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It’s hard..

June 2, 2015

It’s hard to maintain a blog like this, when it seems so hard to stay relevant sometimes. I know this is the major plight of the millenials: to have lots of ideas, but to not always have an outlet on which to place them. We are overqualified for most jobs, yet most places won’t hire non-experienced, but nobody has the experience either. And apparently life experience means nothing. Always try to learn, try to apply your skills to new things, keep going, it will pay off. So they said through all your years of schooling, or all those people who you interview well with that still turn around and say, “Well we don’t need you right now, but good luck in your search.” So you have all of this passion, this energy, this panache as it were, but nowhere to apply it. They tell you if you have a degree, a sound mind, and a willingness to adapt and learn and try new things that doors will open for you, but where are they, what are they? Tell us one thing and then other people are like, when are you gonna just settle? I’m not until i find just what I want. and you shouldn’t either. And also, if the door you want isn’t open to you, don’t stop trying to open it.

Looking For Light

September 6, 2014

It’s okay not to be okay,
Or so they say.
But who are they, and why aren’t they here?
Why do they say that?
Do they know, do they think and feel?
Why is it okay?
It doesn’t feel okay,
It never does.
How could it?
People are so different from one another,
So is it really safe to assume,
That one person can experience a moment,
Like any other individual person?
I don’t think it works that way.
It never seems to.
It’s so hard to know yourself,
But when you try to know someone else?
It’s a battle, it’s a struggle, it’s a war at times.
But if the other people are important to your life,
Chances are it will all work itself out.
Stay cool, go with the flow, be yourself.
The only way another can truly know you,
Is if you are you all the time, not just sometimes.
Don’t pretend in order to impress,
Don’t hold it inside.
You have something to say?
Try your damnedest to say it.
Communication is important in all things.
Life, love, happiness, heartbreak, loneliness.
Everything is key, everything is essential.
This is life,
And nobody said it would be a fucking walk in the park,
Although that does sound kind of nice right now.
Just talk it out, write it down, live it to your very fiber.
Don’t forget to remember that the world is bigger than you,
Even though it may not seem so at times,
So harsh, so unforgiving.
Look for light,
And once you find it…

September is coming..

August 30, 2014

Now, how the fuck did that happen? Time seems to be moving very erratically these days, with the weeks that feel like entire months, and the days that feel like hours, and the hours that sometimes feel like days. So that being said, isn’t it silly that we ever try hard to quantify time, when it seems to have it’s own agenda in relation to our individual perceptions? If time is geting away from you, there is one thing that just might help you. Find a call to action, because they speak louder than words and all that. Find your passions, your drives, your motivations, the things and maybe the people that you would do anything for. When you find those things, keep them close. You will thank me later. Life really doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make it out to be, which brings us back to time. If you want something now, don’t make it your goal later on, make it your goal now. I am guilty of letting my goals and dreams fall by the way side several times in the last few years, and let me tell you, it’s no good. If you have a goal stick with it. Yes, there may be setbacks and whatever, but if you don’t try of course you can’t get it. But time is going, at all kinds of speeds, and if you say, “I’ll get to it when I have more time,” you’ll keep saying that, and you’ll run out of time. So live your life and do it now. And find your dreams.

Playlisting: Burning Bridges!

June 4, 2014

1. OneRepublic- BurningBridges

2. The Breakdown- Josh Kaufman(most recent winner of The Voice)

3. Haunt- Bastille

4. World Is Gonna Drown- Rubblebucket

5. Of The Night- Bastille

6. Uncle Johnny- The Killers

7.Life Is Real- Mos Def

8. Subterranean Homesick Alien- Radiohead

9. Disco//very-Warpaint

10. Space Rock- Weezer

11. Nothing But Trouble- Phantogram

12. Skulls- Bastille

13. Something Happened- Billy Bragg

14. Chartreuse- Capital Cities

15. The Easy Spell- Mos Def

16. Ocean Breathes Salty- Modest Mouse

17. The Fall of Man- Matthew Good Band

18. No Grey-The Neighbourhood

19. Sleeping With A Friend- Neon Trees


April 18, 2014

It being the week leading into Easter it seemed fitting that the idea of passion would cross my mind.   If you know the story behind the Christian holiday that some people will be celebrating on Sunday, you most likely know that Christ’s final hours are referred to by a single word: passion.   I am all for spreading the word about the things I love and always great to encourage others to always strive to do those things they live, their passions as it were.  So it’s funny that something that means that which we love or admire or hold great enthusiastic feelings for, or hold in high regard is routed in a word that means suffering.  Though in a way it makes sense.  We go through a lot of grief throughout our lives to be able to do the things that keep us happy, but still we soldier on.  So I guess in a sense we suffer to live the life we want. So any kind of sacrifice or sufferance that we endure to do that which we love is truly the meaning behind having a passion for something.  The world beats us down, or someone expects us to behave a certain way, like a certain thing, wear a certain kind of clothing, endure a horrible job that leads to a dead end in our lives, or any number of things.  Our faith in that thing, and in our life  sometimes hangs in the balance, but still we persevere, or at least try to.  That resilience keeps our passions intact.  And as we head into this weekend, which is the coinciding occurence of numerous festivals, holidays, and fertility rites, all of which signify rebirth and new beginnings and all that kind of stuff, remember what your passions are, and keep them strong in your hearts, in your minds.  Put one foot in front of the other, and walk into the rising sun, remembering that life is yours for the living.  So get out there. Go! Do!

My Post Halloween Post

November 1, 2013

So I was curious about this:  Do most horror movies exist on this continuum where horror movies don’t exist?  Don’t enter that room, don’t turn out the light, don’t read from that book, don’t watch that damn video, don’t play with that creepy looking artifact.  Bad stuff will happen guys, what are you doing?  Haven’t you seen enough movies like the one you’re in to understand the conventions by now?  I mean seriously, why are these people so absurdly dumb about these things?  And then you get to slasher movies, where the virginal ones are always the last to go, or the people left alive at the end of it. Every character with a sex scene ends up not being long for the world.  So don’t do it kiddos, it’s not worth it.  But then again, I think it’s actually saying if you have unsafe sex, this is what will surely happen to you?  Something sketchy and confusing like that.  I mean you rarely get the idea in movies in general that anyone uses protection.  If the awful disease doesn’t get you, Jason will. You can be sure of that.  But  here’s the other part of it.  Folks like Jason, Michael Myers and the like?  Most of them move very slowly, yet a person runs away full tilt.  But they still get their asses handed to them by the end.  Such a slow moving baddie, may be easy to stop, but no, I’m just gonna keep running until I’m so worn out that I move slower than them. OOps.   I mean all in all, most horror  movies are really fun to watch.  The scary and the cheesy alike. While others, are just really really really really dumb and not worth anyone’s time.  But that all depends on your tastes then.  But while we are still on the subject of slow moving baddies, what about classic zombie movies where they are all slower than fuck?  I mean seriously, all that time you spent boarding up your house, you could have been oh so far away by now.  Sucks to be you I guess.   So what I think would be really fun to see would be the horror movie, where everything that should put you in mortal peril ends up being harmless, more or less, and everything that should be harmless is what will kill you.  Case in point, a group of friends go to a haunted house, the people that know better refuse to go in, only those that went in survive. I don’t know maybe I’m just kind of silly, but it is an amusing thing to think about.  Happy day after Halloween folks!