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The Fourth of July

July 9, 2014

Some people have cookouts, some people have patriotic parades, some people shop, actually lots of people shop. I don’t understand. I mean, as sad as it sounds the Fourth of July is just another day to me most of the time, and fireworks are pretty damn cool, but I can take em or leave em, although i am disappointed when i miss them. I worked a closing shift on the fourth, it stayed crazy busy the whole night, what the hell was so important that it couldn’t wait. If you are a person that actually has this day off, use it for something good. But what most of those people didn’t do on the fourth of july I certainly did. Mario Kart. And that made all the difference. Who’s patriotic now? Oh and extra free food from Domino’s. put that in your pipe and smoke it.


In the storm of ideas..

December 13, 2013

Four years ago I started this blog, four years ago, the end of college, and the possibilities of the world at large sparked a frenzy in me, and a desire to spread my voice, and the light which I try to bring with it through the world. The power to change, to create my own path, to struggle against adversity, and always root for the underdog, a passion brought about by my birth in a pre-Winter blizzard, reflecting upon my dual nature, my fire and ice. That’s what it means to be the snowchild. Four years ago this week, I turned 23, four years ago this week, one of the most important people in my life embarked on his next journey, into that which Hamlet describes as “that undiscovered country.” My grandfather had a profound influence on my life and my discovery of self. The self I found was like him yet wholly unlike him. He understood me better than any other, whether or not he always saw eye to eye on things that I did, or thoughts that I thought, but he knew me plain. The way very few others have known me. My promise to myself in the post-collegiate world, was the same promise I made to me. I would live fuller, feel greater, and fight for my place in the world that would truly make me feel truly myself. I have not given up on this dream and what’s more, I will truly make it my cause this time around, to really turn things to the way I want them to be within a matter of the next few months. This journey began here, and returning to this spot as it does once a year, it will set out from the initial point of origin once more. I can only wonder what surprises are in store upon this road, diversions, new interests, distractions, all contribute equally to the experience of life, so embrace it all.


May 4, 2011

There are so many connections abounding in our lives, whether they be spiritual, personal, romantical, religious, secular, familial or what have you.  But what’s most important in this is to never shy from love.  In my philosophy, love is living, and art is heart.  It is not good enough for us simply to love, but to in a very real sense also become that love.  If love is the agent of change, change being the only constant within life, it is not enough to simply believe in it, but follow it, fight for it, and never be afraid to take a chance no matter how silly you might think it is, chances are someone will find it sweet that you care so much, and that you express yourself in a way that truly belongs to you and nobody else.  And this talk of love, which seems so out of place in the current climate of hate, that seems to be what drives this so-called American life, a dream become a nightmare, decaying much more quickly than it ever has, an oroborous(snake eating it’s own tail, symbol for infinity among other things) of vengeance, this talk of love becomes even more important than it has ever been.  “Give Peace a Chance.”

Love’s strongest manifestation is in the people you surround yourself with.  If you remember an old post I had about soul friends versus soul mates, and of the fractal nature of the human heart, how there isn’t necessarily another half, but a number of others that each fulfill a different role in relation to yourself. The people I surround myself with, who I deem lasting friends, and potential lifelong companions, these people are soul friends.  And soul friends are life-changers, and the best kinds of life-changers.  I had a friend in high school, we went everywhere together, and had a falling out over something stupid, and deigned contact for two years. When we returned to one another after so long, nothing had changed, and it  was like we had seen one another only the day before, and then we recorded our album, songs written with him in mind.  That is a life-changer.  The big life-changers are those you never need to hide anything from, the people who accept you as yourself, can have the most fun in the world with something so simple as getting cocoa on a monday, or walking through the park, those people who carry you through your worst moments, and know you’ll do the same in theirs.

The big life-changers take on many forms, being dressed like a waitress or a cat on halloween, barefoot and bearded on the radio, a fellow poet who drinks a few beers with you and talks of her past life as a tree with such conviction, a purple-haired steampunk obsessive who thinks skunks to be the cutest animals ever, the girl who watches zombie movies with you, puts up with the stupidest shit from you, and still has the desire to take you out and buy you coffee, or someone who helps you realize your hopes and dreams again, when you have fallen into a rut of despair, or a loss of self-worth.  Whether it takes place in a cafe on a monday, on a blue cement block in a parking lot, a concert in vermont where you lose your shoes, and get a mustached hooligan to sign your underwear, at your favorite record store, over the air, playing a song on a street corner, a rainy day walk through a cemetery or lying on a futon in a dorm room talking into the endless hours of night, or anywhere these adventures may take you and anything they may involve, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it changes lives.

Peace and Love,


Love Today

February 15, 2011

Sure, Valentine’s Day may have once again already come and gone, but keep in mind that although this seems like some silly holiday used as an excuse to engorge ourselves on chocolates, or you could be one of those people who doesn’t really see any point to the day unless they have themselves a snookums.  Be that as it may, if the day is apparently about love, let’s remember that. If we already have a someone or not, Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect day to just spread your love to all.  There is so much suffering, so much hate, so much evil in this world, if we just set aside a day to just love a little stronger, to “Try a little (more) tenderness,” and to share more of your self to the world.  One person may be able to change the world, but if we don’t “Come Together,” our message of love may fall short.

  I had initially envisioned today’s Valentine entry as a dating advice column, but I had this idea that Valentine’s Day is better off being a world love day. But, I will digress for a few sentences to touch on a few pieces of romantic advice  I encourage people by all means, if they have sweethearts, or whatever they may title themselves, take full romantic advantage, but if your in first date territory, the “love” aspect of this holiday may be overwhelming to people only getting to know each other. You don’t want to jump the gun if you really want things to work out with the best scenario/ positive outcome.  Maybe it’s not meant to be, and maybe it is, but regardless, if you go in using a little restraint, you just might have a lifelong friend regardless. 🙂  Not always of course, but I’m a romantic through and through, and think there is too much beauty found in my circle(s) of friends to ever hope something could compromise the warm fuzzies of friendship. 

To make our lasting impact on this world, it should be clear, that what you need more than anything to do this, the driving force behind our dreams, our hopes, our desires, “All you need is love.”  Without love, where is our motivation, where is our “drive?” Human creatures need a lot of love to be able to come to terms with just simply existing sometimes.  They always say that all these wicked and bad things occur in the world, because human nature is not to be kind, loving, or gentle.  But maybe it is our nature to love.  We wouldn’t be so adamant about writing “silly love songs,” or be so obsessed with the perpetuation of valentine’s day, or want to watch  chick flicks, which I am not too prideful of a man to admit to enjoying most of the time. 

To close, I would like to pose a shout out to my lovely, loving friends, who will surely be world changers, if they aren’t already.  Thank you for adding that extra spark of awesome to my life, and helping me to “Always look on the bright side of life.”  And I would also suggest that if you are in or around Keene this coming weekend go see The Vagina Monologues at Keene State, Friday and Saturday at 7, or a 2pm matinee on Saturday. One of my awesome besties, the esteemable Casey Ann Adventure is one of the directors this year, and she is brilliant. And if you really are into changing the world, and giving a little more love and/or a fan of the monologues check out the V-Day website as well,

Everyone’s gonna love today, gonna love today, gonna love today……

Peace, until next time.