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Dysfunction in Motorists Creates so-called Malfunction Junction

November 14, 2014

Welcome to Brattleboro, Vermont, where this one ridiculous looking intersection is the bane of most motorists’ existence. They call it malfunction junction. But this guy was on the scene to tell you it has nothing to do with the timers on the lights, or the intersectin itself, as confusing and awful looking as it is. For years and years people were driving through here and nobody on any side had lights to stop for. It was awful, it was hard to navigate, and it was quite simply, a problem. So the town ultimately got fed up with the complaints and installed lights at least a few years ago at this point. But the complaints continued. Some say it got worse, but I say it’s about the same, plus a little better because now you’re less likely to get in a collision with another motorist that doesn’t have to stop or slow down from his direction either. So here’s the shocking truth: this junction is still malfunctioning, because people still this many years on, refuse to acknowledge that there are now lights here. You know how many near misses I’ve had with people running red lights that are in traffic coming towards me? A lot. And that’s all I have to say. Learn how to drive losers!!


In the storm of ideas..

December 13, 2013

Four years ago I started this blog, four years ago, the end of college, and the possibilities of the world at large sparked a frenzy in me, and a desire to spread my voice, and the light which I try to bring with it through the world. The power to change, to create my own path, to struggle against adversity, and always root for the underdog, a passion brought about by my birth in a pre-Winter blizzard, reflecting upon my dual nature, my fire and ice. That’s what it means to be the snowchild. Four years ago this week, I turned 23, four years ago this week, one of the most important people in my life embarked on his next journey, into that which Hamlet describes as “that undiscovered country.” My grandfather had a profound influence on my life and my discovery of self. The self I found was like him yet wholly unlike him. He understood me better than any other, whether or not he always saw eye to eye on things that I did, or thoughts that I thought, but he knew me plain. The way very few others have known me. My promise to myself in the post-collegiate world, was the same promise I made to me. I would live fuller, feel greater, and fight for my place in the world that would truly make me feel truly myself. I have not given up on this dream and what’s more, I will truly make it my cause this time around, to really turn things to the way I want them to be within a matter of the next few months. This journey began here, and returning to this spot as it does once a year, it will set out from the initial point of origin once more. I can only wonder what surprises are in store upon this road, diversions, new interests, distractions, all contribute equally to the experience of life, so embrace it all.

The Drive Home

December 6, 2013

Driving home last night was like existing in a place outside of time.  The fog had closed in on all sides, and you could see only the tiniest hint of the road ahead.  Think of a rough draft of the world, think of the primordial goop that there must have been before the creation of the universe.  In the few places where the fog had begun to lift, it was like watching the world be born, things coming in and out of focus the start of something new and curious and exciting.  I couldn’t help imagining the fog releasing its stranglehold on the world around me, breaking free, my eyes lighting on something I had never seen before, because it would all be new.  Besides a hell of a frustrating ride home, it become something so much more.  I think it is up to us to have these kinds of moments to truly get a better perspective on life and the world around us. 

The network is growing…

October 22, 2013

surely not by leaps and bounds, but by steps and steps and steps.  But like the old holiday special says, “put one foot in front of the other.”  And repeat.  What can go wrong?  Sure you’ll hit some snags along the way, but after hitting almost nothing but snags for the past while, it is a relief that there is finally some momentum behind the movement that I am building.  My eyes are open to the truth and the love and the opportunities blossoming in some of the surrounding communities.  The rediscovery of haunts in my college town, the bustling burg of Keene, New Hampshire, has made me more friends, acquaintances, and a great number of more open-minded free thinking individuals, within a month, then I have found in Brattleboro within the last year.  I think that’s saying something.  Brattleboro has sort of become a closed system with the exception of prominent night spot, Arkham and a few others.  Yeah business is bad everywhere and all that, but no bars have closed in Keene due to lack of community interest, and sure it’s a college town, but people also know that it may not seem like there’s much to do, but being an adult is about making your own fun instead of waiting for people to hand it to you or invite you out places.  My network: Eyes Open, Project Skybreak, Phoenix, End of The World, or whatever I decide to call it any given day, is on the rise, and maybe that day where we can turn this into the pure mixture of business and pleasure and create something truly incredible in this world is closer than I think.  Some new people and some long lost near and dear friends that have resurfaced really inspire me to get back on this train and deliver the goods.  I still don’t know how to convert this artsy fartsy, revolutionary dream into a business model, but that will come soon enough I’m sure.  


