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Boston Callinged

May 29, 2015

Went to Boston Calling on the weekend. What is Boston Calling? Only one of the better music festivals that our region has to offer, of course. It happens twice a year, once in the pre summer of May, and in September. Smack dab in the heart of Boston. A three day pass surely gives you the most bang for your buck. Easy to get to from the train, within walking distance of Quincy Market and several other popular Bostonian locales. Bring your water and your sunscreen, and your friends, and let the good times roll as it were. Dance your flippin’ heart out, see some of your favorite bands, and pick up a whole bunch of free shit along the way. This time the amazing headliners were Beck, Pixies, and My Morning Jacket, diversity enough right there if you ask me. Throw in some Tenacious D, Tove Lo, Marina and The Diamonds, Jason Isbell, The Lone Bellow, Tame Impala, St. Vincent, and Halsey, and you’ve got yourself a grand old time. Three days, lots of music, lots of free stuff, lots of fun, in Boston, what else do you need? And the September lineup is killer. Go Go Go!


The Choices of one shape the futures of all

April 12, 2013

I just finished reading Choices of One by Timothy Zahn. It’s yet another Star Wars book.  Sorry to any readers who aren’t into it.  But once more I find myself presenting to you a Star Wars book that is a fast paced and engaging read, not just because you are faced with a familiar cast of characters.  Many of the Star Wars writers are really at the top of the writing game, but in my opinion, none approach the Star Wars universe with the skill and mastery of Zahn.  His Thrawn trilogy was released over 20 years ago, and really set the benchmark for what good writing should be in the expanded universe. The book is a stand-alone story focusing mostly on Han Luke and Leia, in a period of time between the first two films, yest the original films.  Mara Jade, spoil alert, later, Skywalker and Thrawn himself also come into play here, sowing some of the initial seeds for the earlier mentioned Thrawn trilogy, even though this book came out long after the amazing trilogy.  I finally get a good glimpse at Mara in her role as Emperor’s hand, and we find someone, although very very devoted to the Empire and believing in its cause, she is not short of compassion, and only kills if it is absolutely necessary to getting the job done.  We see Luke struggling to exist as the Jedi of the Alliance, even though he keeps telling them, “I’m not a jedi yet.”  Han is as cocksure as ever, and Leia is not quite yet at the level of compassion for him that we find her at during the famous makeout scene in Empire Strikes Back, but it’s getting there.  It’s nice to read these stories that re-examine the gaps between the films and really show how the relationships that we have come to know and expect between the trio and other key players come to be the way we know them to be.  

Choices of One is really only restricted to a timeline of about a week or two.  An Imperial governor is ready to defect to the rebellion and Han, Leia and Luke are on the scene  to broach the negotiations and can’t resist the promise of a new base in an abandoned mining facility.  Meanwhile on the fringes, a mysterious warlord has surfaced from the unknown regions, threatening the futures of the Empire and the Alliance both.  

Mara Jade, with the help of a few rogue stormtroopers is also on the scene, to prevent the Governor’s defection.  Not all is as it seems, and new allegiances may have to be made or all will be lost.  

That’s about all I’m going to divulge plotwise, otherwise there won’t be a book left for you to read.  And as far as recommended reading goes, here are a few other Star Wars books that read well as stand-alone books.  

                                                              Traitor by Matthew Stover

                                                               Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber

                                                                Darth Plagueis by James Luceno