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October 31, 2014

If you need to liven up your party, or you’re like me and just sitting on your ass this Halloween night, there is an amazing Halloween playlist on Spotify. Do yourselves a favor and listen to it. Also here’s another thought: Trick or treating? it should happen on November first instead. Why? Because all halloween costumes will be half off. Boom goes the dynamite!!

Also, this Halloween, be a Hallowinner!


My Post Halloween Post

November 1, 2013

So I was curious about this:  Do most horror movies exist on this continuum where horror movies don’t exist?  Don’t enter that room, don’t turn out the light, don’t read from that book, don’t watch that damn video, don’t play with that creepy looking artifact.  Bad stuff will happen guys, what are you doing?  Haven’t you seen enough movies like the one you’re in to understand the conventions by now?  I mean seriously, why are these people so absurdly dumb about these things?  And then you get to slasher movies, where the virginal ones are always the last to go, or the people left alive at the end of it. Every character with a sex scene ends up not being long for the world.  So don’t do it kiddos, it’s not worth it.  But then again, I think it’s actually saying if you have unsafe sex, this is what will surely happen to you?  Something sketchy and confusing like that.  I mean you rarely get the idea in movies in general that anyone uses protection.  If the awful disease doesn’t get you, Jason will. You can be sure of that.  But  here’s the other part of it.  Folks like Jason, Michael Myers and the like?  Most of them move very slowly, yet a person runs away full tilt.  But they still get their asses handed to them by the end.  Such a slow moving baddie, may be easy to stop, but no, I’m just gonna keep running until I’m so worn out that I move slower than them. OOps.   I mean all in all, most horror  movies are really fun to watch.  The scary and the cheesy alike. While others, are just really really really really dumb and not worth anyone’s time.  But that all depends on your tastes then.  But while we are still on the subject of slow moving baddies, what about classic zombie movies where they are all slower than fuck?  I mean seriously, all that time you spent boarding up your house, you could have been oh so far away by now.  Sucks to be you I guess.   So what I think would be really fun to see would be the horror movie, where everything that should put you in mortal peril ends up being harmless, more or less, and everything that should be harmless is what will kill you.  Case in point, a group of friends go to a haunted house, the people that know better refuse to go in, only those that went in survive. I don’t know maybe I’m just kind of silly, but it is an amusing thing to think about.  Happy day after Halloween folks!

Things I love about Fall

September 20, 2013

Now that the weather is changing I am excited to usher in the return of my favorite season:  Autumn.  Though in New England, I never know what the seasons are gonna be like, our weather is just so erratic at the best of times.  I am not opposed to t shirts and shorts, on the contrary, most of my shirts are t shirts, but the changing temperatures facing us in Autumn make me feel more fancy dresswise. After it was too hot to wear most of my nicer clothes, this is a welcome change, time to break out all the flannels and button down shirts, and sweaters.  Time to brew up the cocoa, and get bombarded around every turn with all the yummy pumpkin flavored goodness, such as Pumpkinhead, Coffee and Pumpkin Spice eggo waffles, oh and let’s not forget the pumpkin ice cream, my god, life is good in the fall.  The leaves haven’t changed yet, as evidenced by my random destination ride today in my little red car, but i had nothing better to do, and fall is the best time for random drives to nowhere in particular.  Apple picking anyone?  Yes, I love being out in the orchard getting lost in the trees, pretending I’m in nature, when I can see nothing but trees on all sides.  Then there’s that classic moment when you pull an apple down from the tree and rub it on your shirt, and take that first fresh bite, the experience you can’t get from store bought apples. Oh and let’s not forget to mention apple cider.  And Autumn reaches it’s high point around the harvest, samhain or halloween or what have you.  I never do enough to celebrate it, maybe this year I’ll actually find a costume party to go to who knows?  But know that you’ll also probably find me out on a hill somewhere, nursing a cocoa and staring up at the heavens some night. And that is why fall is perfect.