August 8, 2013

I’ve been wandering and wondering: what does it take for music and art to thrive in a nowherish town?  People know where we are on a map for poop’s sake!  Two of our very few night spots in town just said goodbye so very suddenly.  Do people just not hear about what’s going on, or not know the places are here to go to?  I mean I am guilty myself of falling in and out of drudgery, sometimes bewailing a non-existent social life, instead of going out and giving it a well needed boost.  Barnaby’s may have already come and gone, but fear not Brattleboroian pleasure seekers, for there is still hope.  For a nice relaxed meal and a possible movie later on, go to Flat Street Brew Pub.  The number of beers on tap there is staggering.  There’s also hometown favorite Mcneil’s Brewery, who serve nothing but their own beers.  And then there’s Metropolis, bands and music weekly, and Monday night open mic.  It’s always a good time even if the drinks are a touch pricey.  But I come at last to the new kid on the block as it were, situated snugly in the midst of my oldest Bratt haunt, The Harmony Parking Lot.  Welcome to Arkham. It’s not quite a  classy joint, but it’s not exactly a scummy dive either.  It’s well kept, lively and fun. Air hockey, pinball and old school arcade games, not to mention pickle shots.  Yeah it’s a bit weird but they’re popular, pickle juice and vodka. There are daily specials, a well-stocked bar and great people galore.    Within my first five minutes, I knew the bartenders by name, clinked glasses with my friend for his triumphant stateside return, and had conversation with several people I had only just met.  I don’t believe there was a single person there who didn’t want to talk about something.  And the prices?  Great.  I’ll be back this weekend I’m sure.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

Orange Television at Barnaby’s

April 10, 2013

Friday Night, I went to the monthly gallery walk in the wilds of Brattleboro.  For those not in the loop, as it were, Brattleboro holds a special event downtown the first Friday of every month.  It’s the day when all the galleries change out their exhibits or add new things.  There’s music and joy and laughter, and some very eccentric, oddball, and amazing people everywhere.  It is the day I remember that there is actually stuff to do in this town.  Running into old friends and new friends in an amazing mishmash is such a joyous and spontaneous experience.  After visiting galleries I stopped into Barnaby’s for a beer.  Drank some hoppy masterpiece well worth my five bucks.  

Once more for those not in the loop, Barnaby’s, formerly, Rocky Top Tavern, has a sign out front boasting that it is Southern Vermont’s premier music hall.  I experienced my first show there, when I went to see local band, The Love Sprockets perform. The music was great, a lot of soul behind it, a lot of passion, but out of the abysmally small crowd, half of them still thought it was a sports bar and paid no attention.  But that was  a Sunday night also.  Friday, I was getting antsy waiting for the ban to start, so I ended up taking a walk with my friend.  When I came back a bit later, the soundchecks were finally done, and the set was in full swing.  

I found myself assaulted by a unique fusion of grungy vocals, blues jams, Southern Rock, and Radiohead.  Lots of energy, lots of feedback, lots of distortion. And a super tight three piece.  I danced up a storm with wild abandon. It’s not enough for me to feel the music, I must become it.  Orange Television did this for me. I scored a free CD and made some new friends and dancing partners that were immediately on the level.  The community is truly starting to come together, and it is through music.  The crowd consisted of standard bar flies, groupies, and general music fiends like myself.  

So if you’re out some night and need a break from the standard bar routine, check out Barnaby’s and see if there’s a show.  It may look like a sports bar still, but  I soon think it will be a musical hot spot for the region.  See you there. 

Also check out Orange Television in Northampton, Mass on May 4th, covering Ok Computer in its entirety. 

My thoughts( lots of madness and badness going on in these parts lately)

August 10, 2011

I would say something like “my condolences to those affected by this tragedy,” but that would seem to devalue my feelings. This effects all of us as part of this community, as co-op shoppers, and non co-op shoppers alike. This climate of hate and fear that the people of Brattleboro and the surrounding towns have found themselves in the midst of for the last few months, perhaps a bit longer, can be lessened. Those lost will not be forgotten, and it would be insulting to their memory if we just sit by and do nothing. Let’s keep the conversation going and keep the love flowing, make sure those near and dear to you know just how important they are every single time you see them. This is needed now more than ever. So do everything you can do to make this community better and safer in the future.

Much Ado About Something

June 20, 2011

Life’s been busy, fun, and beautiful. For life is meant to be beautiful, and we must look for the beauty in this world, if we ever fail to see it. 🙂  We are finally in production week of our play, Vermont Theatre Company’s Twenty-somethingth annual Shakespeare in The Park production.  Our Much Ado will be presenting itself this thursday the 23rd, through Sunday the 26th.  We have all worked hard on it, and for anyone in the Brattleboro Area, I welcome you to attend.  Only five dollars, and all shows at 6pm.  And of course, it’s outside.  How often do you get to experience outdoor theatre?

