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The Future of Tomorrow

June 2, 2015

Disney’s Tomorrowland was a veritable crowd-pleaser, and a visual delight. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews of this, but everything I had worried about in reading them, is severely unfounded. Disney’s most recent spat of summer failures is finally at its end one might say. I mean what was that “Lone Ranger” bs anyway? Though they’ve already cut their losses by acquiring Marvel and Star Wars, and with the records broken once again by an Avengers movie, they really have nothing to worry about, not to mention that they are Disney and they pretty much run the entertainment industry. Tomorrowland delights by reminding us of the power of our imagination and its lack of limitations, while also reminding us of our impending doom, a doom which may be postponed, if we begin to care. Many have passed this message off by saying it makes the film too moralistic, or some such thing. But I think the entire point of the movie is to instill hope for the future, is to ensure that we do something about this road we are going down, and no we can’t just run off to some pocket dimension and create a better future to somewhere down the line share with the real world, it still gives us hope, and what’s wrong with hope. The story is interesting, and there’s just the right mix of humor, drama, and true heartfelt emotion that all of the over the top imagery still finds itself balancing in the world of the real. You don’t see this enough in mainstream cinema if you ask me.


Miley Cyrus’ Twerk Attack

September 3, 2013

So everyone was in an uproar over the Miley Cyrus performance at the VMAs for the past week now.  And it was apparently seen by the general masses as a bigger outrage than any of the news related to Syria was.  Come on America, where are your priorities?  But  all the same, in regards to the performance itself, it was just a major slapdash mixture of performers and songs, with awful transitions, so all in all a bit sloppily put together.  But other than that, i want to address the point of everybody’s offense.  A young 20 something expressing her sexuality is seen as shameful. Is it because it’s Miley Cyrus, is it because she just has ridiculous hair, or her singing isn’t as good as it used it be?  Is it because you still see her as a little girl playing Hannah Montana?  what is it?  Yes it’s a bit lewd and lascivious, but Lady Gaga is always doing things like this, and nobody bats an eye.  Miley is an adult and can make her own choices, detrimental or not.  But offensive?  I don’t think so.  Awkward to watch because she’s not that great a dancer?  Maybe.  But all I really wanna say is that, this is what bugs us, this is what presses so heavily on our souls, at a time when such horrible things are happening in the world?  Shouldn’t we be more accepting of us as Americans letting our freak flags fly as it were.  A young woman doing something like Miley’s performance is gutsy if you ask me,  and further subverting the male dominated society, by acting out as a liberated woman, her rights as a human being.  Suggestive or not, it’s really not a big deal. Stop the slut shaming and whatever. Besides it was just dancing.