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Rainy Days

June 2, 2015

I sit here on the second day of straight rain with a high under 60, after days of 80 plus degree highs. Now it’s chilly, and it seems that the trend will be: “Don’t go out without a jacket on,” fighting back and forth with, “I might reconsider ever wearing clothes again.” If anyone thinks this is normal, that’s very strange. If anyone only thinks it’s strange, sadly, that’s what’s normal right now. Climate change is truly becoming something to pay attention to now, not that it wasn’t before, but only now are people beginning to get the point, beginning to worry, to wake up, to pay attention. How much longer before enough people actually figure out what they can do about it? Let’s walk into this future together, and figure out just what we can do to make it better than what it seems to be going towards.


Crisis in Infinite Walmarts….

January 7, 2012

Apparently it didn’t save my draft of my in progress 2011 movie list. Said list was also delayed on account of me becoming sick in the new year, and who knows if it will actually appear, for I think it is time to hit this year running.  All I can say is this:  Go see the David Fincher version of  Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  It is equal parts nerve-wracking, heartbreaking, astonishing, outrage-inducing, and world changing.  I also do not claim either film version is better than the other, so do yourself a favor and see both, because both are worth your equal consideration.

It is interesting to note how different people react when a crisis occurs.  Our true natures are laid bare for all to see, our game faces stripped away like the polystyrene disguise of a Scooby Doo villain.  Take yesterday at work for example: not present here were the far flung plots to snag some obscure treasure, no meddling kids, talking dogs or brightly colored vans.  But what we did have, was an old and severely confused woman in distress.  She said that she wasn’t feeling good, but she couldn’t express herself to explain just what was wrong, and seemed to be almost frozen in place. The cashier on the register next to mine promptly called the supervisor, who delivered a chair to try and get the woman to sit down.  And immediately after, a number of managers and other such types came to see what was wrong and to assist.  It seemed that the woman had trouble breathing, and after figuring out what was wrong as best as they could they called the EMTs.  So in this instance, I saw managers and people who usually wear a guise of indifference or make themselves difficult to approach, just plain and simple, being kind and compassionate human beings, and not just doing something because it was part of their job. So it goes to show you can never judge by surfaces. That of course goes both ways.  My supervisor chose at that moment to have me take my break, since there were surely enough people helping.   Out in the dingy Walmart break room, I found people who usually seem so dignified and calmly respectful, making fun of what was being said over the radio while this woman was being helped, laughing at this poor woman’s misfortune, and I just wanted to know for the life of me just what was so funny.  It’s like once the new year hits, people are back to their old tricks and too few of the treats to go with them.  Why is this?  It is up to those of us who dream awake, to combat injustice at every turn, and help keep this world a good place for all to live.  It doesn’t matter how much or how little you do. Simply striving to do good, you make this world a better place.