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Happy Solstice one and all! (I know it’s a day late but I did at least write it yesterday)

December 22, 2013

Happy solstice  to all of you lovely denizens of internetland!  It is four days until Christmas and also much warmer out than it was for the entire two weeks before the official onset of Winter.  I would say Young Man Winter is in charge this year, seeing how impatient he is to set the weather upon us.  Just my thoughts.  Four days before Christmas and just officially finished the true brunt of my gift shopping, and it’s like there is a hole in my wallet.  But I can’t complain, money is dead stuff, whereas the recipients of the gifts that this dead stuff purchased, are warm, living and breathing beings.  It is true that money can’t buy you love, but if you aren’t a miser with your money, you can illuminate more people’s lives.  I know I don’t have much a lot of the time, but I’m still inclined to get someone the better quality gifts, exploring more than just the big box stores, or the generic “hot items,” that everyone always seems to be after.  I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s very thoughtful of you to get my a tv just because it’s $500 less than usual.  It just doesn’t set me on fire. A lot of these more expensive items are not the sorts of things I ask people to give me.  Sure, at this point in my life, a little bit of the surprise is vacant, since I tend to ask for things I need as well as things I want.  But no matter what I get, the joy is still there, and also the sense of wonder that so many people seem to lose as they grow older.  So money indeed can’t buy you love, but you can buy things for those you love, to bring them wonder and merriment.  There was nothing better to me growing up than to try to figure out what items from your list, or not from your list that Santa, or anyone else got for you.  Wrapping paper can transform the most mundane gifts into something absolutely awe-inspiring and incredible.  So keep it merry and bright by just having fun, and appreciating everything you are given, because it isn’t the money that counts, it isn’t the money that tugs the heartstrings and brings on the hugs and kisses and thank you notes, it’s the pure fact that somebody wanted to buy you a gift that makes it special. 

“All People”

August 7, 2013

The new Michael Franti and Spearhead album, “All People,” is yet another great collection of music from one of my favorites in a long line of genre defying awesome haired guys.  It starts out really strong with it’s title track, which encompasses an idealistic passionate feeling for all of the human race while also feeling like a personal love song.  11:59, is a great thought of a life seeking meaning, and the latest radio hit, I’m Alive, is a triumphant sunny day jam just rejoicing in the fact of being alive.  The rest of the album is still being explored by me, but it’s all good, a little bit of rap and reggae, pop radio hooks, and funky rock colliding into a great complete package, with amazing song writing  that holds a worldly vibe while also adopting a personal flavor, where a song about getting along with your global family may follow a song reminscing about forgotten times getting stoned with a lover that has come and gone and just existing.  Spearhead will always be remembered for this amazing duality. Pick up the disc or download it, and let the good times come. 

A new sort of Countdown

February 20, 2011

Well folks, it’s not just for music anymore, but still expect lots of music. 🙂

1.Arcade Fire nabs album of the year at the Grammy’s: This year’s show had a lot more deserving winners than I seem to remember in more recent time, and with the exception of performances by Eminem, and Justin Beiber, the show itself was better than I remember.  To see The Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons play together was nothing short of awesome, but then to have Bob Dylan sing, accompanied by both bands, even though he doesn’t seem to have much of a voice anymore, was pretty  awesome.  The Academy seemed to champion deserving bands a lot this year, so what the hell gives Eminem best rap album, over hardworking groups like The Roots? Eminem’s angry yelling is simply that in my mind, angry yelling!  At least my favorite Canadian Indie people beat him for album of the year!

2.NEW RADIOHEAD ALBUM- They announced earlier in the week, that they would release their new album, The King OF Limbs, for $9 download on their site, TODAY!  I have yet to delve too far into it, but what I have noticed so far, is something a bit unlike anything else by them, but it makes me think of a more subdued version of In Rainbows

3.Turn It UP!- My favorite independent record store, located in Keene, Brattleboro, Northampton, and at the Montague book mill.  On any given day, who knows what you’ll find?  I sure don’t know from one visit to the next what musical gems I will find.  An extensive selection of new and used, vinyl and CDs, plus movies, and video games.  There literally is something for everyone, and beyond that, probably something from almost everyone.  I surprise myself by how well I have embraced the digital age, but I can’t help it, I can only keep up with my music cravings by selling or trading.  And what better place to spread musical joy but here.  One such trade brings into my possession the classic 1993 Flaming Lips album, “Transmissions From The Satellite Heart,” and 2009’s release by Arctic Monkeys, “Humbug.”  Thank you Turn It Up!, for helping me on my quest for tasty musical morsels.

