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More thoughts: The Interview

December 30, 2014

I was overjoyed when Sony decided to change their minds about distributing Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen’s new film, even if it was only to a very very limited number of theatres and some funky online rental dealies. $15 million in weekend sales is pretty impressive considering how limited the once wide release has become. But if yesterday’s foray to Keene yesterday with my partner in awesome for the only place showing it anywhere near us was any indication, it will surely have a wide release fairly soon. The theatre was packed, and the movie itself was beyond even my fairly high expectations. I have never seen a bad film by these guys, and this may have even surpassed this year’s earlier hit, “Neighbors.” I don’t know who hacked, and I really don’t care who hacked it, I’m just glad they didn’t win after all, and that’s all I will say about that. Are there plenty of jokes with North Korea at the butt of them? Certainly. Is the humor majorly focused on Americans anti-world attitudes and a social commentary on American idiocy and arrogance? Of course. Is it stupid? Yes, and No. It’s stupid in the way we have come to expect in Rogen and Franco’s comedic style, but as always it’s also cleverly stupid. But in a lot of ways, as ridiculous as some aspects of this film are, it really breaks the mold and very articulately pokes fingers at the censors, and people like the hackers who need to not take things so seriously. It is certainly a more of a coming of age kind of piece from the guys who have brought us the biggest hits of stoner/slacker comedy films. And the hack, and the publicity surrounding it, the banter between many countries heads of state, and everything else that has come from this movie’s existence truly shows that maybe the world has come a bit further than we have realized in these last few years, with people always blaming all the wrong people for everything that goes on in this world. So what it really comes down to is, if you aren’t a fan of this type of movie, you won’t like it, if you are you will love it, and if you aren’t sure, then it’s probably not for you either. But it is exactly what it is and does what Rogen/Goldberg set out to do all along. So make your choice based on yourself and not anyone else.


Revenge of The Maddeningly Awesome Mixtape!

November 7, 2014

Pt. II

1. What Would You Do?- Bastille
2. Rather Be- Pentatonix
3. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon- Urge Overkill
4. Do You Want To Know A Secret?- The Beatles
5. Don’t Gotta Work it Out- Fitz and The Tantrums
6. Well Thought Out Twinkles- Silversun Pickups
7. Mahna Mahna- CAKE
8. Blame It On The Girls- MIKA
9. Straw Hat And Old Dirty Hank- Barenaked Ladies
10. Say It Ain’t So- Weezer
11. Everlasting Light- Black Keys
12. Shut Your Mouth- Garbage
13. Savoy Truffle- The Beatles
14. Barton Hollow- The Civil Wars
15. Shameless- Lissie
16. Rain King- The Counting Crows
17. Take It Off- Ke$ha
18. Durban Skies- Bastille
19. 11:59- Michael Franti and Spearhead
20. Perfect World- Broken Bells
21. Hysteria- Muse

New playlist: The Maddeningly Awesome Mixtape!

November 7, 2014

Part I

1. The Driver- Bastille
2. Changes- Bowie
3. Gold Dust Woman- Fleetwood Mac
4. Shiver- Maroon 5
5. Habits(Stay High)- Tove Lo
6. Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up- LCD Soundsystem
7. Starships- Pentatonix
8. Good Looking Man About Town- Morrissey
9. Marilyn Monroe- Pharrell Williams
10. It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning- We Were Promised Jetpacks
11. No One’s Here To Sleep-Naughty Boy featuring Bastille
12. Glory and Gore- Lorde
13. Out of My League- Fitz and The Tantrums
14. These Things- She Wants Revenge
15. All The Things She Said- T.a.t.u
16. Aubergine- Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
17. Car Crash- Matt Nathanson
18. Decisions-How To Dress Well
19. Latch- Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

Some Folks…

June 22, 2014

Some people are in it for the money.  Some people have more money than they would ever know what to do with it.  Some people  hate their jobs.  Others love their jobs.  Some love their jobs but hate the pay.  Some people hate their jobs, hate their pay, and hate the way it makes them feel.  I’m in that last camp.  But really I’m not complaining.  I know how it feels to be alive, and that makes all the difference in the world.  I like feeling alive, and the second I walk through those doors, I know myself, I find myself, I am myself.  It’s the only way to be.  A true sense of self is highly sought, but rarely found.  I want a new job.  Yes, I want this new job to pay me well, or better, but I’m not in it for the money.  I’m in it for the sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that I can always do more to better myself, to better the world around me, and to bring more smiles to the frowning faces of the world.  That’s my mission statement….

Playlisting: Burning Bridges!