More normallly scheduled postings soon!



Countdown newness

March 29, 2011

This week’s countdown will start with my new feature, Inspiring Mustaches.

1.Freddie Mercury- Freddie was an amazing voice and continues to be on recordings everywhere, and where does that power of awesomeness come from you ask?  The mustache in this video is a fine indication of that.

2.Life is What Happens in-between- I watched the film, Intermission, over the weekend, which is about the intersections of a bunch of people that from the inception of their stories makes you think they are not particularly related to one another.  As the movie continues, everything seems to fall together, and you begin to see how few degrees of seperation there truly are between one event, one person’s action and another.  And the moral of the stories as it were, seems to be that life is what happens in the spaces between. Life is what happens, when you just let it play out naturally.  I rather like the idea, and I think much can be learned from seeing the world in a more collective sort of way.

3.The week’s song obsession- Army of Me by Bjork.    Watching the film Sucker Punch twice in this, it’s opening weekend really made me become greatly attached to this song, especially seeing how well it was used in the film. Which leads me to number four on our week’s 11.

4.SUCKER PUNCH- Hot girls? Check.  A story that apparently takes place in Brattleboro? Check.  Lots of fast-paced action, and pure imagination, and a very quavery boundary between dreams and reality? Check.  I was glad to find a story that isn’t overly complicated, pretty visuals, a perfect choice of music on the director’s part, including great covers of songs by The National and the Eurythmics sung by the star herself, Emily Browning.  And I already mentioned I saw it twice. And the pacing of the movie is never too slow like I found the director’s take on Watchmen to be.  Thank you for a great time at the movies! Twice!

5.Speaking of Movies….this is an item of not so greatness, yet it is a big piece of the pizza that was my week.  Kipling Cinemas, located on the Northern end of Bboro mysteriously shut down after their thursday night movies, for the indefinite future.  This is a strange turn of events, for the movie going populace is in full force around these parts.

6.Headroom Stages- My usual shout out to a business or a person that helps keep the quality of life to a high level. This week, Headroom Stages on Elliot Street in Bratt, former home of my once beloved, and smelly Tinderbox.  I had the pleasure of experiences my first show there.  I witnessed the bizarre multi-voiced folk of Dred Foole, who mentioned having played a show in that room before, with the added comment, “it never looked like this before.”  And when I say multi-voiced, I mean that he sang most of his songs in two or even three different voices, making a one person call and response that could be described as almost musically schizophrenic.  Add into the mix random babbling and other gibberish, he is his own effects pedal.  Next to hit the stage was Kurt Vile, a one man band on acoustic guitar, that has to be heard to be believed.  Let’s just say it was the loudest           “acoustic “show I have ever been to.  And I had that opinion before J. Mascis, Indie champion of Dinosaur Jr. fame, (or not as the case may be) took the stage, showcasing some of his newest solo work.  Great use of looping, and a rawness that can only be felt in the live performance, and an overall fun time, that I would be more descriptive on if I could have seen better over the heads in front of me, and if I had not been exhausted beyond belief and nearly falling asleep at the end of the set.  Go see a show at Headroom Stages!

7.Paul Is Undead–  An amusing alternative history of The Beatles, if they were a bunch of zombies.  It’s a highly silly, and deeply intriguing read. Check it out.

8.Good Omens- A great read, and a great take on the apocalypse, full of humor, the highest level of absurdity I have come to expect from most of the works of the authors, Mr.s Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, while still feeling down to earth and real.  It’s all in the way they draw the characters.  And it gives me more ideas to write my own apocalyptic, sacrilegious, irreverent, heartfelt and sentimental tale, code-named: Satan’s Darlings. More on that to come, and expect a deeper review of this book on my book review blog

9.More hot tunes:

10. Let’s go to comic-con!  And for a nerd-fixation to keep you on your toes until then,

11. April is going to be the month of ROCK!

Until next week, keep it real, (or fake) and be spontaneous!

The not quite ides of March: 11 finished in the last minutes of the 11th

March 12, 2011

1.New Hell- The Hell Mart Supercenter is opening in just a little over a month and for the next over a month I will be working there instead of our old store which is preparing to close. There isn’t anything too hard to do, and its all pretty self-explanatory even though we waste over an hour of our shifts in silly meetings, doing corny cheers and being talked to like we are ignorant children by some of the planning committe, as it were. This is all of us, and for that I begin to see a more cohesive togetherness among more of the associates, and a sense of camarederie with more than I expected to. And free nights and weekends for the next month? No complaints about that.

