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It’s hard..

June 2, 2015

It’s hard to maintain a blog like this, when it seems so hard to stay relevant sometimes. I know this is the major plight of the millenials: to have lots of ideas, but to not always have an outlet on which to place them. We are overqualified for most jobs, yet most places won’t hire non-experienced, but nobody has the experience either. And apparently life experience means nothing. Always try to learn, try to apply your skills to new things, keep going, it will pay off. So they said through all your years of schooling, or all those people who you interview well with that still turn around and say, “Well we don’t need you right now, but good luck in your search.” So you have all of this passion, this energy, this panache as it were, but nowhere to apply it. They tell you if you have a degree, a sound mind, and a willingness to adapt and learn and try new things that doors will open for you, but where are they, what are they? Tell us one thing and then other people are like, when are you gonna just settle? I’m not until i find just what I want. and you shouldn’t either. And also, if the door you want isn’t open to you, don’t stop trying to open it.


So I had this brilliant flippin’ Idea as I usually get…

July 9, 2014

Here goes: I was pushing carts today at work, for some lame reason, but this is Hitler’s mansion after all. Or something like it. So anyways, I and the other guy help someone load shit into their car. They love our help, they think it’s great, and they’re all smiles. I watch them get out the money, but we say “listen, we appreciate it but they won’t let us take this,” I mean if you do this without any prompting, isn’t it polite and common courtesy for the associate to take the money and run as it were? And I said, “You know what? It’s one thing saying we shouldn’t ask for them, because at a job like this you shouldn’t, but I think we should be allowed to take them.” The customer totally was on the same page with me about this and I was like, “Fuck yeah!” so then I had this other brilliant idea. How about a crowdfunding campaign that is specifically to go to places like this with overworked and underpaid employees and hand them tips? It would be a social experiment, just to see how many people would take it or refuse it, and for those who did take it, it would really be a job well done wouldn’t it?


May 17, 2014

So I finally sat myself down to watch the Steve Jobs biopic aptly titled: Jobs, yesterday.  And although not as good as I expected, it is certainly good for what it is.  It doesn’t gloss over the uglier aspects of the man behind Apple Computers, nor does it go into the post-Ipod part of his life which is also okay.  It’s not a film about Steve Jobs having cancer, but a film about how he starts a computer revolution, loses an empire, and then comes back out on top of that same empire, which maneuvered him out.  Ashton Kutcher looks just like the guy too.  It’s definitely boring in parts, but it is what it is.  It’s interesting to see just how hard it was for Steve Jobs in social situations, lots of yelling, and spouting of obscenity when he didn’t absolutely love or agree with something.  You see the genius, you see the monster, and you see the man.  And you see just how smart the guy was, and can barely fathom that only mere decades later, all of his inventions have basically changed the course of history.  So love the guy or hate the guy, or feel indifferent about the guy, this movie really gives a deeper glimpse into the inner workings of the early computer industry, and I just find it remarkable, moreso than any other aspect of the film.  It is good on the whole, but my mind is boggled by this one aspect of it all, and that is incredible.  

The Nature of Waste

April 19, 2010

Most people that know me know that Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach is one of my favorite releases so far this year in music.  It’s a great smattering of hip-hop, rock, and 80’s style Electropop, featuring great collaborators such as Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Womack and even Lou Reed.  If you have yet to listen whatcha waiting for?  But anyway, to the real meat of this entry.

I was listening to Plastic Beach, movin’ and groovin’  and noticing that no matter how beautiful the music is, it’s still a very obvious jab to the festering nature of waste culture, the Plastic Beach that the cartoon band finds themselves on is a mass of pollution.  Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m quite the advocate against unnecessary waste, using only as many lights as necessary, recycling, donating or selling unwanted items instead of throwing them away whenever possible.  The town I live in has a nuclear power plant.  The plant has been saying for years amidst really troubling safety practices and logistical errors, that they are all about a clean energy future.  Clean?  The clouds that rise from the smokestack are more dense than a book by Stephen King.  There is poison leaking out into the soil on the site, and they would rather keep it running and a danger to the community than try and fix it or close it down.  And another truth, is that the energy produced by the plant does not benefit anyone nearby.  Sure, it sucks for people to lose their jobs, but at the cost of how many lives?  Now having been voted down, they are ready for decommissioning, to be closed by 2012.  I had always made a big fuss over the fact that nuclear energy is not a clean option, and is not actually all that efficient, and here it is getting shut down through no action taken by me.   Now, what happens to the waste?  A pro-VY argument that I have heard was stated as such:  If there is no other thing that we could use this site for, why not just keep it open?  There is nowhere left to store the waste is a simple enough answer to that.

Other shades of waste culture are related directly to individual action/inaction.  I know a kid whose name I won’t mention here, that has claimed to have never willingly recycled a single thing in his life.  And he takes pride in that?  There are people who just throw their crap on the ground if they can’t find a trash can, musical artists who mercilessly throw new words over the same or similar beats over and over again(Those people know who they are).  There are people who just live to be users, who will just leave anyone high and dry once they get what they want.

A big reason that I am so caught up in a rant on waste culture now may be my new job.  I am a cashier at Wal Mart for the time being, and I notice the people that buy 8 loaves of bread and six dozen eggs just because they are on sale.  And maybe in some cases they really do think the products are gonna get used, but where is the value in buying this much stuff if over half of it is gonna get wasted?  People buy nothing but frozen dinners.  Have we stooped so low that we can’t even take care of ourselves anymore?  We can’t, because big retailers like this have crushed our free spirit, stolen away many a local business that truly cared about something other than cutting corners and making top dollar off of inferior products.  What’s worse is that my Wal Mart store wants to upgrade to a new site for a Super Wal Mart.  There are already no jobs in the area, this being the first one I even got a call back from.  So imagine this:  Brattleboro losing even more of it’s awesome local businesses, tumbleweeds rolling through the harmony parking lot, a town so empty even the homeless will be hard to find.  People will need new jobs, Wal Mart will be there to give them out.  And then…………………….Once an entire community is employed by this destructive force of colonial capitalism, nobody will be making enough money to shop anywhere else.  Sure, maybe I exaggerate events that I can only guess at, but still I worry.  When a company that strives to destroy originality so wholeheartedly says they do it because they care for their customers and their associates, the world becomes even more insane than I have already seen it to be.