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Merry And Bright Part 5: The Gift nobody wants..

December 19, 2014

Okay, so it’s less than a week before Christmas so it’s a bit too late to request this of those who bestow the gifts upon you, but in all fairness, I know what you don’t want for Christmas, unless you do, so stop reading right now. But I feel like a Chia pet is not something you would be happy to get. And maybe it’s selfish to say, “don’t get me this,” but I think this is part of bad gifting 101. Nobody will be happy that you got them a mold farm for Christmas. But sure enough, you would not believe the number of people who have requested daily help in having me point them into the aisle where they are located. Hot seller this year people. Be alert!


Merry and Bright Part Two: Holiday Tunes

December 17, 2014

What better way to ring in the holidays, and what better way to accompany a major wrap session then with some amazing Christmas music. I find a good mix of traditional pieces, and more modern Christmas offerings really delivers the balance you need. So don’t make yourself pick between a Rock N Roll Christmas or carol singers, use both, and throw in all the jazzy standards while you’re at it. I discovered a surprising gem in regard to the jazzy standards in Seth McFarlane’s new Christmas album, Holiday for Swing. Yes, that Seth McFarlane. No funny business here, just plain old normal Christmas songs accompanied by an awesome orchestra. Check it out y’all.


October 31, 2014

If you need to liven up your party, or you’re like me and just sitting on your ass this Halloween night, there is an amazing Halloween playlist on Spotify. Do yourselves a favor and listen to it. Also here’s another thought: Trick or treating? it should happen on November first instead. Why? Because all halloween costumes will be half off. Boom goes the dynamite!!

Also, this Halloween, be a Hallowinner!

In the storm of ideas..

December 13, 2013

Four years ago I started this blog, four years ago, the end of college, and the possibilities of the world at large sparked a frenzy in me, and a desire to spread my voice, and the light which I try to bring with it through the world. The power to change, to create my own path, to struggle against adversity, and always root for the underdog, a passion brought about by my birth in a pre-Winter blizzard, reflecting upon my dual nature, my fire and ice. That’s what it means to be the snowchild. Four years ago this week, I turned 23, four years ago this week, one of the most important people in my life embarked on his next journey, into that which Hamlet describes as “that undiscovered country.” My grandfather had a profound influence on my life and my discovery of self. The self I found was like him yet wholly unlike him. He understood me better than any other, whether or not he always saw eye to eye on things that I did, or thoughts that I thought, but he knew me plain. The way very few others have known me. My promise to myself in the post-collegiate world, was the same promise I made to me. I would live fuller, feel greater, and fight for my place in the world that would truly make me feel truly myself. I have not given up on this dream and what’s more, I will truly make it my cause this time around, to really turn things to the way I want them to be within a matter of the next few months. This journey began here, and returning to this spot as it does once a year, it will set out from the initial point of origin once more. I can only wonder what surprises are in store upon this road, diversions, new interests, distractions, all contribute equally to the experience of life, so embrace it all.