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It’s hard..

June 2, 2015

It’s hard to maintain a blog like this, when it seems so hard to stay relevant sometimes. I know this is the major plight of the millenials: to have lots of ideas, but to not always have an outlet on which to place them. We are overqualified for most jobs, yet most places won’t hire non-experienced, but nobody has the experience either. And apparently life experience means nothing. Always try to learn, try to apply your skills to new things, keep going, it will pay off. So they said through all your years of schooling, or all those people who you interview well with that still turn around and say, “Well we don’t need you right now, but good luck in your search.” So you have all of this passion, this energy, this panache as it were, but nowhere to apply it. They tell you if you have a degree, a sound mind, and a willingness to adapt and learn and try new things that doors will open for you, but where are they, what are they? Tell us one thing and then other people are like, when are you gonna just settle? I’m not until i find just what I want. and you shouldn’t either. And also, if the door you want isn’t open to you, don’t stop trying to open it.


Some Folks…

June 22, 2014

Some people are in it for the money.  Some people have more money than they would ever know what to do with it.  Some people  hate their jobs.  Others love their jobs.  Some love their jobs but hate the pay.  Some people hate their jobs, hate their pay, and hate the way it makes them feel.  I’m in that last camp.  But really I’m not complaining.  I know how it feels to be alive, and that makes all the difference in the world.  I like feeling alive, and the second I walk through those doors, I know myself, I find myself, I am myself.  It’s the only way to be.  A true sense of self is highly sought, but rarely found.  I want a new job.  Yes, I want this new job to pay me well, or better, but I’m not in it for the money.  I’m in it for the sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that I can always do more to better myself, to better the world around me, and to bring more smiles to the frowning faces of the world.  That’s my mission statement….

Listening to a lot of Death Cab tonight…

March 24, 2014

One of the coolest bands, and one of the headliners of Boston Calling. I have already seen them once before, and it was one of the most amazing shows I had ever been to, everyone in tune with one another, everyone equally into the sounds that surrounded them, and the band energized to perfection.  Seeing as there has yet to be a follow up to Codes and Keys, I can only wonder what they will pick and choose for their setlist.  And seeing as Jenny Lewis is also at Boston Calling, can there please be a Postal Service one off reunion?  Pretty please?

New playlist: 3 of a kind

January 12, 2014

I don’t know where this idea came from, but I kept hearing that old cliched line, “The best things come in threes.”  And going from there I thought, why not make a playlists, featuring three songs from each artist in residence upon it. And this is what I came up with!

1. Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

2. I’m Afraid- The Neighbourhood

3. Flawless- The Neighbourhood

4. Panic in Detroit- David Bowie

5. The Man Who Sold The World- David Bowie

6. (You Will) Set The World on Fire- David Bowie

7. Never There- Cake

8. Federal Funding- Cake

9. Sick of You- Cake

10. Come Together- The Beatles

11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps- The Beatles

12. Sexy Sadie- The Beatles

13. Muscle Museum- Muse

14. Dead Star- Muse

15. Time Is Running Out- Muse

16. All I Need- Radiohead

17. Myxomatosis- Radiohead

18. Blowout- Radiohead

It’s so amazing…

September 21, 2013

When you go to a show and you realize that the artist’s message about changing the world and spreading their worldwide message of love and peace is the real deal, and not just a way to make a quick buck or whatever.  In the live setting, it is amazing to find out that the heart and soul you heard in their music was more than just a studio trick.  If you ever find yourself disappointed at the show of an artist you like, it takes so much magic away from your listening experience.  Music without passion is meaningless.  And I have never understood the point of making music for a living if you don’t live in your music.  I mean what’s the point?  It’s also amazing when you find yourself dancing away, and everyone else is moving and grooving just as much as you, and you’re all feeling this amazing moment together.  It’s so seldom when so many other humans are in sync with one another, but when it happens, it’s life changing.  Those are the kinds of moments that stick with us.  And the longer we can have those moments close to us in our memories, the more good we can do for this world.  And that’s amazing isn’t it?

Waging Peace

September 3, 2013

I’ve thought about this a lot, and it seems like a great time to mention it.  I asked someone if I could help them find anything at work today, and there answer was, “Peace in Syria.”  And of course, as everyone knows, or hopefully everyone knows, lots of really bad stuff is happening, crimes against humanity and all that.  The debate is heating up over what our government should or shouldn’t do about it.  We should help in some way, but how?  Every other time something like this happens, we step in with our own acts of war.  And we justify it in the name of Peace.  War can’t be fought in the name of Peace, because it is anything but. War being fought with peace as the ultimate goal, is a crock of shit.  It’s war, that’s all it is.  Peacemakers?  No, you can’t make peace, you can either keep it, or throw it all away by starting a war.  I see peace as the default state, the way the world is normally, and war is the element that gets introduced that messes it all up.  If we want peace, the last thing we should do is escalate wars.  Also, just because we are the U.S.A, does not mean we can solve every other country’s problem.  Some things need to be thought through a little better, if we really want any sort of “peace” in our time.  I mean look at our own country, we are always at war with ourselves, but we never acknowledge it. Let’s start right now.  

