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My Thoughts on The Black Heart Burlesque

December 1, 2013

Last Thursday, I went to a very amazing show up in Burlington at Higher Ground: Suicide Girls’ Black Heart Burlesque.  It was my first time in the venue, and it is a great open space, which I would liken to Pearl Street in Northampton but a bit nicer looking.  In the decade plus since the alt modeling site’s debut, Suicide Girls have done their best to spread their mission of redefining beauty and empowering women from all over the world to be happy with who they are, as well as the fair share of causing great excitement among the masses!    They all seem so chill and open-minded and ooze confidence from their toes, and each girl adds their own unique touch to it all.  Struggling in a quest for self? Check SG out and feel empowered and enlightened.  

Me and one of my best took the long foray to the further reaches of Vermont, with people acquired along the way who I did not know previously. So that in and of itself was a great and interesting adventure.  And much more fun to take long trips with a group.  When the doors were opened, we got the customary  pat down and dispensing of wrist bands.  Of course our first course of action was to take to the bar and get some beer!  Live events and beer have been going steady since the dawn of time.  I think?  Ask wikipedia if you don’t believe me.  

From the moment those girls hit the stage, there was never a dull moment. The choreography was perfect, the costumes and outfits, (or lack thereof) was great, and Katherine Suicide was such a perfect and lovely emcee, with her cheeky British wit and her command of the crowd. Sure I’m a bit biased because one of Katherine’s dances was Doctor Who inspired, but she was great indeed. Other highlights were a Game of Thrones themed dance with this awesome dragon hats, and some chains and not much else, a Kill Bill inspired dance with Beatrix Kiddo’s amazing outfit, and of course near the end of the night, the Sexy stormtroopers. It is hard for me to put much of the night into words, to someone who hasn’t seen it, but one can try can’t they?  And after a sort of downer of a week, this show really brought my spirits up, with the help of one of my besties, the Suicide Girls and a couple really fascinating new friends I made in the crowd. My only regret was leaving Burlington, but I left with my comfy SG hoodie, and a compliment from Lolana Suicide.  She said i looked cute in it. So who am I to argue?

Get out there and explore the world, cool events are everywhere if you know where to look, chances are I’ll be there. 😉  Thank you SG for a great time!