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January 30, 2014

I can’t recall the majority of my dreaming, but when I do it’s fairly vivid.  Whether or not I recall the details or the events, I always seem to know who was in my dream.  And I definitely take a lot of stocking in dreaming, being part of generation screwed, and all that jazz, and I know I’m not the only one.  I’m a one to seek out the path that brings true happiness, with lots of passion and love for this world, anything to further my art, my music, my writing, helping to share my unique cultural perspectives, and desire for great social change in this world.  And I mean that’s a good deal of what this is about, with me writing a blog about my thoughts my feelings, my point of view, sometimes quirky, sometimes well thought out and meticulous, chill and down to earth, awake and dreaming, dreaming and being, being and living, moving and shaking, doing, breaking the sky.  This is what i do and this is what is important, no matter how few may read it.

 So anyways, I had this dream on the weekend, I was hanging out with Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia and Sleater-Kinney, and I was sort of amused and excited that I got to hang out with someone whose work I really admire, and who is just awesome in general, or so I surmise, from my dream and from the fact that she is a comedic genius as well as a kick ass Indie Rocker.  And I would also assume that to be the case because of my dream in which, we must have partied or something. I don’t even know to be honest.  I think i was just way too excited when I woke up and had a dream in which I hung out with her, that it completely slipped me mind what the dream was about other than this fact.  Who do you hang out with in your dreams?


The View From The Parking Lot

December 1, 2013

By breezing through all their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving day, it seemed going into work on Friday, that Walmart had become an active participant in the Black Friday boycotts.  Some really insane deals lay untouched upon the shelves, which only made me wonder, couldn’t we sell these items at this price all the time and still have everyone cutting a profit?  There were no lines on any of the registers, and the parking lot was devoid of all life except for the seagulls, the only beings to benefit from the disturbing waste culture of the American Dream.  The sharp talons of these birds are pointing all too clearly at the true detriment of extreme consumerism.  Bless their little hearts!

New(ish) Politics

January 27, 2011

As most of the USA is aware, President Barack Obama had his state of the union address on just about every tv channel the other night. Did you watch it? I didn’t, but of course I read everything I could about it. Although I have become disillusioned long ago by political hooha, the fact remains that I did vote for this man based on his bipartisan election platform if nothing else. Let’s just say I was at least a little disappointed by many of the goings on in DC since then, due in part to the fact that many of the new bills being reviewed and laws being passed, seem to be approved just to appease many of the uber-conservative, big-business types that sit on our congress. I made sure to specify a type as I am by no means a party player, and there are plenty of democrats who seem to have better heads on their shoulders than plenty of republicans. The inverse of that is also true, which just proves that party politics should go the way of the winner of The Biggest Loser’s waist line. At least party politics that state that there are only two parties and number three, four, or five, is a wasted vote. If we want a party system, we can no longer afford for it to be two. There were more back in the day and the Republican heading didn’t even exist until Abraham Lincoln’s day, wherein he was the first Republican president. Maybe I’m getting off my point a bit with that last, but it may be important to put the current climate better in perspective. The attempted assassination on Representative Giffords in Arizona a few weeks ago, really motivated the bigger themes of the president’s speech, and it reflected as well on all the other politicos in presence at it. Where there used to be seperate partisan seats on either end of the room, there were now just people sitting next to other people. I wish it wouldn’t have come to this to see such sights, but too many people were harmed in the shooting for our government and our general public to just carry on business as usual. For his election, he campaigned against standard partisanship of the past, and told us that our only success of moving ahead as a nation would involve overcoming the stigma of party playing. Sure halfway through the term might not be the time to finally boost this idea, but more of America is finally waking up from the disenchanting dream of the Bush years, and we want more than false compromise and appeasement of the so-called “other people,” we want to discard some of our xenophobia, and come to a respectful compromise that everyone can agree at least a bit better on, and start a discussion that is stimulating for all sides involved. Next step: Try to abolish a mere two party thinking. Over the year I have been on this blog, In all my talk of “working class heroes,” new world orders, of dreamers and livers, of soul friends and lovers, and music countdowns, what permeates it all is the sense of the multi-faceted nature of humanity and human needs. And in the words of Journey: “Don’t Stop Believin’!”