June 4, 2014

1. OneRepublic- BurningBridges

2. The Breakdown- Josh Kaufman(most recent winner of The Voice)

3. Haunt- Bastille

4. World Is Gonna Drown- Rubblebucket

5. Of The Night- Bastille

6. Uncle Johnny- The Killers

7.Life Is Real- Mos Def

8. Subterranean Homesick Alien- Radiohead

9. Disco//very-Warpaint

10. Space Rock- Weezer

11. Nothing But Trouble- Phantogram

12. Skulls- Bastille

13. Something Happened- Billy Bragg

14. Chartreuse- Capital Cities

15. The Easy Spell- Mos Def

16. Ocean Breathes Salty- Modest Mouse

17. The Fall of Man- Matthew Good Band

18. No Grey-The Neighbourhood

19. Sleeping With A Friend- Neon Trees

Eyes Open: Open For Business

May 7, 2014

A  website shall be forthcoming for my mixed media enterprise that I call Eyes Open.  This is the future of production, people.  i can’t wait to share it with you, and get it up and running.  Though that being said, it is open for business. Eyes Open is more than a production house, more than a business, more than a collaborative art adventure.  It’s a community, a place to teach as well as learn, a place with growth and improvement at the heart and soul of the thing.  It will not be an actual physical place for some time now. But let’s just say by the end of this year, Eyes Open will become more than dream.  For we walk the fine line between waking and dreaming here at Eyes Open, and doing what we love should be able to sustain us in a perfect world. And athough this is far from a perfect world, I think going forward, with our endeavors, we can help better this world.  Working on new songs, networking and trying to finish writing my book, all as part of the whole, to bring Eyes Open truly to the masses by year’s end!  Join us. 

Playlist for Easter Weekend

April 19, 2014

1. Feeling Good- Nina Simone

2.  What I’m Fighting For- Matisyahu

3. Crossroads- John Mayer

4. Come Away to The Water- Maroon 5 feat. Rozzi Crane

5. Sweet Soul Sister- The Cult

6. One Engine- The Decemberists

7. Save Me- Muse

8. Kick Drum Heart- The Avett Bros.

9. So Here We Are- Bloc Party

10. Silver and Gold- U2

11. Runnin’ Blues- Color of Mind

12. A Punch Up At A Wedding- Radiohead

13. Crucify- Tori Amos

14. Run Daddy Run- Pistol Annies

15. If I- Flobots

16. Lightning Crashes- Live

17. Don’t Leave My Mind- Azure Ray

18. Fizzy Love- Catherine Wheel

19. Such Great Heights- The Postal Service


April 18, 2014

It being the week leading into Easter it seemed fitting that the idea of passion would cross my mind.   If you know the story behind the Christian holiday that some people will be celebrating on Sunday, you most likely know that Christ’s final hours are referred to by a single word: passion.   I am all for spreading the word about the things I love and always great to encourage others to always strive to do those things they live, their passions as it were.  So it’s funny that something that means that which we love or admire or hold great enthusiastic feelings for, or hold in high regard is routed in a word that means suffering.  Though in a way it makes sense.  We go through a lot of grief throughout our lives to be able to do the things that keep us happy, but still we soldier on.  So I guess in a sense we suffer to live the life we want. So any kind of sacrifice or sufferance that we endure to do that which we love is truly the meaning behind having a passion for something.  The world beats us down, or someone expects us to behave a certain way, like a certain thing, wear a certain kind of clothing, endure a horrible job that leads to a dead end in our lives, or any number of things.  Our faith in that thing, and in our life  sometimes hangs in the balance, but still we persevere, or at least try to.  That resilience keeps our passions intact.  And as we head into this weekend, which is the coinciding occurence of numerous festivals, holidays, and fertility rites, all of which signify rebirth and new beginnings and all that kind of stuff, remember what your passions are, and keep them strong in your hearts, in your minds.  Put one foot in front of the other, and walk into the rising sun, remembering that life is yours for the living.  So get out there. Go! Do!

Springtime is good for 80’s Vinyl…

April 3, 2014

Listen Like Thieves by INXS!  

True Colors by Cyndi Lauper

Yet another new playlist: Ooh La La

March 7, 2014

1.Paris (Ooh La La)- Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

2. Book Of Endings- Adam Pascal

3. Happy- Pharrell Williams

4. Believer- American Authors

5. Things We Lost In The Fire- Bastille

6. Boys- The Beatles

7. Every Teardrop is A Waterfall- Coldplay

8. Mahna Mahna- CAKE

9. Nothing But Trouble- Phantogram

10. Lose Yourself To Dance- Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams

11. The Only Way- Filter

12. Pilot Can At The Queer of God- The Flaming Lips

13. Only Happy When It Rains- Garbage

14. Barrel of A Gun- Guster

15. Harder To Breathe- Maroon 5

16. Animal- Miike Snow

17. Lovecraft in Brooklyn- The Mountain Goats

18. Skinny Love- Birdy

19. These Streets- Paolo Nutini