center, there is an art to social interactions that we needed a bit less at school, where any given day we may eat lunch with a new person, get in animated discussion with any random person in your class who most likely has similar interests, or find people that have schedules that are at least somewhat similar to your own.  There are plenty of people I like at work, more than I ever expected, if I could be perfectly honest, all different ages, backgrounds, interests, people that are more than just the carbon copy,  lonely masses that often seem to be associated with places like this.  And that gives me hope for the future, but there are also too many people who have resigned themselves to being stuck here.  And if fate is a matter of free will, they shouldn’t be exercising their free will to stay here if they really can’t take it .  The job market still blows, or a lot of us wouldn’t be here, but never let your job become the only thing keeping your life going, or you really won’t have a life.  I love a lot of people here, but as far as hanging out, I know I just don’t connect with a lot of them, and am trying day by day to make more lasting connections.  Oddly enough this has been occuring at work. Customers about my age are connecting with me maybe about every other day, and the connection comes through a disillusionment about the way the world should be, a desire to always hold onto dreams and strive forward, college grads that are disenfranchised, people that understand just how problematic my lot seems to be at times.  And with my networking skills finally branching out a bit better into the real world, I am sure that this world is surely changing for the better.