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I’m buying more music

March 10, 2015

It’s sort of a problem with me, music junkie that I be, to see something really cheap and buy it up, no matter what I said about saving my money, or catching up on other things I have first, but really I can’t stop, and is it really a problem? Music is life, my life, and I’m spending way less money than everyone else on stupid shit right? right? Well now I can truly impose some new playlists upon y’all. Woot! Also buy the new Imagine Dragons album, it’s lovely, just lovely.


The Format War

November 27, 2013

If a format war broke out at this moment, would people take to the streets with their turntables, their ipods and their ghetto blasters, wielding them like weapons, against those who favored a format other than their favorite?  Probably not, people like their music to much to hurt their audio devices, but it’s still an amusing picture to think about.  I thought on the onset of the digital age, that we were in the midst of a format war, with the seeming end to casette tapes, the rise in vinyl sales and production, and digital files up the wazoo, or whatever you want to call it.  But anymore, I think people  will always have their own preferences. And yes CD’s seem ultimately bound to fade into the mist, but I don’t see it happening too soon.  I love my vinyl and my CD’s as much as my digital music library.  And in the case of a physical library, it still is important in that computers can fail and cause you to lose all your well earned  eargasms.  But all the same, I would say in this day and age, while vinyl is still typically superior sound-quality wise and fits better on your shelf than most physical formats, and can be acquired in mass quantities at really decent price in your local independent record store, I rely on my mp3s and my CD’s to come on the road with me.  And in this way, it has come to my attention that maybe the format war is a big lie.  Vinyl that gets crackly with age sounds so amazing to me, and it’s like going back in time, it’s like a listening wormhole or something.  Music is life!    

My most recent vinyl acquisition:  Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde

Let’s say I’m a real happy music freak at finding this for 4 bucks!