4.Musicals-  The other day, I went to the musical at my High School.  It always makes me feel very nostalgic, having been in four of them when I was in attendance there, and haven’t avoided going a year since I left.  It’s gotten to the point where I no longer know anyone in it, and it makes me feel quite a bit old, although I know I’m not. There is always such vibrant talent in the BUHS theatre department. This year’s production was “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying,” and full of the best High School talent I have seen in years, especially the phenomenal leading man, Taylor Patno.  Bob Kramsky has been directing plays there for nearly thirty years, and he does a stellar job of casting, and is willing to give anyone a chance to shine.  I have a lot to thank him for, and not to forget my old chorus director, who still produces the yearly musical even though he retired in my Junior year.  When I first met the two of them, I was a shy, unassuming, unconfident teenager. And yes, much of the journey was due to my own motivation, what really motivated me was to have mentors like this to believe in my talents and abilities.  And for that I thank both of those fine gentlemen, who truly know how to change the world.

5.Vagina Monologues- This year marks the third production that I have seen of Eve Ensler’s monologues, and every time I see it, I am still as amused, shocked, and moved to tears as I was the first time around.  My great women’s studies professor, Ali Lichtenstein really opened my eyes to the importance of such productions, empowering women everywhere, and empowering everyone else to use love to change this world.  I admire Eve Ensler for having the guts to approach all these women and to get them to talk about things, they might have been rather reluctant to talk about, and I in turn admire these women who were strong enough, bold enough to talk to someone  about it. Violence and abuse against women (and anyone else for that matter) will not be tolerated.  I would also like to thank the VDay movement to empower me to begin work on my own theatrical pieces of social justice.  I also want to give a big shout out to all the amazing women in this weekend’s Keene State production, especially my wonderful friends Casey and Shannon! And on a final note, wearing my V Day shirt into my place of work really turned some heads and got people not necessarily open to the movement talking about it. 🙂

6.Black History Month- There are so many great books I have read and still have been meaning to read, in honor of the subject, but between work and everything else, I am not devoting as much time as I would like to this.  But I have been posting music everyday for the last week, in honor of black history month, featuring Public Enemy and Al Green, among others.  So here are a few good tracks for your listening.

7.Books!- people keep giving me free stuff, and this week is no exception.  I have three or four years worth of book sale books, that I don’t see myself ever getting through, and every week I seem to be given more. And regardless of that, I always seem to be more interested in something I can get with my library card.  As long as I work at this job, where I “need” an enire hour for lunch, maybe I can actually make my way through part of this pile.

8. Cash Register Poetry-  Since I spend so much time at work , I am not always motivated to do all the things I feel like I need to do when I get out.  I have gotten into the habit of writing ideas as they come, streaming my consciousness onto flimsy receipt paper. I get spurts of inspiration of a sort that I can’t usually recall them later, so I need a way to write them as I hear them in my mind.  In an unforeseen stroke of luck, it seems to be working to get my name out there. Customers notice that I’m furiously(or happily as the case may be) writing away as they get nearer to my register, and everyone is so interested to hear about me as a writer, as an individual, versus me as a cashier, just some nameless person they give their moneys to. One sweetheart old lady said to me, “I’m going to tell everyone that I had you as my cashier at Wal Mart when you become famous!” I’m sure it probably made me blush.

9.Subway Sandwiches- Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t know how much weight you could actually lose by eating one of these everyday, or how much money you would have left, but once in a while, they are wondrous and amazing.  My momma gave me a gift card for Valentine’s Day, so  because of that I have had two this week!  Yesterday’s foot of meat and cheese and veggies and yummy and soft bread provided me with two meals yesterday.  I have percieved their new ad campaign.  Goodbye, Jared!  The new slogan in my mind should simply be: “we make good sandwiches, eat here!”

10.Radioland-  Keene State College’s WKNH is chock full of delectable sounds for anyone’s musical taste buds. No one show is such strong evidence of this as Danger Blossoms, hosted every Thursday night by my good friend and part-time rollerskating feline, Felix The Cataclysm. Very few musical genres are not in presence here, and combined with a quirky sense of humor, and inundated with poets, special guests, and impromptu live performances, it truly is a powerhouse of radio.  It’s so full of surprises, one would be hard-pressed not to call it a variety show.  Tune in every Thursday night between 10 and 12, to hear the exotic sounds.  If you are outside of the listening area, don’t despair, the danger streams live to any computer via  Don’t miss out on the danger, and listen for my guest spot(hopefully) on this week’s show!

11.The most important thing of the week: LOVE-  Sure, I spend a lot more time at work than I would like, but who doesn’t? And sure, I don’t see my friends as much as I would like, but aren’t most of us in the same boat in regard to that? And that’s the great thing about love and the people who’s love means the most to us. It’s always there.  Whether it’s a postcard from my friend who is visiting “The Holy Land,” a friend reading my poem over the radio, a beautiful surprise bear hug, that nearly throws you to the ground, or talking to a person you just met at your cash register about your life as a writer, love manifests in so many different ways.  Thank you to all my friends for really giving me the motivation to shine my brightest, and for truly making this world a beautiful place to be.