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I’m buying more music

March 10, 2015

It’s sort of a problem with me, music junkie that I be, to see something really cheap and buy it up, no matter what I said about saving my money, or catching up on other things I have first, but really I can’t stop, and is it really a problem? Music is life, my life, and I’m spending way less money than everyone else on stupid shit right? right? Well now I can truly impose some new playlists upon y’all. Woot! Also buy the new Imagine Dragons album, it’s lovely, just lovely.


Groundhog Day

February 7, 2015

So, I wrote about this earlier this week but am only posting now. Bill Murray taught us years ago that February 2nd was a good day for second chances, and third chances, and fourth chances. okay you get the fucking idea already. But seeing how Groundhog day is a completely worthless, throwaway holiday, whereon school and the banks are open, and mail is delivered. Okay no big deal, right? But what if this silly movie example makes a point about our lives in general. It’s time for more people to care about second chances, giving them getting them, not being beyond the act of forgiveness, which of course depends on what someone did, but you get the point. Groundhog Day, the movie, which I’ve not even seen the entirety of, proves that we are more or less, masters of our own destinies. If there is someone you miss, tell them, if there is someone you hurt, and you really regret it, try and seek forgiveness, if you auditioned for something and didn’t get in, try it again. If you tried a certain food once and loathed it, try it again, if you hated a show after a single episode, try one more. You get the idea, but second chances are more important than ever at this crazy modern time that we live in.

New playlist: The Maddeningly Awesome Mixtape!

November 7, 2014

Part I

1. The Driver- Bastille
2. Changes- Bowie
3. Gold Dust Woman- Fleetwood Mac
4. Shiver- Maroon 5
5. Habits(Stay High)- Tove Lo
6. Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up- LCD Soundsystem
7. Starships- Pentatonix
8. Good Looking Man About Town- Morrissey
9. Marilyn Monroe- Pharrell Williams
10. It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning- We Were Promised Jetpacks
11. No One’s Here To Sleep-Naughty Boy featuring Bastille
12. Glory and Gore- Lorde
13. Out of My League- Fitz and The Tantrums
14. These Things- She Wants Revenge
15. All The Things She Said- T.a.t.u
16. Aubergine- Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
17. Car Crash- Matt Nathanson
18. Decisions-How To Dress Well
19. Latch- Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

The 802

March 14, 2014

It’s very hard to come up with a band name simply because you want something original(ish) and also something that truly belongs to you on a deeper level. Maybe you don’t. I mean, if that were the case most of the really good bands wouldn’t exist. But I do like the idea of coming up with things that really mean something to me. And then it struck me. Why can’t it be something really simple?  The 802 popped into my head, being a lifelong Vermont body and a person who truly wants to let that flag fly as part of his identity. So expect the album sometime in the next ten years.  But don’t expect us to have the name The 802.  Lord knows I’ll change it by then. 😉

My latest Netflix obsession

February 2, 2014

Lie To Me, stars Tim Roth as a deception expert, a man who makes a living finding out if people are telling the truth.  His character Dr. Lightman has poor social skills in the best of circumstances but is really good at what he does.  And more often than not he helps the police and The FBI and various other organi zations get to the bottom of cases that would otherwise remain uncrackable.  Unlike a lot of shows from the post 2000 era, this show is comprised almost entirely of stand alone episodes.  There is a lot of character growth and development even with that being said.  And all of the main characters are equally exciting for several different reasons.  Especially interesting is Lightman’s relationship with his ex wife Zoe, and his assistant Dr. Foster.  Things get downright volatile between him and his coworkers at times, but you can always see the good inside him no matter what he does.  The first season gains momentum near the end, as the cases get more intense, and more dangerous.  The second season follows suit with the intensity, but the third and final season seems to flatten out, though I have yet to see all the episodes therein, but I sure hope it picks up, because until this point I haven’t been able to take my eyes away.  This show is a welcome release from having to watch every single episode of something to understand what you are watching, and with only three seasons, it won’t take nearly as long to watch as other things.  So take a break between your big story shows and watch this one.  It’s worth it.