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Movies, Movies, Movies…

January 10, 2014

Out of the sheer amount of good movies that I saw in 2013, it is truly hard for me to pick one that really struck me in a lasting way. The final movie that I saw this last year, really struck a chord with me more intense than most films that I have seen in recent memory. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was one such movie. Full of imagination, and wit, and blurring the line between reality and fantasy, with a great cast, and some simply beautiful visuals, it really sold me as movie of the year material. Walter is a man that lives his life more or less unnoticed, yet his job is to really make a magazine shine every month, by making sure certain pictures get put within its pages. The film is permeated with many of his daydreams and things that he wishes he was cool enough to get to do. And as the movie moves forward, his dreams become actual life experiences, and the viewer is left astounded and really adamant to truly live the life that they want for themselves. And isn’t that what a good movie or book, or song, or whatever else should do to us? Art is truly an imitation of life, so why can’t life be more of an imitation of art on a regular basis? I say it should. Never settle! You’ll be happy you didn’t. Too many Walter Mitties in this world aren’t realizing their true potential. I say let’s fix this. I also say, see this film, it’s incredible.

And the year 2014 started in much the way 2013 ended. If you want movie of the year material this early on: Check out American Hustle! An All Star cast which works perfectly togehter, an amazing soundtrack, an equal mix of humor and true to life sort of drama, and a story which is equal parts heart-rending and gut-busting, but typically resides somewhere in-between the two, and a film that really takes its time to work all the angles, as any movie about hustlers should be, this film is perfect. And I don’t mean it is without its flaws or boring moments, though it has very few of the latter, but you never think about how long this film is until its over and you look at your watch and you’re like, “Damn that was a lot longer than I thought it would be.” And that my friends is the mark of cinema gold. The director of Silver Linings Playbook has another hit on their hands, and if you pass up this film, I really don’t know what I can reccommend to you. See it!