“All People”

August 7, 2013

The new Michael Franti and Spearhead album, “All People,” is yet another great collection of music from one of my favorites in a long line of genre defying awesome haired guys.  It starts out really strong with it’s title track, which encompasses an idealistic passionate feeling for all of the human race while also feeling like a personal love song.  11:59, is a great thought of a life seeking meaning, and the latest radio hit, I’m Alive, is a triumphant sunny day jam just rejoicing in the fact of being alive.  The rest of the album is still being explored by me, but it’s all good, a little bit of rap and reggae, pop radio hooks, and funky rock colliding into a great complete package, with amazing song writing  that holds a worldly vibe while also adopting a personal flavor, where a song about getting along with your global family may follow a song reminscing about forgotten times getting stoned with a lover that has come and gone and just existing.  Spearhead will always be remembered for this amazing duality. Pick up the disc or download it, and let the good times come. 

My Thoughts on this week’s shocking events

April 19, 2013

So, I’m sure people reading this know all about the Boston events.  I do want to spread my condolences to the victims, and their loved ones, and any of the people currently locked down in their apartments due to these events.  I don’t want to say too much about it, for the simple reason that, sometimes our thoughts and prayers are all that is needed.  And the more they bombard us with the news reports, before new facts come to light, the worse the climate becomes for those that it has directly hurt.  An act of terrorism is defined as anything that causes fear in the masses.  While a lot of what the news media is doing is to keep us all up to date on things, it is also causing extra panic and fear.  Interrupt anything with a bulletin as soon as you get breaking news, but replaying these scenes of mass carnage, and the events of last night and early this morning at MIT over and over again is just putting salt on the wounds.  

And then, also this week sandwiched in between the Boston tragedies, the Senate shot down new legislation that would only make it harder for dangerous criminals to acquire guns, through stricter background checks.  Our president called it a “shameful day.”  I agree, especially being shot down in wake up these events in Boston.  

Based on this, it does seem a lot of these problems are rooted somewhere in the fabric of our society.  All I can say is love as much as you can and live stronger to honor the victims of Boston, of Newtown, of Aurora.  Reaching out our hands to one another we will change this together.

MLK Jr. Day

January 22, 2013

Today was the annual observance of Dr. King’s birthday.  I heard no mention of him all day, and I thought it a damn shame.  Dr. King did so much good for America, and for the World at large, but not a single mention of him was made.  Just another day where school and banks and town offices are closed, nothing more.  All he lived for, all he died for, where was it mentioned?  A great speaker, an amazing leader, and a man whose life was cut short for saying we should all love each other.  Don’t let his dream have been in vain, always imagine betterness for this world, and spread all the love you can.  If someone can get shot down for simply speaking their mind all those years ago, for spouting a message of peace no less, aren’t some of these new gun laws past due?  Dr. King  will never be forgotten, as long as there are those of us striving to change the world for the better.  So remember who today is really for. 

11 Songs To Play LOUDLY!!!!!

January 31, 2011

1.Helter Skelter- The Beatles:Without question, a song to play loudly.  If you play it quietly, what use is Paul’s screaming to any listeners?

2.Comfort Eagle-Cake: A song that seems loud on any volume, if that makes any sense.  Especially good for blasting in a car.

3.One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces- Ben Folds Five:  It’s for blasting on one of those days when you just dont wanna have anything to do with other people’s shit.

4.Shout-Tears For Fears: I know you’ve heard enough about this song from me!

5.Drumming Song-Florence & The Machine: The passion, and the energy, and the head-filling,explosions of sound, “the drumming noise inside my head,” make this worthy of very very loud play!

6.Metric-Sick Muse: “Everybody, everybody just wanna fall in love, everybody everybody just want to play the lead.”

7.Stockholm Synrdome-Muse:  This song brings the metal withotu  sacrificing the beauteous soaring vocals and lovely musical arrangements Matt Bellamy and crew are known for.

8.Song 2-Blur: Pure and noisy fun!

9.20th century boy- T REX: It’s pretty straightforward, and rock through and through, so always grounds for loud playing!

10.Come Down- the Pillows:  This song is enough proof to explain why they are one of my favorite Japanese bands, but don’t believe watch yourself some Fooly Cooly or listen to more of their music, also featured in the anime Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.

11.Everlong-Foo Fighters: Let’s just hope the new album, coming out later this year, is a return to form as Dave has promised us.  It should be even better than the classic album this song is off of, for it features Dave’s first time playing with Krist Novoselic since Nirvana’s end, not to mention a reunion with the producer of Nevermind.

Now dear readers, I propose a challenge to anyone willing to participate:  Sound off on my theme, are these songs worthy to be played louder than loud?  If not, or even if so, give me some of your picks for songs that necessitate being played at ungodly volumes.