2. Springing into spring- The weather has been in much of an irrational up and down state for a good portion of recent time, and this season is no exception.  It’s warm and decides to rain, and all of a sudden we’re once more in a deep freeze and all the rain has become ice, but now even with the up and down temps messing with our heads, it is plain to see that we have hit the season of mud, and I really don’t like getting dirty if I can avoid it.  But glad it’s getting warmer as the days go by.

3.New muses- Now that I have to get up really early every morning for the time being, I’m finding myself struck with poetical ideas at times I’m not even used to being awake for, and it seems to be the spark my creativity has needed to enter new and exciting worlds on paper.  Why is this?

4.Volunteering- My volunteer time at the thrift store is seldom lately, and now that i’ve gotten back into the habit of a regular weekly shift for them, I will be away from them again for a month due to my new work hours for the time being.  But there’s just something about being there that makes me feel good.  Experiencing someone else’s “junk” as something new as something for the first time, is a treasure in its own right.  Given, some of the donations quite literally are junk, but it is amazing what sort of stuff you will find, like pristine condition pink floyd vinyl, which I snagged on one shift, or an old vhs tape of a movie you’ve always wanted to see.  My most recent purchases include some great two dollar cds.  A copy of Yeasayer’s amazingly eclectic, electronically awesome, Indie to the core album from just last year, which I had been looking forward to hearing since my first listen to “Ambling Alp.”  Let’s just say I was thrilled by what I heard after that long wait.  Also spinning a lot of my other two dollar cd purchase, the funktastic “Hercules and The Love Affair.”  Thank you experienced goods, for making me experience so many  new and wondrous things for so little, and also give money to hospice in the process!!

5.New Musical Discoveries!-  I am currently obsessed with the song, “Moneygrabber” by Fitz and The Tantrums!

6.Much Ado About Something- Auditions for Vermont Theatre Company’s annual Shakespeare in the Park procuction are coming up. So i’m brushing up my Shakespeare as the song says to do, and falling in love all over again with the bard’s words, and the silly situations humans find themselves in that ring as true in the fancy speeches as they do today, in this world that seems so much more mundane in comparison.  Auditions for Much Ado are taking place on Next Thursday at 7pm in the NEYT building in Brattleboro, if you are interested and have only just heard about it from my posting about it.  I was in a production quite a few years ago now, and it was lots of fun being able to perform in the open air.

7.Poetic Just Us- I have begun posting flyers for the event, that I have already described many times previously, and yet to get too much of a response.  But as long as I have people interested in my ideas, I will never give up.

8.Poetic Everyone Else- Thursday April 7th, I will once more be featured on a radio show, Live streaming . Started by a great guy and fellow writer, who is also amazing at that, a great radio personality who has an ear for good music, Mr. Adam Hogue of Keene State College fame, this new show is going 8:30- 9:30, every thursday night.  You might as well stay tuned afterwards for Danger Blossoms, a solid night of entertainment.  I might decide to be on that as well, on that night!

9.The Works- bakery cafe, is my cup of tea, or in the case of yesterday, my cup of odwalla juice, and my bagel and cream cheese. The newish Brattleboro location is nice and roomy, houses one of my poetic just us adverts on the board as well, and a great place to compute, write, or just plain people watch among the busiest areas of downtown. Reccommendations if you have yet to eat there: California Turkey Wrap, any kind of bagel spread with bacon scallion cream cheese.

10.Book stores-Most of my writing may come to my audience through digital channels, but nothing in my mind beats the pen to the paper, and when it comes to other people’s writing, nothing thrills me nearly so much, besides maybe the person reading their work aloud to me, than books themselves.  Pardon my French when I say, e-readers are shit!  I understand the logistics of having one in some instances, but nothign beats the smell of books, the feel of the paper in your hands, the way they sit on the shelves especially at the used stores,full of the stories written therein as well as the stories of all of their previous owners.  Dear bookstores, thank you for continuing to exist, and not giving into this whole, everything needs to be digital to be worth noticing way of thinking.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

11.I promise better things, and no more missed weeks of blogging(whether or not I can hold myself to that last, I promise more and better things in the days to come),but I am tired and have lapsed on my number 11 item, so here’s some fun that I have already thrown your way, but like the Doublemint gum says, “double your pleasure double your fun.”